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Imma Gramma, and more UW shenanigans April 14, 2015

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I have sure missed posting lately….and it’s been bugging me. Lots has happened,  where to start,  to catch up….
So, I’ll start by introducing you to my new GrandIvaDaughterDaughter! Meet Aubrey LeAnn!


She arrived March 25, nearly 2 weeks late.  She weighed in at 7lbs 13oz and Momma didn’t do epideral! Everyone is happy, healthy and home now,  and looking forward to holding my new GrandBabyGrrl :))
Made a hat for Aubrey, it fits!

In other news, Mike went in for another hernia repair, same day Aubrey was making her grand entrance. I was between two worlds, happy for Nats, and nervous about Mike. Turns out his previous pre transplant umbilical hernia decided to undo itself from the inside. ….UGHS. Dr. D’Alessandro had to put another section of mesh in. Now Mike has a screen door, with a pet door added. 🙂
Jellyfish Man finds ways to entertain the staff.


Doc said he saw another possible hernia issue in another spot (wound vac site), but did not want to risk another infection by creating another wound site. We go back April 23 for another consult about where we go next.

Then two weeks ago, I got a call at work from Mike’s sister, Mike was throwing up blood. I ran home and packed us in the truck for another trip to UW. Mike was in for 3 days, throwing up and not eating. They put him on anti nausea meds, which helped stop yhr heaves. They discovered a spot on the back of his thigh, found he had Cellulitis, a spot he didnt know was anything but a little irritating. They completed testing, found no cause for why he threw up blood, or the constant nausea,  then sent Mike home with antibiotics. The Cellulitis went away within a week, he’s done with the antibiotics,  and now we wait for our consultation.
Oyeah, and Spring has arrived. The deer are hungry, but left me a few Crocus’s





Igor had a haircut recently, the jacket was necessary for chasing squirrels.




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