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Xmas Craft Marathon has begun June 22, 2015

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One hot fuzzy mess…
Biker Bev heard I was looking for a latchhook for a kit I got one year as a Xmas gift. One day at lunch, she surprised me with an entire KIT! I plan to make it into a pillow or maybe a wall hanging, and then gift it back to her. 🙂

Now, if I could just find that kit I got for xmas….. #lostart


198 Yds of Heaven July 6, 2013

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I’m working on a shawlette pattern, 198 Yds of Heaven. It is a free pattern by Christy Verity published in Verity Knits
Mine is actually going to be a full size shawl using Berroco Vintage™ yarn , 2 skeins at 434.0 yards (396.8m) Colorway: Cerulean. The yarn is nice, soft, does not split and has a beautiful mixture of medium blue intermingled with red fibers to give it an almost bluish-purple cast.
This is the second time I’ve started this shawl, the pattern confused me in the center, with the **’s and [..] repeats. Sort of a brain-teaser, but eventually, I did get it, with only a couple minor mistakes. Easy enough to add to, I would make corrections when I caught them and nobody will be the wiser.

I was considering doing the lace border in Berroco Vintager, Flicker, in the Black and silver colorway. I’m already 2 rows into the lace and thinking maybe is not a good idea, too extravagant. I think I will reserve my adventurous side for something with deliberate and intentional shading and stripping…20130706-092606.jpg
The walking shoes are telling me it’s time to move on, this shawl needs to be completed. Or maybe they are saying, “We need Sole Socks”, the Chicken Soup kind…

For Copper : Darby’s Cabled Chihuahua Sweater Free Pattern April 6, 2013

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I am currently working on a quick project, a Little Dog Sweater, for a friend’s 4 lb puppy. It is going fast; hope I get it done before Copper outgrows it!!!




As promised, a free knit sweater pattern for your extra small dog.

Darby is tired of modeling

……She’s so cute and warm and sleepy from all the modeling……

For those of you new to my blog (thats everyone but me) Darby is my adorable 3lb 1oz chihuahua who spends most of her time asleep on my lap and is the owner of an ever increasing sweater collection. Now that it is starting to rain and get colder in the Pacific Northwest she is more that happy to wear a sweater or two.

As promised to my blog reader, I’ve rewritten Darby’s sweater pattern and (hopefully) corrected any errors. This time, it has a cable on the back, ribbing at the top and bottom (to prevent rolling and give it a nice stretch) and shaping along the center, between the legs so it is fitted all the way along the body. I am working on a…

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Jeny’s Stretchy Knit Cast On for Stump Covers December 21, 2012

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Snow is flying, wind is blowing. Sounding pretty ferocious out there…
Time for a sock, or how about Barbara Coley’s amputee sock!

I’m using Indulgence Distrato Merino Wool, a soft, warm and easy care washable sock yarn in 013 white/grey colourway, size 6 US needles. With a generous 426 yards, there’s enough for two pairs of socks/covers.

What to use for a stretchy thigh band? Jeny’s Stretchy Slipknot Cast-On, by Jeny Staiman:


Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.

Free ‘n Easy Peasy Patricia Cowl December 1, 2012

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I’m in full marathon knit mode now, aiming to get at least 4 projects completed before I head to Texas to help DD and SIL move back home Jan. 3. So far, I’ve made 2 pairs of slippers; one child and one adult size.
The adult size was a compilation of two patterns, the crochet top of the Crocodile Stitch Boots, and the knit foot and sole of the St Louis Boots – Slippers in seed st in Eskimo by DROPS design.

20121201-091541.jpgI used Knit Picks Cadena, a lofty bulky weight wool, super smooshy and soft on the feet.
The childs’ booties are done completely in crochet, according to the pattern. I’m not fond of crochet footwear, too holey and stiff, but will probably wear longer, at least one season, when she’ll outgrow them. I used Red Heart Soft Multi worsted acrylic, for the child’s boots.
I’m going to make another pair of the St Louis Boots, once I have snagged some nice bulky worsted, color TBD.
I’m on to the next quick project, the Patricia Cowl.

I’m using Berroco Voyage, Embers colorway, an interesting braided blend of yummy super fine Alpaca and polyester. The cable pattern is repeated over 20 rows, nothing too complicated, and is an easy pattern to memorize.

Mr. Peeps is currently redecorating his cage; apparently the carpeting is very tasty!


Flying Away on Winter Wings November 26, 2012

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Time to follow the Sand Hill Cranes as they head south of the border, warm tropical breezes, cool, cool waters.
I’m laughing in the face of impending Holiday Epic Fail. I’ve thrown caution to the winter winds, putting my Christmas gift projects aside, and starting a project, for ME! I need a pair of slippers to keep my feeties warm in the office. My usual footware of choice, my old favorite hiking boots, are cumbersome at my desk, my tootsies want softness.

I found a couple patterns I really like, and with some ingenuity and craftiness, I plan to merge them into something fun and easy.
For the top half, I want to crochet this:
Crocodile Stitch Boots (Adult Sizes)
Pattern source: Two Boot Patterns for 8 Dollars eBook
Craft: Crochet


For the bottom, I’m using this patten, because I prefer a a knitted foot:
St Louis Boots – Slippers
Pattern: 142-36 St Louis Boots – Slippers in seed st in Eskimo by DROPS design
Craft: Knitting


I’m using Knit Picks Cadena Wool, Tree Frog colorway.

After I’ve conquered my alter-idea and completed my prototype, I’ll make both, exactly as the patterns calls for, at a later time (TBD), for gifts…maybe even a miniature version 😉


Ohey, starting next week, I’ll be helping out at Studio S Fiber Arts on Mondays, 10-5pm! Come see our latest KAL, the Intertwisted Cowl, and buy some fabulous yummy yarns!!!!!

Mine’s the Lavendar one, that was a fun little mess! 😉

Bats In the Belfrey, yes, we have them~ November 4, 2012

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Peeps likes to sit on a Lady Finger!

It’s been a productive week! I finally finished Nat’s Bats Shawl, and with time to spare; the Military Ball isn’t for another 5 weeks!
Ta da! The list of materials is as follows:
Project info

Wa na na na na na na na Bat Shawl! by Emilee Mooney

Made for : Nat “Swayt Tay”

US 9 – 5.5 mm

Berroco Flicker
How much?
4 skeins = 756.0 yards (691.3m)
3334 Black
Purchased at
Studio S in Delavan, Wisconsin

Kraemer Yarns Sterling Silk & Silver
How much?
1 skeins = 420.0 yards (384.0m)
Plush Purple
Purchased at
Studio S in Delavan, Wisconsin

Nat’s BFF was a very willing model, nice job, BT!

When she’s good, she’s very very good….

20121104-173548.jpg…and when she’s bad, she’s naughty~

BT wants to model again; yes, I think she will work out just fine!

After chilling for one afternoon, I quickly contemplated and moved on to my next project, another Christmas present for DD’s MIL. Can you guess what they will be?

Not to be a spoiler of surprises, I will refrain from the reveal until I’m closer to done….say, later this week 😉
Igor digresses, at 5:15, it’s too dark too early now.

It was a Full Moon Night….. September 28, 2012

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So last night, I’m out with Igor around 11:30. I see something weird in the front yard. The moon is almost full and there is this white wispy stuff floating in the yard. Freaked me out at first, I thought I was seeing ghost lights. So, the Big Fearless Ghost Hunter I am, I had to investigate…the house next door, every tree, every bush, lamp post, garage lights, yard art, TP BOMBED! Imagine my surprise~ it’s Homecoming weekend, right? Ha!

Oh, did I mention? She’s the Crossing Guard…


Waves, continued~ September 21, 2012

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Received sad news yesterday, one of our Service Dept. guys, Jerad Redders, died suddenly in a horrific accident just blocks from his home….this morning, I woke thinking I was still stuck in a bad dream…..
Kutter Harley-Davidson is having their Fall Festival as scheduled, we will still attend. It will be incredibly tough to go back and see the guys, the 3 Amigos have lost one of their own…
There will be a motorcycle ride to the wake Sunday, and I will be there. They expect a big turnout, the lineup starts an hour before the services.

Johnny Lane, Dan Duffy and Jerad Redders



I’m working on a theme, seems apropo tonight, the Lighthouse Waves shawl. Sneak peeks only tonight, too much on my mind…


Yesterday, the lump on Igor’s shoulder became irritated from his licking, and started to rupture and bleed. A quick trip to the Vet, and the peach pit size lump was effectively removed, a benign clogged oil gland. It’s much better now, antibiotics are being dispensed to ward off infection.

The rest of the day was a blur, so I am just going to say good night


Pain, it comes in waves…~ September 5, 2012

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…not the physical kind, the kind that lies beneath the surface, while watching a loved one suffer unspeakable misery and despair. It leaves you weak and feeling vulnerable, drained, alone.
I immerse myself in my knitting, gatherings my thoughts and my strength while planning my next project, my next day.
I am anxious to start my next shawl. I am not a shawls sort of person, so why do I keep finding myself liking and wanting to make these lovely wraps and stoles? Maybe because they offer comfort with their subtle warm embrace, soft as a butterfly’s wings.
This next project will be one I will wrap myself in, Thinking of Waves by Conny Peng, yellowcosmos designs

I will call mine “Pueblo Bonito” in honor of a very special place.
The colours I chose represent the canyons of the Four Corners region, sand and stone as timeless as the sea, also created from water; a hint of the red rocks and turquoise that has been the life blood of the First People for hundreds of years.


I’ve come this far on my other shawl, Travelling Woman by Liz Abinante. It reveals a journey of the Spirit of Woman, in transition, with a purpose. I am enjoying this, my second one in the patten. It will go to my daughter who has recently flown the nest and on her way to her bright new future, a married woman. I will celebrate her flight, my Travelling Daughter~

The colors of Travelling Woman once again reflect a timeless land of red rocks and earth. I am drawn to this place, and will one day return Home…