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A Tale of 2 Mechanics and a Subaru September 2, 2016

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Tonight the Indy Kids are driving up for our annual Whole Fam-Damily Reunion! My older son is towing a 2000 Subaru Outback which he has been working on, and is going top take my Pontiac Bonnevilla back to repair and flip.


Loaded and ready for delivery!

They were only an hour into the trip when my younger sons truck threw the alternator and serpentine belt. Richard had to unload the Subary and drive back to a local auto parts store to locate a new belt and alternator.


Nothing like Roadside repairs!

One wrong belt and a 2nd trip later, they were back on the road and heading north.

Pit stop in Remington, IN for a bite. My Granddaughter Hayley has bonded.FB_IMG_1472868951756

See ya guys in about 3 hours!!!


Reinforcements are here today!!! September 1, 2013

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Teh oldest Brat #1 arrived last night amid storms and other excitement.

We got up early and took a ride to see Mike; he was still groggy from sleep aid given the night before~we ate some lunch and day with him a while longer…he finally told us to get going. I hated leaving him like that, but he still needs much rest…

Time to call it a night; tomorrow is Rug Cleaning Day!


CJ comes to visit May 27, 2013

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My Firstborn daughter came up from IN to stay for the weekend; it sure was nice having her here!
After our 9th visit to St. Luke’s with Hubs, I needed some long overdue hugs and CJ time.
We spent Saturday inside and out on the deck, just enjoying each others company. For dinner I fixed oven fried chicken, mashed potatoes for hubs, and brown rice and broccoli for us. Then I popped a pan of brownies in the oven for dessert. I had to run next door to left Jo and Ed’s dog Wigeon, out to potty. I found more Shooting Star flowers and snapped a quick pic.

On Sunday CJ and I hopped in the truck with Igor in tow, and took a ride to Kutter H-D in Janesville, to see if we could find her a trailer hitch cover. We scored a nice chrome cover and a cute HD 110th Anniversary T for Rhonda 🙂
We got back just after noon, got Mike some lunch and his meds, then got the bike out and took CJ for a ride to Burlington for a Blue Cheese burger at the Sci-Fi Cafe where she got to meet Mary Sutherland and experience her unique store. The ride was excellent, and I got the biggest HUG when we finally pulled in the driveway!

For dinner I fixed oven juicy thick-cut pork chops, more mashed potatoes for hubs, and brown rice and broccoli for us. I made mini pumpkin custard pies topped off with whipped cream, for dessert.


I got a couple pictures of my beautiful granddaughter Rhonda-isn’t she an angel! 0:)



CJ heads back to IN this afternoon; the house will definitely have a void in it.
As the end of another month comes to a close, we come to our final countdown to June 15th for Mike to go on the liver transplant list. Then the real wait begins…

Agave you my heart… December 2, 2011

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It began snowing last night, light and barely there. It was surreal, a wonder to the senses.
Thanksgiving weekend, we had a wonderful visit with my two sons, Girlfriend, wife and 4 grandkids. My older son keeps busy with his automotive repair shop, so getting away was a big thing for him. It had been 2 long years since we last saw each other.

Not going off-topic, the following mention is something I think my older son could benefit from, so am going to give it a try.
I just placed an order for Agave Nectar, going to give it a try. I went out in search for Mexican Vanilla like the good stuff my DSIL gave us one Christmas 5-6 years ago. In my searches, I found this wonderful site: Global Goods, Inc.
I ordered a liter of the vanilla and 2- 24 oz bottles of the Agave nectar I’ve been hearing about. Come to find out, it’s a great substitute for other sugars that can cause inflammation in Rheumatoid arthritis- a WIN for DH 🙂


Dinner bell and a hungry student are calling me. I promise to return at a more quiet time to continue this post.
Until then, have a lovely evening!

Snow in June…. June 9, 2011

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The weather has been pretty stinky for the last week, with temps in the upper 90’s; it even topped 100 by 4:30 pm. So, rumblestorms were a Given. They didn’t disappoint us.
@FOX6Weather wanted Tweet Peeps to post storm-related stories and pictures, which inspired my blog muse today.


I’m keeping in touch with DD34 frequently as her Kitteh, Kiki is apparently on a steady decline in health. Kiki is 13 years old, which is not seriously old, when we hear of other people’s cats living into their 20’s. Kiki is just a frail child, by nature and so her days are now spent sitting quietly in the same room as CJ, content to just be…
Kiki followed CJ outside today and She got this neat shot of Teh Tube Cat

We hope her remaining days are peaceful and that when she goes to see Ceiling Cat in Kitteh Hebin, they will have good things to talk about. We love you, Sweet Girl XOXO

Teh Babeh’s Birthday Bash February 24, 2011

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Looky what I got today!! My Amarylis in bloom, 10th year running.

My older daughter, her husband, Mother-in-Law and their 2-year old daughter came up this weekend, and we celebrated Baby Rhonda’s second birthday. She takes center stage in the middle of the dining room table as she opens one of her presents:

I received sad news yesterday, from a dear knitting buddy; her father has been diagnosed with lung cancer.

I had to go through the pain and suffering with my own dad, back in 2000. While I go about my day-to-day activities and try live a normal, productive life, I thought I had put it all away, all the pain, anguish, feeling of helplessness to do anything, yet this brought it all back out in plain view again. I feel helpless to do anything but be a good listener, and hope I can help her through this; she will be going through some very stressful days ahead. When I got up and began my morning ritual, I could think of nothing else. There is so much that goes through a person’s mind, when they have to come to terms with the reality of our mortality. Time stands still for just a moment, long enough for us to believe in wishing on a star, just this once, to ask for a miracle that will give us a little more time together, with those we love.

I’ve learned through the loss of a loved-one, that the time we do have here on Mother Earth is a gift and we are obligated to share it with everyone around us, because one day, we’ll be just a memory to someone else, and what we leave behind will be our legacy for shaping their futures. You choose your own path in life, and every step you take creates a ripple that flows out from your center, to everyone around you. How firmly you walk determines how far that ripple will reach others.

Sam and Laurena Ranelli
My Dad, in Garage World, listening to the S.F. Giants on his transistor radio
Me and Mom, two giddy girls, peas in a pod

I am determined that what I leave behind will not be measured by tangible things, because I am not a piece of furniture. I am soul and spirit, and I will continue to be, even after my body dies, when I will become like a ripple on the surface of still waters for someone else.

Book Reviews and other up-coming reading
I can’t wait to read Troy Taylor‘s next book coming out soon: Suicide and Spirits, the first book ever written with cooperation from Lemp family descendants and features previously untold stories about the family, as well as rare photographs, detailing life among the tragic, St. Louis elite! Learn of the myths and misconceptions that have plagued the Lemp story as the real story as revealed in a way that only Troy Taylor can tell it!

Available to Order Starting February 25!

I once spoke with a relative who was living in Hannah House Indianapolis during a visit, back in the 90’s. The part of the whole Haunted House tour that really wigged me out was the basement, where the fire took the lives of several refugee slaves. I still get a chill when I recall that. Someone may have written a book about that; note to Self: Look up Indianapolis legends and tales of spirits.

I’m reading Death in a Prairie House, by William R. Drennan, the story of Frank Lloyd Wright and the Taliesin murders, right now; it’s pretty good, so far. I’m getting into the historical stuff that precedes the murders-I hear the second half is morbidly grotesque, when they get into the details of the murders. But I can sorta see how the Locals would have contempt for a person like that, back then….bringing his paramour to live in such a fine house as he had built for her, Taliesin, with a family back home and all…

Time to rejoin the living-DH is hollering for me to bring up a Coke when I get done blogging my life’s story~ 😛

This Little Light of Mine, I’m Gonna Let It Shine March 17, 2010

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(R)Honda’s new lamp for her bedroom arrived today~Mommy loves it and I think Baby Girl does too 😀

Today was a GLORIOUS St. Paddy’s day~ the sun shined down on us, warming the temps to the lower 60’s. It was a perfect day for a walk with Igor, so leash and plastic pooh-bag in hand, we headed out.

A flock of Sand Hill Cranes circled overhead, a cacophony of happy birds looking for new nesting spots, and returning couples ready to setup housekeeping at familiar nesting sites. The pond still has a thin glaze of ice left over from long winter months, a family of Canadian geese lounged on the edges waiting for a break. Soon, the pond will be alive with the sounds of bullfrogs, peepers, cranes and geese. We’ll enjoy an occasional Painted turtle as it crosses the road to find a nesting site down in the reeds.

Life begins anew in our little corner of the world, as we celebrate Spring with a jig in our step and a song in our hearts. ♥

We topped of our day with a Corned beef on pumpernickel rye, sauerkraut, aged Swiss and a healthy dollop of 1000 island dressing, griddle pan-fried, and a side of boiled buttered potatoes.

Sporting The Baby Turtleback March 3, 2010

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This hat is for the oldest of the April Girls, hope she likes it, it’s named for her. I’ve learned not to expect to hear one way or the other.

So I will model the hat….not that I like taking my own pix, just saying….

Heavenly Fireworks Hat

I got to speak with my older daughter on Skype today! We have pictures of Baby Turtleback ~ Skype + dark room + not-so-great shot, but I’ll take what I can get~

The Baby Turtleback fits with room to spare! Not bad for long-distance guesswork!

We had a riot playing Patty Cakes together via web-cam. Rhonda’s attention held longer than the last time we attempted this, and we had a riot! Igor even got in the picture when he heard us playing, and you should have seen her eyes light up when she saw the Doggy! I do believe she remembers him and gets the biggest grin on her face when he comes into the room, just like when they were here back in November.
I’ve got a renewed confidence now, from seeing how this actually fit her. It looked so small when I packed it up to send off in the mail.

Back to work, I am making yet another hat, this one for…..to be announced.

Hunter and His Gi-Gi’s February 21, 2010

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My DIL posted a picture of my Grandson Hunter with ALL of his Gi-Gi’s and I was surprised and delighted to see one my mother made for his daddy too!

Hunter and his Gi-Gi's

This is an excerpt of her post:
Grandma AND Great Grandma Gi-Gi’s. The beautiful one covering Hunter was made by Richards mom Sandra and the yellow, green and orange one on the back of the couch was made by Richards Grandma Ranelli. You cant see it in the picture but under the blanket is the other one Grandma Sandra made. He loves them all!!

My mother made each one of her Grandchildren a Ripple Afghan. For that matter, she made every person who knew her, a Ripple Afghan.
When I cleaned out her Sewing Room, I found a trunk full of afghans she had made, and I treasure each and every one of them. She even got me started making them back then. One year, I believe it was 1977, I took orders from various people, and made 4 afghans at $25 each plus materials before Christmas.
That was my first taste of what it would be like to be my own boss, and I spent the next 20 years working to make that dream a reality! I made more than a dozen in the following years, while raising 2 children between 1975-88 and gifted them all. I remember going to Kmart, back when they had a craft section, and I’d buy 12 skeins of coordinating yarns, mostly Sayelle.
I had two more children from 1988-91 and lost interest in ripples for a time.

One day a next-door neighbor invited me over to sit and visit. While I was there, I noticed a beautiful multi-colored Rose Afghan laid out over the back of her couch. I commented on how lovely it was, the many colored flowers against an off-white border. She surprised me a couple days later by gifting the afghan to me. I was so shocked and happy, I couldn’t contain myself. I wanted to make another, but I didn’t have a pattern at the time. I got some yarn and sat down to begin counting stitches in a single square, and started making a new one. It wasn’t long before I had a whole  new complete blanket put together. I wish I could remember who I gave that one too~

What a wonderful thing, the Internet-I have located the vintage pattern and have saved a copy.

After my divorce, I lost track of that afghan, but I do have another one started and will eventually have to finish it. Maybe soon, I’ll pick it back up and get busy.
Ugh, the scanner does this one no justice-the colors are not at all as drap as it appears…I’ll have to wait for a sunny day and get a better pick of the entire works, to-date.
I’ll have to think about who will be the owner of this one.

The Rose Afghan

For now, I have a couple knitted projects to complete-I’m on the final rows of Hannah’s Ina Goda Da Yarna Hat~my personal tribute to Iron Butterfly~

Ina Goda Da Yarna

G’night, Lizzy B~

Look out, Danica, there’s a New Indy 500 Champ on the Horizon! January 16, 2010

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Just a quick update on Baby Girl, with a new picture to share~

The Kiddo is going to be 1 year old in about 4 weeks, I can’t believe how fast the time has gone since I last got to hold her, new from the hospital.That was the longest 2 months of my entire life, until they were able to release her and I could make the trip south to finally get to see and hold her.

Zooom, Baby!

She is just about the cutest little thing, always has a smile on her face!

Watching the Indianapolis Colts vs. Baltimore Ravens Playoffs. I’m fannin the Colts,and they are charging ahead, 17- 3 in the 3rd quarter… OMG. RAVENS INTERCEPT A THROW, RUN FOR 40, TACKLED AND FUMBLE>>>COLTS POSSESSION!

I’m nearing the end of the 3rd Woodland Lace Doily-this time it’s for D. I should just do the entire alphabet, LOL!

A few weeks ago, I ran out of the green just 9 dtb’s from the last green row, and was lucky enough to get the last ball at WalMart yesterday-same dye lot even, and I bought the original ball back last Summer~

I love this color, and plan to make one for myself next.

Woodland Ferns and Lace Doily

Pattern from South Maid Book 364, Special Doilies For Special Times

Back tothe Playoffs,