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Back to UW, 1 year later March 5, 2015

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Today we went back for a unexpected hernia repair, the second since Mike’s transplant. It was nearly a year ago March 13th 2014 when we had to come to UW Madison for a double incisional hernia operation
3 weeks ago Mike went to the ER complaining of nausea and vomiting. after labs were drawn they concluded that his liver numbers were good, his kidney function was good, and they could not explain his nausea and vomiting. The house Dr decided to do a CT scan to rule out any unforeseen problems. When he came back to tell us the results, we were surprised. 2 hernias apparently had developed, with no explanation or recall as to how or when they happened. We went home that day, with an appointment scheduled to see our surgeon dr. D’Alessandro. He confirmed there was something going on and send us home with instructions to wait for surgery to call us to schedule ASAP. They couldn’t get us in for another 3 weeks.
So when we went in today, we were very apprehensive about what dr would find when he finally got in to take a look. Mike’s surgery began at 2:18 pm today, so I went and grabbed a coffee and bag’o Sun Chips.


Time went by fairly fast and it wasn’t long before I got the pager message that he was done and sent to recovery. By 5:30 p.m. the bulletin board indicated he was out of recovery and I was given his room number. I quickly ran out to the car and grabbed his overnight bag, he had left his laptop at home in anticipation of a rough night and felt he wouldn’t be able to deal with his laptop so soon after surgery.
We got to our room and got checked in with an evening nurse. they had him hooked up to an IV but they weren’t giving him any meds just yet, instead waiting for his anesthesia to wear off completely. He held up really well for the most part, feeling little discomfort. but by the time 7:30 rolled around, he was starting to feel a little uncomfortable. That’s when the nurse said she would recommend putting him on an IV drip for the night, just to be on the safe side. then she suggested that he try and get up for a walk around 10 p.m., he said he’d be glad to do it!
I was getting pretty tired and was immensely relieved that it was all over with, but not looking forward to the drive home, so I excused myself at 8:30 with a promise to call in as soon as I got home, and quickly headed back home.  I ran into one of our old nurses from the transplant days, Muface, from South Africa. he saw me and immediately asked what room Mike was in, I told him number 676. I got a quick hug before he dashed off to go look for Mike!
My daughter Natalie who is expecting her first baby any day now, kept me busy text messaging me via my earbud, to help the time go by. I never once had to look at my phone- I love my Plantronics ear bud!
I got home at exactly 10 o’clock, letting or out to potty and poop, then went back inside and called mike to let him know I was home.  He sounded in great spirits although he said he was starting to hurt a little bit, but he had gotten up and walked, with two nurses to assist! I’m pretty sure things were just slow tonight and they were both looking for something to do with Mike LOL!


Nightime at UW Madison


Mike’s room with a view of the Unitarian Church, a place he remembered from his HE days!
Now that this is all done, I am curled up with my buddy Igor on our pallet on the floor in the living room watching 12 O’Clock High on MeTV. It just feels right and I know Mike will be home before we know it!

Igor is dealing with dad’s absence by stealing all the pillows from our temporary pallet on the living room floor