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All Aboard! This Train is pulling out of Domination Station April 24, 2014

Posted by Stella☆LunaC in Mike's Big Adventure in Liver Transplant.
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Whine and Cheese Fest

So my cholesterol is a tad up. That’s ok, I wasn’t worried, because I normally eat healthy when at all possible. I do “cheat” on occasion, who doesn’t?
I did a search for cholesterol-lowering foods, just to refresh my memory, and find that I’m already on the right track. What a surprise. I regularly snack on soy nuts, pumpkin seeds, and dried cranberries, and when I get hungry, granola in my plain low-fat yogurt is perfect. I am enjoying a newly acquired habit of collecting flavored teas, and am now up to 10 boxes of various flavors and makers.I have Sleepytime Sinus Soother, Sleepytime Echinacea *Note to Self: add Tension Tamer, Sleepytime Vanilla, White tea, Lemon Ginger, Black Forest, Black Cherry Berry, and 9 flavor Stash Sampler pack. That’s just to name a few. I still enjoy my pot of coffee in the morning, but am cutting back on the powdered creamer and using Natural in the Raw instead.

Now, I just have to stop craving McD’s whenever we go to Madison. Which is hardly ever. OK, scrap that idea. McD’s once every 3 months is allowed. If cheating is the culprit, I can deal with that.

"Pump me up!"

“Pump me up!”

In Other (Liver)News

I am not sure what is going on, but here’s the synopsis:

Monday labs, check. We came home and Mike discovered his rider mower battery was  missing. I explained to him that his dad probably took it home last Fall, with the intention of replacing it with a new one. The battery charger might be with that. He went on a tangent about his Dad taking stuff and never returning it, and demanded I call his dad. I suggested he call and ask, since it’s “his” lawnmower (problem). He flat out refused and blamed me for things becoming missing.

Tuesday, go to Aurora Clinic to get Rx’s filled. I forgot them Monday.

Mike was in a nasty mood because we couldn’t find his battery charger still. Dinnertime, Mike continued to rant about how the mower worked perfectly fine before, and now his dad had basically ruined everything. I reminded him of how his dad was only trying to help us, beings Mike was sick all last year and in hospital more than home, AND in fact, shouldn’t have felt a need to help us, but did anyway. Mike insisted the mower was fine. I argued it wasn’t and explained how I had to help his dad, WITH A BAD HEART, push the mower back to the garage not once, but twice, once from the bottom of the hill out back. That did not even phase him, his dad was still at fault, and the rider still worked perfectly, last time he rode it. Which was 2 summers ago, but when I pointed that out, became another arguement about how it was not 2 years but one year. When he told me he knows more about mower engines than I do, his argument hit a brick wall. There are 3 things I do NOT respond well to: #1: being called a liar, and #2: being told I am not as smart as the other person. and #3: the ever-popular Fuck YOU and YOU can leave.
He proceeded to rant about  how he said he spoke with his dad, saying I should know where the MIA battery charger is. And then proceeded to tell me that since I also lost his battery cover on his bike,(it fell off on the road the one and ONLY time I took it out for a ride last summer), he was going to take my battery cover off and put it on his bike. “If it was YOUR bike, you’d have bought a new one right away.” Wrong answer, to which I responded,  “I don’t have the money for yours and certainly wouldn’t have the money for mine.” Off to the bedroom to rant, tell me to go fuck off, and on and on and on….. I slept out in the living room.

Wed. I got up and let Igor out, then on our way back inside, I made another sweep of the garage and found his battery charger, on a shelf that I would not normally put it on. Dad again. I placed it on the workbench, in plain view for Mike to see. When we got ready to leave, he either didn’t notice the battery charger on the workbench, or didn’t want to acknowledge it. He didn’t say anything,

We drove back to Aurora Clinic to pick up his Rx’s. On the way, Mike drove, seemed ok, chatty, his usual self.  We were sitting at a 4-way stop, and he let the opposite driver go first. He sat there still, and the second driver waited, and waited. I looked over and he seemed distracted, so I asked what he was doing. No response, so I spoke his name, and he seemed to come out of his trance, saying the light was red still, and as I looked, he was referring to the light at the NEXT intersection. I felt we had just entered the Twilight Zone, and my nerves, along with my BP, jumped.

We got to the Clinic without any further incidents. I found out my Prograf drug savings card is only good for the name brand, Mike has been taking the generic. The new cost for the generic brand is $65 a month, so my cost would be $20 with insurance. OR I could get the Brand name, pay $10 plus the difference. OY VAY. We had to stop at Walgreens to pickup another Rx I had placed before we got the Aurora Rx card. Then I  found out they want a Dr’s consent before they can dispense Mike’s Tacrolimus under the Brand name Prograf. “I’ll go home and call our Team and find out what we can do.”  I spoke with Sue, and we bounced the mail-order idea around again as she made notes to call in new scripts for Prograf.  Mike acting like nothing was wrong, so I relaxed and we fell back into our normal routine. Back to the bedroom last night, but didn’t sleep well. Again.

This morning, Mike got up, and I could sense immediately he was in a mood again. The cat meowed, he bitched her out. I didn’t say anything and went to get Igor’s coat from the closet and proceeded to put it on. In the next moment, both Igot and I were pushed rudely out of the way, nearly down the stairs, as Mike shoved past us. I said rather annoyed, “excuse us!”, and listened as he went on a tangent about us taking up the entire hallway. “You could have said something or waited.” got another fuckyou. I put my boots on and stated to no one in particular, “I’m done.” and was promptly yelled at from the bedroom that I could “get the hell out and leave”. Mike’s hearing is acutely selective, as usual.

Either we have a problem with LFN’s or  this is the new normal.

Que Lurch voice, “Uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuhhhhh….”




1. Debbie (Deedee) - April 24, 2014

Sorry this is happening. Oy vey is right!!! I hope things get better for you!! Hugs my friend!

Stella☆LunaC - April 25, 2014

Dee, I don’t know for sure if something is going on, yet to be seen, or I’m just hypersensitive after this whole ordeal. I get that there will be ups and downs but this is just too “familiar”….I pray it’s not something…his numbers are all good after recent adjustments to his Tacrolimus anti-rejection meds. (increased) Lets hope it’s just adjustments happening, and not something else lurking…

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