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Heaven’s Next Star Performer March 27, 2017

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Cindy M. shared this memory with me this morning: 

“when a person has lived as long as Bob Peggy,  my mom & so many my others,  if they get hurt , it seems  to go down  hill  almost allwYs. I think they just don’t have it in fhem to recoup.  They’ve seen  it all,  done it all.  Their kids are grown & even have great grandkids.  That’s a really full,  happy life. Peggy was her own  kind of woman.  I’m gIad I grew up w them  for neighbors.  I’ll tell my mom today.  I’m not sure how but I will.  One of the block kids wrote me at like 1am,  we talked about our her skating. We use to have e a winter festival  for the neighborhood held at the Jr high where our ice rink was. One year Peggy was the entertainment.  They had music over loud speakers & she did her fancy ice capades skating. The song was “Poor Butterfly. ” she was amazing & then she fell. The ice was lumpy . She Hit her head & was out cold. The place was silent.  An ambulance came & got her. . Everyone clapped for her..

The song was very apropo.”


Coming Full Circle March 5, 2017

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41 years later, I’m going back to school! 

The LTC Facility I work at posted an offer of paid CNA training; without hesitation,  I jumped on the opportunity!

I started my first class on Thursday, and have the weekend to get acclimated to this new regiment of reading, working,  and more reading.I’ve agreed to work evekry Friday/weekend through the next 8 weeks, and may pick up hours after school as well.

I have a good feeling this is going to be a better year. I will remain optimistic!