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Sandra’s Yarn Basket

Ripe Wheat Doily Jan 2009Yarns about crochet/knit projects, patterns, yarns and tails coming soon!

*Ripe Wheat Doily, completed Jan 2009


1. Stella☆LunaC - May 26, 2013

Here’s a link to this pattern:

2. Elaine - May 26, 2013

OMG Sandra:
I was just looking over some of your stuff and found this. By the way, you must be an amazing person to be sooooo keen and brilliant. Two years ago I tried to down load this pattern because I am originally from Saskatchewan, Canada and am partial to wheat. Couldn’t get all of it. Some sort of advertisement blocking some of the print.
Can you help?
Your Friend

3. Sandra - January 21, 2010

Hello Cathie! I guess I have my mother to thank for the vast collection of vintage crochet books and assorted hooks I inherited. I, too started crocheting at an early age, an Only Child with too much time on my hands (when Mom wasn’t keeping me busy with chores) and an insatiable appetite to learn anything new! It’s great therapy for the mind and body 🙂

4. Cathie Jones - January 20, 2010

Hey Friend — I haven’t made any doilies in too many years to count, but that’s how I started my fiber addiction, at about age 10. My grandmother had tons of doilies (most of which I have now) and taught me how to make them. I didn’t know anyone still did that! Way to go!!!!

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