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Buddy the Owl December 6, 2016

Posted by Stella☆LunaC in A Birdseye View.
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3 weeks ago, I was heading home from work, and decided to swing by to check on the Parental Units, when I found this guy sitting in the middle of the road. it didn’t  take long to figure out the poor guy was in distress. I called Fellow Mortals Animal Rescue Hospital and they urged me to contain the animal quickly and they’d come get it.

I quickly ran over to the folks’ where I enlisted Dad’s help in securing a largish tote to use as a container. We got back to find the owl had hopped through a wrought iron fence and was huddled under a deck in a neighbor’s back yard. I was able to get past the gate,  where I could sneak up and capture the bird. I got the injured owl in the bin, and carried it up to my car.

A Tech from Fellow Mortals Animal Rescue Hospital met up with us about 10 minutes later and did a quick assessment on the spot.  It’s a Great Horned, male, he’s got 2 fractures in his wing, an injured eye. The tech promised to take good care of him  and update us when they had any news.

Last week I got a letter from them, stating our Buddy is still critical but alive and that’s a good thing 🙂

Updates to follow, I hope 🙂

Update 3/3/2017….RIP Buddy…

Fly free, Brave Warrior. You fought the good fight, now you are truly free.