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running out of hope…. August 23, 2015

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After 13 days of rigorous testing, treatments, IV drips and a 4th possible donor liver the previous evening, , our last dry run at UW Madison was a no go-we were running out of hope. I argued and pleaded with the doctors to find something, do anything to keep him. One. More. Day…..

As they gathered all his stuff, paperwork and prescriptions, I wondered what the hell I was going to do to get Mike back here, I nearly caved as they wheeled him down to the waiting car. Maybe I would pass out and end up in ER and they would have to keep him… pffft…

As the nurse loaded him back in the truck, I told her, “…I don’t know how I will get him back, he’s so weak. How will I get him back here….? She hugged us both wished us luck and said, “call an ambulance, get him to your hospital, we’ll get him here one way or the other…”

With my heart in the pit of my stomach,we spent the next 70 miles in silence as I drove Mike home to wait for one more call. At times I could barely see the road through my tears, and the futility of the situation we were in.

An hour and a half later, we made it home and it was all Mike could do to get upstairs and get to the couch. An hour later, his parents came to see how he was doing. They stayed for a couple hours, then with best wishes left us to try and rest from our long ordeal at UW.

Mike got up and went to the kitchen to make a bag of popcorn, hungry but not. It was just too much to think of all we had gone through, only to be sent back home again, to wait and wonder how long it would be before we ended up back in ER….

We didn’t have to wait long. The popcorn wasn’t even done when the phone rang. It was Aurora St. Luke’s Organ Procurement and they had a possible donor. They would call me back in 40 minutes to let us know when to come in….

As soon as I hung up with St. Luke’s, I called UW, they put me through the Transplant coordinator, and while I was on hold, UW Organ Procurement was calling me on the other end!!!!  I put the nurse on speakerphone, and called the neighbors to come over and help me get Mike downstairs and back in the truck for the ride back to UW. Mike asked the nurse if he could come back in the next morning, he had just made popcorn and really wanted to get a good nights sleep. She told him he really should come back in immediately, there was much prep to do, and he would get plenty of sleep at the hospital but he needed to come in NOW. When the neighbors arrived to help him downstairs, he had no choice but to go with them. SUCCESS WAS MINE!!!!

4.30 hours after we got home., we were heading back to UW. We arrived at 11pm and our world was changed forever.