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Good Days are here again! May 4, 2015

Posted by Stella☆LunaC in The Greenwoods.
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It’s crazy but I’ve finally found my direction. I always said I was a late bloomer, better later than never. My life has come full circle and I’ve found what truly drives me. Caring for others. SURPRISE!
Last Monday I started a new job.  Or I should say, I went back to my beginnings. I am working as an Activities Aide at Geneva Lake Manor in Lake Geneva. Now instead of waking up dreading getting in the car and going to work, I go to bed actually looking forward to going in to work the next day. It almost doesn’t seem right, after having had to put up with a belligerent immature bully at my previous job,  just 4 weeks shy of one year. I had even started to have nightmares in which this person infiltrated my peace and quiet. It was then that I realized I was suffering from PTSD. I had reached the end of my rope.
It has taken me nearly a week to finally get 18 of the 24 resident names to stick in my head, that’s big for me 🙂

Good Night, World, tomorrow comes early. :).