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…last vestiges of Winter March 21, 2012

Posted by Stella☆LunaC in Art and Photography, The Stuff of Dreams.
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As the sun sets on another unseasonably warm day, I’m watching a tv special on the Columbia glacier. 100 billion tons of ice disappear from Greenland, every year.
A sobering thought, as we consider the fragility of this planet we walk upon; most of us will never know how much of an impact we have on our planet. We may find out sooner than expected…
All one can do is sit back and watch as our world changes around us, helpless to stop the Crazy Train of Evolution.
Columbia Glacier tours

Alaskan Summer Kayaking tours

I’ve finished another pair of socks; who will wear these? 🙂


I have enough yarn left for a pair of socks for little tootsies, and 3 more skeins of the same color in a storage bin in my Yarn Cave; I really like this yarn LOL!

I also have a scarf started for DH, but likely wont need it until next Fall now. It will be nice and soft, Bericco Vintage 40% wool, warage mouth to chase the chill away on those cool days of Autumn.

Igor is 2/3rd’s on his way to his Summer cut. I’ve been whacking away at him, little bits at a time. Easy enough when he’s just laying there, anyway 🙂


Shake it off, Poodle Boy~ 🙂

Miss Pepper has been allowed short visits inside, and is getting rather comfortable. Soon, she will be back outside, soaking up rays as she basks in the sun at her favorite spot in front of the Garden Shed.

And I’ve logged over 165 miles on Stella since Jan 10!