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It was a dark, not-stormy night…..

I was driving back from a long night at Aurora St. Luke’s where Hubs was staying for some medical updates. It going on 9:30 as I turned off Hwy ES onto Hwy A in a westbound direction. The 4.5 mile stretch between Hwy A and 12-67 takes about 10 minutes at a good clip. Being mindful of the lateness and possibility of deer wandering about, I kept my eyes wide open both forward and rear,, for any signs of sudden movement ahead.
I had gone about 3/4’s of a mile when I noticed a pair of yellow bike headlamps in my rear-view mirror. Since I hadn’t noticed the bike behind me at any time, I shrugged it off; maybe he came from the opposite end of ES, although I was certain I did not see anyone when I turned earlier.
He kept at a distance, never getting any closer, so I decided to slow down in an effort to offer my Hi-beams when he got closer. The added light would definitely help him see better, or so I thought…

I rounded a turn and crested the first hill, easing on down the other side, still waiting for the bike to narrow the distance. But instead, as I continued along a straightaway, I lost sight of the bike at the crest. I made a silent prayer that he didn’t meet with some ill fate at the curve, and hesitated while thinking I should turn back and check see if emergency help was required.
I soon crested another curve, and cruised down the other side, still looking for the rider. Soon I saw him once again keeping a distant pace with me. Relief that he was ok, soon gave way to an uneasy feeling as I felt a chill go up my spine~ a crow walked over my grave….

As I rode out of the 2nd curve and down the next rolling incline, I soon saw the rider crest the 2nd hilltop, only to again disappear from view! Not seeing any headlights in the total dark, I grew more worried that this time some ill fate had indeed befallen the rider.

Soon after, I approached the intersection of A and 12-67, but I did not see the rider again, as I would have expected. He simply vanished and did not appear behind me…

This time a murder of crows hopscotched over my grave.


Burlington Vortex Conference Fall Fun~ October 26, 2012

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Linda Godfrey is having a book signing at the Sci-Fi Cafe Burlington Vortex Confernce. The owner, Mary Sutherland, makes the most excellent Blue Cheese burger in the state!

The woodpeckers are destroying the house while Mike lays in bed screaming at the top of his lungs like a mental patient, and pounding on the wall behind him. I need a pellet gun. For the woodpeckers. I’m losing my mind, wait-toolate….I lost it…

News and updates when I return. Beam me up, Scottie~

You know it’s Halloween time when…bat outta hell~ October 24, 2012

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I totally missed posting this last week, too busy knitting up Nats Bats shawl, to stop and update…

Mike had to be at the hospital for pre-CT scan lab work, and wouldn’t you know we would “meet” another ho had an appointment. Se came out of nowhere, in a hurry to get in front of us, and despite my attempts to maneuver away from her, she saw us too late…

Her car meets our rear passenger door- note the foldaway mirror is folded away…see pics below,


We got away with no more than scuffing, the Blazer is built like a tank!



Her mirror rubbed off on our door, came out with a little buffing…


As luck would have it, it happened in front if the hospital! I followed her to a handicap parking area, had to chase her down in the parking lot, she was in a hurry to get her scooter out and get to her appointment. I had to move my truck out of the handicapped spot where I caught up with her, didn’t want to get towed for illegal park. I caught up with her inside, at Admissions, and she admitted guilt at not paying attention. We exchanged information, and I went to see about Mike. He was done and heading back to meet me, and the rest of the way home was recounting out experience. Thank goodness when I fell back, she did not hit his door, or things could have been worse. Igor was it hurt, as I was already decelerating from 15 to 0 when she hit us.

New high speed modem arrived; replacing a defective one we got yesterday. I discovered the last ne was sent back before, had a Postit in the underside, someone else had issues and returned it. It was burning up within an hour of install… Worked GREAT until then.
This one is guaranteed NEW!

Mr. Peeps is getting used to me more now; he sits on my finger for a short period, then peeps at me when I’m quiet. He bitched me out yesterday when I left the room and he couldn’t see me! Cutie pie!


It was a Full Moon Night….. September 28, 2012

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So last night, I’m out with Igor around 11:30. I see something weird in the front yard. The moon is almost full and there is this white wispy stuff floating in the yard. Freaked me out at first, I thought I was seeing ghost lights. So, the Big Fearless Ghost Hunter I am, I had to investigate…the house next door, every tree, every bush, lamp post, garage lights, yard art, TP BOMBED! Imagine my surprise~ it’s Homecoming weekend, right? Ha!

Oh, did I mention? She’s the Crossing Guard…


A Howling Good Time with Linda! July 8, 2012

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What’s scarier than a tree-limb chucking Sasquatch? The hiker who gets a front row seat to the show!
My friend Linda Godfrey called me tonight excited and out of breathe; she had just had a close encounter of the fur kind! She was hiking in a wooded area she had visited in the past, and was surprised to hear knocking in the woods. At once, she grabbed a large stick, and began knocking on a tree, repeating the process twice. After the second time, she got a return knock, then what sounded like heavy steps coming up through the brush on the hill below her. As she turned to move away, she saw a huge tree limb come crashing down just yards in front of her, falling with a loud thud. She hurried out of the area and immediately called me and asked me to come back with her to the site where the tree limb fell.

When we got to the spot where she saw the tree limb fall, we discovered not only was the limb very large, about 20′ by 8 inches in diameter, but with a fresh break, and lots of foliage at the other end.



What could have caused a large oak tree limb to break off and come crashing 30′ to the forest floor below?


The scared hiker surveys the damage, and finds a large chunk of bark had been torn from the limb, and pitched several feet off to the side. The bare patch can be seen just next to her.


There was lots of wild ginger in the area, a rare find! But it appears something had been sitting in it, for it was all flattened.


We found some evidence of what may have been a large biped having run down the hill after climbing down from the tree; the ground around the tree showed signs of a hasty exit down the hill.


One of the witnesses saw something of a light tarnish beige color, ambling off into the thicket, and then we all heard it make the strangest guttural noises, like nothing ever heard in this area before! It was neither deer not 4 legged, but appeared to be a little taller than an average person, and seemed in no hurry, but sounded rather disgusted that we had intruded upon its space.
We promptly left the scene and went back to the safety of our vehicle to discuss what we had just seen and heard.
We’re going back tomorrow to see if we can pick up any animal tracks which could help identify the maker of those sounds.
Oh, and cookies graciously offered by our hostess made all our fears melt away, until we had to drive back home!

It was a dark and windy night… November 13, 2011

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Last night, I went out with our local Bray Road Beast sightings expert- it was a dark and windy night with a full moon.
At 9:00pm, linda and I rode out and met up with a few locals at an undisclosed location in anticipation of a possible chance encounter with a Bigfoot-type biped seen wandering the area.
We spent the next 2 hours alternating positions with a cross view of two freshly harvested corn fields, while the moon skated in and out of view as clouds scudded past.
One of the team left a plate of smelly cat food out at the perimeter of a woods, near where a footprint was discovered a few weeks back. From time to time, we’d roll down our cardoor window and make low guttural hooting noises, in an effort to get a response. All I managed to do was alert a nearby flick of Canadian geese, who became agitated by our random calls.
We munched noisily on Fiesta Chips, and tossed a few out the window, as token offerings to the Wood Nymphs and creatures of the night.
Unfortunately, Bigfoot did not grace us with an appearance and remains a mystery. I still live for the thrill of a hunt 😉


Fall Oktoberfest in Elkhorn, WI October 15, 2011

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Had a wonderful day today! Oktoberfest in Elkhorn, WI; a book signing with Linda Godfrey, author of Weird Wisconsin, Beast of Bray Road, and several others.
While we sat and visited with passers-by, I enjoyed only the most excellent Irish Cream Latte at Deakin Isle, LTD. The atmosphere was festive as people came and went, all with a holiday feeling!
I came home after 1:00 and set about moving both bikes over to the other side of the garage in preparations for winter, brought down the patio table and set it up in front of Miss Pepper’s Kitty Condo. While moving things around, I lost another glass tumbler in the process, am going back to zippy cups, for safety reasons :p

I’m pretty sure the bike rides will be coming to an end soon. Bring on Winter Hibernation, I’m ready for settling down with a good book. I was gifted a moat unexpected surprised yesterday- a package came in the mail addressed to me. When I opened it, I had to sit down, for it was a book by one of our newest customers: Momma & Me by Cherie Schofield.

“Momma and Me is a true story of a mother and a daughter who simultaneously suffer cancer – one ovarian, one breast. The memoir highlights the experiences of mother and daughter during a six year period, 1991-1997…”

My mother was a breast cancer Survivor, and it still amazes me how women are brought together by a common thread. I wept tears of sorrow, loss, mourning, and joy, all at once.

I am ready for Winter’s hibernation almost any time now; bring on the knit-athon!


Igor Gets Loose with The Moose June 9, 2011

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All those drugs Igor was shot with last Tues, must’ve wore off; Igor beats the crap out of his Loose Moose that squeeks!








Dog Daze March 23, 2011

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It snowed today. Not much around here, just looking like a winter wasteland.
Lightning struck a field in Kenosha County, Monday night, killing 7 deer out standing in a field. The DNR has ruled out foul play and will leave all 7 carcasses out for nature to dispose of. I remember seeing lightning late that night while taking Igor out for his last jaunt of the night. It appeared to be in the SE, and now that I think of it, yeah…

Igor and I are not looking forward to the storms of Spring.


Hats off to the Blizzard of 2011! February 9, 2011

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Last week’s storm was one for the books – we got a total of 18 inches. I finally got a cell phone pic downloaded.

This was taken from our bedroom window. The curtain partially detached itself from the gutter today. Luckily, DD20 wasn’t standing or parked under it.

Last night, I finished Baby Rhonda’s #2 birthday pressie: The Froggy Hat!

DH got such a big kick out of it, he played with taking pics of it for the rest of the evening!

The Froggy Hat is my adaptation of Meow! by Adrienne Enriquez

I’m hoping teh Frog fits;  I will get Baby Mommy to send a pic of the hat in action soon!

These are next on my list of to-do’s, for Easter:

Marshmallow Bunnies Socks by Debra Baker

Marshmallow Bunnies Socks by Debra Baker

I wanted to join the #silentwriters on Twitter last night, but DH had other plans, which included pestering the carp out of me.

I was hoping to have an hour of  uninterrupted silence with which to blog. It wasn’t going to happen, and this was the end-result of my evening. And nope, I did not get to blog.

Looks like a Frazzle-tini is in order!