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Stella rides toward the weekend August 4, 2011

Posted by Stella☆LunaC in HarleyWood.
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Today, the weather was a blissful 59 at 6:30 am. Went for a 3-mile walk at 8:30, under a partly cloudy sky. The route took us past shady lanes and curious chipmunks full of vinegar and cheeks full of seeds. By the time we were on last half-mile, the sun was toasty.
I wore my new WileyX transitions sunglasses, to get a feel for how I’d like them, out in the sun, and before wearing them on a bike ride. They were great!
After my work was done, I saddled up and we headed out for a short ride around the ‘Hood. We spied the Neighborhood Boys parked in the street just at the curve, and gave them my cheesiest grin as I passed by them and zoomed on my way.
Passed a shirtless old guy on a 10-speed, attempting a hill, qent around him before anyone could top the hill coming the other way. He looked a little skeptical as I went around him, bit we were all fine.
Had to round another tight curve while Woman Walking Cute Little Dog waited for us to pass. It was tight, but nobody coming from other direction, we scooted on by and onward.
Pretty uneventful after that, until we got out in Hwy H; oh, except for Two Good Ole Boys yapping from window of pickup truck in middle of the street- went around them and ticked off 3rd obstacle.
Out on Hwy H, traffic was a little busy, people coming in and going out, but not to be intimidated, I headed out on the Hwy and got her up to speed before Yellow Mustang coming over the hill could catch up. We kept pace until my turnoff at Lost Nation and barely made my turn waiting for Kayak Carrier Mini-Van to proceed ahead of me into right turn, doing 5 mph. Gah, I’m barely keeping Stella forwardly mobile before it was our turn to go!
Back ar the ranch, saw the Neighborhood Boys returning from their jaunt, everyone was happy and glad to be back. Beep! Beep!

Called my younger son to wish him a Happy 23rd Birthday, before he headed to the casinos. Happy Birthday, Samul John and Littlefoot! xoxox
Bring on the weekend ~ Stella and me, we got places to be and miles of country to see; we’re ready to burn up the roads!




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