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and then there will be 3!!!! August 22, 2014

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Yep, I’m going to be a GRANDMA again! Brat #4 is expecting her first Bebeh late Feb, early March. The happy couple just celebrated their 2nd anniversary June 28. Wowser what a ride this has been 🙂

Proud Parents-to-Be!

Proud Parents-to-Be!

Let the knit’n commence!!! Of course I have way too many project  ideas, and not enough time. Bebeh Momma is already 3 months along, having just found out 2 weeks ago!
She just went for her 2nd prenatal visit, and got to hear the heartbeat, 180 bps!!!! hmmmmm, a girl, maybe, baby?

So far, I have 2 rows of a Baby Feathers and Fans blanket started, using this yarn:2014-08-18 16.53.37
that’s WHITE next to the white/yellow/green PinWheel.

and a baby wash cloth.

the start of Essential Baby Gear knit marathon

whoohoo~really crusin’ here… HA! *snorts!


Baby Rhonda’s Wisconsin Winter Socks September 7, 2010

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I spent the evening outside with DH, knitting up a baby sock-start to finish, in record time~

I started Baby Rhonda’s Wisconsin Winter Socks last night, cast on and did about 3 rows of ribbing, then put it down until morning.

Next day, 7 am sharp:

I picked up where I left off on the Baby Rhonda’s Sock, worked on it for about 2 hours, turned the heel and never looked back.

It was way too windy to go for a walk, and the temps alone would have put us in hypothermia from the drastic change. I was content to stay in; the wind drives me nuts.

By 9pm, orders were packed and work was done, so while DH heated up some chili, I set to task on the sock foot, and finally the toe was in sight~

Later that night (2 hours later):
We have Baby Rhonda’s Sock #1!

Igor is glad it’s cooler out-he has his SpoiledBratzwear jacket back~
Igor’s Jacket by SpoiledBratzwear

Hair Yesterday, Gone Today April 10, 2010

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I lost 10 inches of old hair 2 days ago, and have finally overcome my initial shock.

I finally got up the nerve to get rid of years worth of L’Oreale Dark Brown 4G; it simply would not fade away gracefully. My normal medium reddish brown was becoming more apparent as it grew out, so I had to do something.

So on Wednesday, after 20 minutes of combing and measuring, 10 inches of my hair was laying in a heap on the bathroom counter, limp, rejected and sad.

I was at once mortified, and then relieved asI dried it and it looked and FELT more healthy than it had in literally years.

From this:

to this:

The dry ends are all gone, it’s laying nicely, so with a heavy heart, but lighter head, I start all over again.

DH took one look and said he wanted to do me, said it would be like doing a new woman, and not cheating. He was smiling as I smacked his ass. I love Mr. Comedian.

DH and I went to a local Harley Davidson dealership last week, and there was I, proudly strutting around with my waist-length hair, feeling all Biker-Chicky and all…

Yesterday we visited another bike dealership in Lake Geneva, and I donned my new Do, and felt like a traitor…do I deserve a bike???
I saw a green two-tone Boulevard (Suzuki) and said, OYEAH, I still have kinda longish hair so why am I slinking around like a shaved rat with my tail tucked…DH said I’d still look foxy on that bike-I LOVE HIM!! ♥♥♥

Classic HD

2005 Suzuki Boulevard

Baby (R)Honda is a Walking Fool at 14 months, Baby can she move!  All I could get was a blur and the back of her head as she was leaving, hehehee!

Have a BE-YOU-tiful weekend!!


This Little Light of Mine, I’m Gonna Let It Shine March 17, 2010

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(R)Honda’s new lamp for her bedroom arrived today~Mommy loves it and I think Baby Girl does too 😀

Today was a GLORIOUS St. Paddy’s day~ the sun shined down on us, warming the temps to the lower 60’s. It was a perfect day for a walk with Igor, so leash and plastic pooh-bag in hand, we headed out.

A flock of Sand Hill Cranes circled overhead, a cacophony of happy birds looking for new nesting spots, and returning couples ready to setup housekeeping at familiar nesting sites. The pond still has a thin glaze of ice left over from long winter months, a family of Canadian geese lounged on the edges waiting for a break. Soon, the pond will be alive with the sounds of bullfrogs, peepers, cranes and geese. We’ll enjoy an occasional Painted turtle as it crosses the road to find a nesting site down in the reeds.

Life begins anew in our little corner of the world, as we celebrate Spring with a jig in our step and a song in our hearts. ♥

We topped of our day with a Corned beef on pumpernickel rye, sauerkraut, aged Swiss and a healthy dollop of 1000 island dressing, griddle pan-fried, and a side of boiled buttered potatoes.

Look out, Danica, there’s a New Indy 500 Champ on the Horizon! January 16, 2010

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Just a quick update on Baby Girl, with a new picture to share~

The Kiddo is going to be 1 year old in about 4 weeks, I can’t believe how fast the time has gone since I last got to hold her, new from the hospital.That was the longest 2 months of my entire life, until they were able to release her and I could make the trip south to finally get to see and hold her.

Zooom, Baby!

She is just about the cutest little thing, always has a smile on her face!

Watching the Indianapolis Colts vs. Baltimore Ravens Playoffs. I’m fannin the Colts,and they are charging ahead, 17- 3 in the 3rd quarter… OMG. RAVENS INTERCEPT A THROW, RUN FOR 40, TACKLED AND FUMBLE>>>COLTS POSSESSION!

I’m nearing the end of the 3rd Woodland Lace Doily-this time it’s for D. I should just do the entire alphabet, LOL!

A few weeks ago, I ran out of the green just 9 dtb’s from the last green row, and was lucky enough to get the last ball at WalMart yesterday-same dye lot even, and I bought the original ball back last Summer~

I love this color, and plan to make one for myself next.

Woodland Ferns and Lace Doily

Pattern from South Maid Book 364, Special Doilies For Special Times

Back tothe Playoffs,


Visit with Teh Babeh and Wrist-ies©, Part 1 November 21, 2009

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Mommy, Baby and Gal-Pal arrived at about 4:30 on Thursday evening, just as dusk was settling. They made it in under 5 hours, without incident and only minor road construction along 294.

I fixed a freezer-full of French Bread Pizzas, we had way more than enough.

Rhonda sure has grown,  what a cutie!

Rhonda and CJ Nov. 09

We went for a ride to Sorg’s for a little taste of Wisconsin cheeses, meats, sausage sticks, beef jerky, brats, pies, frozen vegetables, and award-winning sausages,  and of course, a little scenery for the Out-of-Towners. Rhonda was a hit at the Deli counter, got all kinds of looks from the ladies behind the counter!

Sorg’s is located in Darien, WI. Family-owned since 1943 and everything is done on-site. Located on US-14 1/8 mile south of the intersection of 14, WI-11, and WI-89. Mon-Friday 8 am -5 pm, Sat. 8 am-4 pm. phone:  262-742-5554

Friday night, CJ started to put together the Door County Breakfast Casserole, but discovered after the sausage was fried and all the Cheddar cheese was grated,  we didn’t have enough milk. So, we put that off for the next day.

Saturday, CJ and her GF went out for a bit to go grab some essentials at Walgreens, and picked up more milk for the Breakfast Casserole. Later that night, I finished putting the casserole together and baked it up for Sunday morning. I fixed Chicken and Rice for dinner, so with the oven already heated up, the casserole was done in an hour.

Sunday we hung out and lounged in our sweats, watching bad TV. I finished the first of my Mail Lady fingerless gloves (not to be confused with Wristies®) Thank you, Susan Gregory :  http://www.wristies.com/ for pointing out this amazing, albeit remote similarity~

Mail Lady Wristie-Cuffs©

Monday, the girls took a road trip to The House on the Rock, in Spring Green, WI. I stayed home and watched baby, she was such a joy to keep, didn’t fuss at all. She took a couple short naps, and slept through the night until they got up to leave on Tuesday morning. By 8:45 am, they were on the road back to IN.

The time went by too fast, as it always seems to do when family comes to stay, never long enough.

Rhonda Nov. 09

*Disclaimer: The use of the word “wristie” is generic to mass media and is not affiliated with a business or article for sale for profit in this or any blog under my name. “Wristie-Cuffs©” should not be confused with “Wristies®”, a registered trademark of http://www.wristies.com

Back to me knitting…


Hello, October! There’s Halloween Fun on the Horizon~ September 30, 2009

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Hello, it’s Hump Day, the week is half-over. The month is over and we’re on our way toward Halloween Fun!

I’m in flannels and a fleece vest, brrrrrrrrrr.  It has gotten really chilly here, is only 43 at the current time of 9:15pm. It started getting dark around 6pm….well, the shadows became much longer and the front held that mysterious glow of pre-dusk. The sun is lower in the sky, past the trees to the south of us.  I didn’t get to take Igor for his afternoon walk, work kept me inside tonight. But I’m glad to be finally caught up.

We had a good day, finished posting the last of the orders exactly at 9pm. 5 minutes later, here I am 😀

I’m still working on the LumberJill Socks, almost ready to turn the heel on the first one. I’m not getting far very fast, but haven’t had time to work on them as diligently as I’d like.  We’re expecting my older DD and Baby (R)Honda to make the trip up around Oct. 22, after speaking with her today on Skype. I got to see Miss GigglePuss, who happily bounced on Mommy’s lap while gumming a pink Accent Highlighter (lid on) and dribbling on her keyboard (at least it’s not mine she’s dribbling all over hehee!!!)

And I’m going to get started on some Baby Leggings, and try to have them done by the time CJ arrives later this month…whew, I dunno, it’s gonna be a close one. I’ll get what I can done, and can always mail them to her later…

Hope you’re having a nice day, cya tomorrow!

Skype-Babeh! September 16, 2009

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Two Giggleheads!

Two Giggleheads!

CJ called on Skype tonight, we chatted for over 30 minutes! Baby (R)honda bounced all over her lap, her attention drawn to some unseen object on the desk out of visual range of the camera-but for a second I got her to see me, and the end result was priceless,  a Kodak Moment 😀

My First Socks, Part Deux and BABY PICTURE! May 25, 2009

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We got the Announcements done, finally! *happy dancing*  Nat addressed all the envelopes, and I’m popping them in the mail tomorrow~one step closer…where did the time go and what happened to my Little Girl-she’s been replaced by a beautiful young woman- wait, STOP the clock, I want to look back, just one more time before we move on…

Prettiest flower in the garden

My Garden Angel

Squeeeee! CJ sent me a picture of Baby Rhonda-I can’t believe how she’s filled out! She’s looking good, what a doll!

Little Blossom, 3 months

Angel Baby

Angel Baby

Little Blossom, 3 months

*smooches, Little One


Footnote: (pun intended)

My second sock is 3/4 done!  I just turned the heel and working up the instep now 🙂

Baby Rhonda Updates-Time to get the Cross-stitching back out! May 21, 2009

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CJ called last night~! 🙂

It was great hearing from her, and that everyone is doing great! Her call reminds me I need to get busy on those Graduation Announcements, in the works as we speak, PROMISE!

I had to boost Mommy’s morale yesterday-she is bumming over stuff in general and not being “productive” and I had to remind her, she has the MOST IMPORTANT job in the world (I feel another blog coming on, Watch out, CJ, mom is on a roll!!!)

Taking care of Little One is a touch job and she’s got to give herself more credit where credit is due. Making money to pay a babysitter and gas is not what I consider healthy, when Baby Girl needs her mommy more, right now. Yeah, she’s getting Cabin Fever too,  no doubt-being stuck in the house all day with a tiny baby is a test of  strength-of-mind. Time to get back to the Cross-Stitching, Brat #1!

I keep in touch with her as often as I can. It’s a touch job but she’ll be fine 🙂

Pictures coming soon!

Love ya, CJ, and keep up the good work, you’re a GOOD MOMMY-heck, look at the Teacher you had! 🙂