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 Baby Time! October 22, 2016

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It was a dark and stormy night….

No, but seriously, Natalie was ready to have daughter #2, but by the time I got off work, she still had not been called to come in to be induced.

I got off work at 4, and waited around until it appeared Momma wasn’t ready to go, so I headed home around 5, and settled in for what might be a long night of waiting. I’d already told my boss I was taking off 3 days in preparation for the upcoming birth. At 11pm I hit the hay, and I wasn’t 5 minutes under the sheets when the phone rang. It was Nats, and she was tired but managed to chirp “I guess we’re having a baby!” I jumped out of bed and got myself together and was on the road to Racine. 50 minutes later, I met Jake at the door and we headed up to the maternity floor.

We settled in for a long night ,   but didn’t have to wait long. Kyla Renae made her grand entrance at 6:00am Sat morning. It was so exciting watching her birth, I was beside myself, there were 2 of me! I kept telling Nat to “breathe”, while catching myself holding my breath. 😜

Hello, Kyla Renae Greenwood


The Daughter Comes Home June 6, 2015

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Happy days, my youngest daughter and her husband and new baby are returning to Wisconsin tomorrow! Soon I will get to meet my newest Gramddaughter, and hold her and smother her in kisses ♡♡♡


It seems almost redunculous that I have not been updating my new job, but I  am so loving what I do, that I feel no need to expound upon it. My goal is to bring our Elders happiness in their Golden years when they have little to be happy about. Life has little left to offer them, their world is shrinking, closing in around them, until it is just a handful of caring nurses and aides to make their days a little brighter.  I hope to be able to show off my Grandaughter, and see their faces light up. That would be so great!


and then there will be 3!!!! August 22, 2014

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Yep, I’m going to be a GRANDMA again! Brat #4 is expecting her first Bebeh late Feb, early March. The happy couple just celebrated their 2nd anniversary June 28. Wowser what a ride this has been 🙂

Proud Parents-to-Be!

Proud Parents-to-Be!

Let the knit’n commence!!! Of course I have way too many project  ideas, and not enough time. Bebeh Momma is already 3 months along, having just found out 2 weeks ago!
She just went for her 2nd prenatal visit, and got to hear the heartbeat, 180 bps!!!! hmmmmm, a girl, maybe, baby?

So far, I have 2 rows of a Baby Feathers and Fans blanket started, using this yarn:2014-08-18 16.53.37
that’s WHITE next to the white/yellow/green PinWheel.

and a baby wash cloth.

the start of Essential Baby Gear knit marathon

whoohoo~really crusin’ here… HA! *snorts!

Springing into action, getting out of the house April 30, 2013

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The weekend was about as perfect as could be. Baby Girl and her MIL arrived from KY on Friday night.
Nat and her Stepdad got to hang and get some much-missed hugs in. 20130429-091309.jpg
Chrystal stayed over and then took off Saturday morning to attend a family baby shower in Racine. Nats and I enjoyed some time in the morning before she took off for a visit with her old bakery buds at Franks Grocery in town. She got to visit with her bud Lizz too.
When she got back, we had lunch out on the deck, the sun felt so good!


Later that day her Sis from a different Mother Brittany, came and spent the evening with us. Soon they had a campfire going as a result of burning some old memorabilia of Nat’s from a past relationship. Silly girls!


Sunday came too fast, and it was time to take Baby Girl back to Racine to meet up with her MIL for the long ride back home to KY.


Sunday I got both Stella and LunaC out, dusted off and gassed up. Some friends came up from Chicago to visit with Mike, made his day.

It was a good weekend.

Short and Sweet~ January 11, 2013

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The kids are home from Texas, a lonnnnng ride back!!!!! They stopped in KY yesterday to drop off the contents of Nat’s car, then hit the road again.

Igor was so happy to see his Sissy!!!


Jake is an Android pro, so I gifted the Xoom to them. I don’t need two tablets. Now I want an android phone, LOL!


The Bakery Girls had a party for the kids at Sperinos Pizza, then we had Christmas after they got back to the house.
I love my Angry Bad Piggys Slippers they gave me!

The kids get ready to hit the road again.




See ya guys next Spring!!!


Oops, you forgot the Spotted Cow!!!!