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and then there will be 3!!!! August 22, 2014

Posted by Stella☆LunaC in Baby Talk, Jake and Natalie.
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Yep, I’m going to be a GRANDMA again! Brat #4 is expecting her first Bebeh late Feb, early March. The happy couple just celebrated their 2nd anniversary June 28. Wowser what a ride this has been 🙂

Proud Parents-to-Be!

Proud Parents-to-Be!

Let the knit’n commence!!! Of course I have way too many project  ideas, and not enough time. Bebeh Momma is already 3 months along, having just found out 2 weeks ago!
She just went for her 2nd prenatal visit, and got to hear the heartbeat, 180 bps!!!! hmmmmm, a girl, maybe, baby?

So far, I have 2 rows of a Baby Feathers and Fans blanket started, using this yarn:2014-08-18 16.53.37
that’s WHITE next to the white/yellow/green PinWheel.

and a baby wash cloth.

the start of Essential Baby Gear knit marathon

whoohoo~really crusin’ here… HA! *snorts!

UW Madison, 1 year anniversary August 16, 2014

Posted by Stella☆LunaC in Mike's Big Adventure in Liver Transplant.

It was exactly one year ago Aug. 13, 2013, when we stepped foot inside UW Madison Hospital for the first time; little did we know it was to become our new Home, with new extended Family. We picked the right place!

Today, we were coming back for our next routine post-op 3 month checkup.  We left at precisely 8:33 am, and arrived at 10:10. Once inside, we went straight to Registration, then on to Labs.  After labs were drawn, we headed down to the Transplant Clinic, only to find out Dr. Lucey was running a bit late….an hour and a half. So we decided to go visit the Cafeteria, Mike had never been before. It was a pleasant surprise to him, as we sat and enjoyed a Veggie Sub and Hot Italian Sub. NOMS!

We got done and headed over the the H elevators, a good hike across the “Main Street” level, and visited with some of our nurses on B4/6 Transplant wing. We had just stepped through the double doors “Hepa-filter in progress” when one of our dearest nurses, Erika with a K, came around the corner- her face literally lit up! Then Molly heard the commotion and joined in the melee, hugs all around!!!

Dentist David also found us, and had a good laugh at our recounting the night he patiently sat with Mike, swabbing his mouth and coaxing one of many thirst-quenching swabs from Mike’s locked jaws. (the night one wisdom tooth literally crumbled and was presented to us in a tiny tube.) We were so busy talking, we missed his photo-op, but the memories will last a lifetime 🙂

UW Madison Hospitals and Clinics

Erika, CNA, Mike, and Molly, RN group hugs

After teary goodbyes, we headed back to the clinic for the remainder of our visit, to see Dr. Lucey, our Hepatologist, and part of the Transplant Team.

Mike’s labs came back excellent, and had a very nice, educational chat with Dr. Lucey. While talking about Mike’s meds, Mike made a comment about leaving things along and not messing with Mother Nature…..to which Dr. Lucey promptly replied, “Mike, you were the Poster Child for messing with Mother Nature!”

After our chat, Susan Dillon, our Transplant Coordinator,  presented us with our Followup to Life folder, congratulations, and our 1-year Transplant pins!

I put mine on my hat as soon as we walked in the door!

2014-08-13 21.49.37

We will be back in 6  months for another checkup. Labs will be every 3 months now, and Mike lost 2 pills in his regiment, bringing his new total down to 9 Rx’s a day. YAY!!!

Meanwhile, we will be plugging ahead, looking for more things to enjoy. Mike is rebuilding our front steps, that became a larger project than anticipated, but he is tackling it with renewed vigor!

2014-08-16 11.29.40 2014-08-16 11.29.13

This huge mess is keeping him busy and out of the kitchen. PieMan was told he needs to lose a little weight…ONO!!!!

Happy August!