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Buddy the Owl December 6, 2016

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3 weeks ago, I was heading home from work, and decided to swing by to check on the Parental Units, when I found this guy sitting in the middle of the road. it didn’t  take long to figure out the poor guy was in distress. I called Fellow Mortals Animal Rescue Hospital and they urged me to contain the animal quickly and they’d come get it.

I quickly ran over to the folks’ where I enlisted Dad’s help in securing a largish tote to use as a container. We got back to find the owl had hopped through a wrought iron fence and was huddled under a deck in a neighbor’s back yard. I was able to get past the gate,  where I could sneak up and capture the bird. I got the injured owl in the bin, and carried it up to my car.

A Tech from Fellow Mortals Animal Rescue Hospital met up with us about 10 minutes later and did a quick assessment on the spot.  It’s a Great Horned, male, he’s got 2 fractures in his wing, an injured eye. The tech promised to take good care of him  and update us when they had any news.

Last week I got a letter from them, stating our Buddy is still critical but alive and that’s a good thing 🙂

Updates to follow, I hope 🙂

Update 3/3/2017….RIP Buddy…

Fly free, Brave Warrior. You fought the good fight, now you are truly free. 



your bike picture of the day. January 19, 2014

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When is this snow gonna end, already????

Still a long way off, but always ready to rumble!



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It was a dark, not-stormy night…..

I was driving back from a long night at Aurora St. Luke’s where Hubs was staying for some medical updates. It going on 9:30 as I turned off Hwy ES onto Hwy A in a westbound direction. The 4.5 mile stretch between Hwy A and 12-67 takes about 10 minutes at a good clip. Being mindful of the lateness and possibility of deer wandering about, I kept my eyes wide open both forward and rear,, for any signs of sudden movement ahead.
I had gone about 3/4’s of a mile when I noticed a pair of yellow bike headlamps in my rear-view mirror. Since I hadn’t noticed the bike behind me at any time, I shrugged it off; maybe he came from the opposite end of ES, although I was certain I did not see anyone when I turned earlier.
He kept at a distance, never getting any closer, so I decided to slow down in an effort to offer my Hi-beams when he got closer. The added light would definitely help him see better, or so I thought…

I rounded a turn and crested the first hill, easing on down the other side, still waiting for the bike to narrow the distance. But instead, as I continued along a straightaway, I lost sight of the bike at the crest. I made a silent prayer that he didn’t meet with some ill fate at the curve, and hesitated while thinking I should turn back and check see if emergency help was required.
I soon crested another curve, and cruised down the other side, still looking for the rider. Soon I saw him once again keeping a distant pace with me. Relief that he was ok, soon gave way to an uneasy feeling as I felt a chill go up my spine~ a crow walked over my grave….

As I rode out of the 2nd curve and down the next rolling incline, I soon saw the rider crest the 2nd hilltop, only to again disappear from view! Not seeing any headlights in the total dark, I grew more worried that this time some ill fate had indeed befallen the rider.

Soon after, I approached the intersection of A and 12-67, but I did not see the rider again, as I would have expected. He simply vanished and did not appear behind me…

This time a murder of crows hopscotched over my grave.


Springtime in the Woods April 30, 2013

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A visit with next-door neighbor Jo is always a pleasure. She is about as down-to-earth as they come. Her back yard is modestly free-style; let the woods do what they will, with little restraint. Having two rambunctious dogs running about trampling the May Apples is not going to throw anything off.
She discovered a small patch of Bloodroot by a nearby fallen tree.



I soon noticed my Bleeding Hearts were also up. It smells so good outside. The Dames Rockets which have also emerged, will soon invade the senses with their heady fragrance. I think the Locust trees with their wicked tire-killing thorns and eye-popping floral display, will also bloom this year, talk about sensory overload~ LOL!

…sometimes you just gotta lay in the dirt and be down to earth…

Signs from the Wild Side December 29, 2012

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The other day, I was watching as a herd of about 5-6 deer crossed our front yard, on their way to their night shelter. Igor had heard them right before alerting me to the “intruders”.
I hurried and grabbed my cellphone, not wanting to miss a good pic for the day!

As they started to over toward the side of the house, I ran to the Guest bedroom to catch a shot there.
I noticed a deer standing very still by the Mulberry over behind the shed, and got ready to take a pic when, to my horror, I discovered it was bleeding from a nasty wound under its lower jaw. It was obviously in shock, and noticing the snow on its back, neck and head, I figured it got clipped and rolled down a hill. Deeply saddened, I snapped a shot while the others milled about it, pausing to sniff their wounded comrade, before moving on up the hill.

The wounded deer stood for several minutes, then hobbled up the hill slowly, stiffly; its back legs did not want to cooperate.
I watched as the deer worked its way painfully back further, mentally telling it to keep owing, keep moving to safe ground. Deep down, I feared it would just find a place to rest, and Nature would take its course.
3 days went by, and I kept a vigil while Igor played in the woods, always on a scent trail. I didn’t want to go up and find a deer frozen in the snow, and Igor didn’t tarry long before retuning each time we were out.
Two days ago, while Igor and I were out walking up the hill, I discovered the location of the fateful mishap. By the looks of things, it appeared a snow plow had recently passed by with its blade down, scrapping the shoulder, just prior to our next snowfall. Maybe the deer was coming out of the woods, in the usual place, and the snow plow spooked it just enough to clip it… Shaking my head, I took Igor home, there was no way a deer could survive a hit like that.

Yesterday, as I was sitting at my desk finishing up some paperwork, I saw a movement in the corner of the front window and my heart nearly lept out of my chest when the deer that I thought was gone, came up to the bird feeder and took a nibble. She looked like she was a bit bruised, a slight grazing under her chin, but her back legs seemed to work just fine. When she looked up and saw me in the window, she stepped closed for a better look, no fear in her eyes. I was so surprised, I did not want to move to find my cellphone, but instead enjoyed the moment. We looked at each other, and I smiled like the sun had just come out! She watched me for another minute, as if saying, “thanks for thinking of me” and without any fear, turned and took another lick at the feeder before slowly heading back into the woods for the night.

I am constantly reminded that we are not ever alone. If just one good shot of positive energy can bring hope to the sick and injured, then how much better for a Circle of Friends who care for one of their own, when Life sideswipes one of us.

I believe in the power of positive energy and healing. Let this light send enough light to someone tonight, to help ease their pain and sadness.


First snow of winter December 8, 2012

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We woke up to a fine dusting of snow this morning. Igor was transfixed by the sparse white stuff.


It was all too soon a wet memory.

I finished my current project, the Patricia Chameleon Cowl. I used Berroco Voyage, colourway Ember, and Berroco Flicker, colourway Black. I opted to make a two-tone extended cowl, for more versatility.

I was pleasantly surprised at the comfort and fit, and couldn’t decide on whether or not to soak and block. I opted to soak it for 15 minutes in a bucket of warm water, to allow the fibers to “bloom”. Then I rolled to out on a double-folded towel, for an overnight air dry. It will most likely hold its edge roll but that’s ok.

Wednesday found me back at the repair shop having my front brakes checked, and oil changed. It offered me a chance to knit quietly for a good hour and a half, while munching on candy corn and slurping hot coffee.


Not a creature is stirring tonight. Good night, Elkhorn, WI…


Burlington Vortex Conference Fall Fun~ October 26, 2012

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Linda Godfrey is having a book signing at the Sci-Fi Cafe Burlington Vortex Confernce. The owner, Mary Sutherland, makes the most excellent Blue Cheese burger in the state!

The woodpeckers are destroying the house while Mike lays in bed screaming at the top of his lungs like a mental patient, and pounding on the wall behind him. I need a pellet gun. For the woodpeckers. I’m losing my mind, wait-toolate….I lost it…

News and updates when I return. Beam me up, Scottie~

You know it’s Halloween time when…bat outta hell~ October 24, 2012

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I totally missed posting this last week, too busy knitting up Nats Bats shawl, to stop and update…

Mike had to be at the hospital for pre-CT scan lab work, and wouldn’t you know we would “meet” another ho had an appointment. Se came out of nowhere, in a hurry to get in front of us, and despite my attempts to maneuver away from her, she saw us too late…

Her car meets our rear passenger door- note the foldaway mirror is folded away…see pics below,


We got away with no more than scuffing, the Blazer is built like a tank!



Her mirror rubbed off on our door, came out with a little buffing…


As luck would have it, it happened in front if the hospital! I followed her to a handicap parking area, had to chase her down in the parking lot, she was in a hurry to get her scooter out and get to her appointment. I had to move my truck out of the handicapped spot where I caught up with her, didn’t want to get towed for illegal park. I caught up with her inside, at Admissions, and she admitted guilt at not paying attention. We exchanged information, and I went to see about Mike. He was done and heading back to meet me, and the rest of the way home was recounting out experience. Thank goodness when I fell back, she did not hit his door, or things could have been worse. Igor was it hurt, as I was already decelerating from 15 to 0 when she hit us.

New high speed modem arrived; replacing a defective one we got yesterday. I discovered the last ne was sent back before, had a Postit in the underside, someone else had issues and returned it. It was burning up within an hour of install… Worked GREAT until then.
This one is guaranteed NEW!

Mr. Peeps is getting used to me more now; he sits on my finger for a short period, then peeps at me when I’m quiet. He bitched me out yesterday when I left the room and he couldn’t see me! Cutie pie!


We’re not in Kansasville anymore~ October 13, 2012

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I was heading out to meet up with DD’s MIL, and we agreed upon Kansasville, WI as a halfway point. I had a bag of material to give her and some Good Hair Days hair toys I wanted to make sure she got it before heading back to KY. It will likely be a while before we get together again, and I wanted to see her one more time, before the long winter sets in.
We had a nice breakfast, and talked a while, just chatting about the kids, home and stuff. The biscuits and gravy were excellent!
On the way back, I spotted a V.F.W wayside park and some military equipment, and decided to stop and take some pics. Despite the gloom and light mist, it seemed like the perfect day to stop and pay my respects. I paused in reflection of my father in uniform, and how he met my mother, after WWII.

































Lés Formidablés


The proud old tree that stands tall and strong, its wind-buffeted branches reaching outward, a stark silhouette against a cloudy sky, reminds me of the strength of a nation that stands tall against adversity.


Remains of the day~a Day full of Fall October 6, 2012

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Today turned out to be better than expected! I was so excited to be able to go to the Tall Grass Farm Fall Fiber Jubilee today. I joined up with Debbie, the owner of Studio S Fiber Arts and we rode together up the road and ’round the bend to the farm.
Master shearer David Kier was on hand to demonstrate his talents!

The other sheep in the pens watched and waited their turn.

There were vendors from around the area on hand to demonstrate spinning, basketry, and cooking! The smells were incredible!!!

The chill in the air kept us moving; 43 for a high today, it definitely is feeling like Fall! Igor needs his Fall jacket~


When we got back to the studio, I hung around and enjoyed a cup of coffee and pumpkin spice donut holes, while watching people come into the shop in droves. Eleanor and I chatted while Debbie rang up sale after sale. Finally, I got a break and scored some bamboo circulars for my tool stash. I was getting ready to leave when Marcy pulled me aside. She said, “I have something for you!”, and promptly whipped out of her knitting bag, a skein of Wollmeise yarn in the most beautiful color of Nightshade Blue I’ve ever seen!
I can’t wait to knit this up-a pair of gloves, maybe?


I gathered up my things and headed home to Hubby, a head full of Fall knitting ideas, and heart full of feel-good.
Sharing my morning with hubs, I showed videos and pictures of the events. He told me he had just watched an episode on TV, someone shearing sheep!
As we sat and talked, he brought up Spaz, saying that he really missed the little bugger. Then he surprised me by suggesting we get another one, and asked what I thougth. Yes! I said, emphatically! We should get it before it gets too cold, and recalled how we got Spaz in October the year he came into our home. We even designated Halloween as Spaz’ birthday, easy to remember~
I ran upstairs, got Spaz’ cage back out of the closet, and set it out in its old familiar spot in the dining room table, door open, ready for its newest family member.
Heart full of hope, I had Hub load Igor in the rear, then he got in the passenger side, letting me drive, and off we rode to the pet store.
As luck would have it, they had a special on the ‘keets, and quite a number to choose from. Hubs eyed the green ones for a few, then told me to pick one out and wandered off toward the checkout lane.
I studied each one, pointing out a little guy that looked extra spunky, and turned to ask Hubby what were his thoughts. To my dismay, I saw him leaned against the cash register lane, looking rather unsteady on his feet. It was clearly evident he was not having a good day, and was very close to falling. So, with heavy heart, I walked him back out to the car, and we went home, without a ‘keet.
I said some pretty harsh things to him, while driving back home, then just gave up and let it go. No use trying to reason. He’s going to do what he’s going to do and that’s all there is to it.
Back home, upstairs while Hubs is napping, I am blogging and just received yet another surprise in the mail, from my friend Lindy, in Australia.
Angora rabbit yarn!!!


I’m working on Nat’s Bats Shawl, scored some gorgeous Lavendar Sparklies yarn for the border. It’s going to be to-dye for!

Some-bunny is looking out for me, and I’m very grateful for my friends and family. At the end of the day, it’s all just stuff; it’s the joy of friends looking out for each other, that is all that matters.

Hope you are having a day full of gratitude and joy, as well. I was happy to share mine with you! 0:)