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The ongoing saga of The HELLthcare Marketplace January 23, 2014

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Nov. 15, 2013:  I began filing for healthcare coverage at healthcare,org. Due to overwhelming response to the website, it took 3 separate sessions with my insurance agent who was gracious enough to have me in his home and try to get through the application process together. We would get to the plan-choosing stage, and when we went to save our changes, “website services are not available”. ARGH!!!!!! He got so far as finding our subsidy amount, and applied it to our premium and got it saved. I left his office on Nov. 26 and promised to get it done by end of month.
Nov. 28:  I stayed home from the hospital the day after Thanksgiving; Mike had Rehab to do, and we had just had a nice visit the day before, and brought Thanksgiving dinner to the Rehab Center. I needed a break from the prep and running and needed to get the insurance application done. I came back online,  finally got the application process almost complete, until I got to the payment page. There, I was instructed to wait for a letter from the vendor to facilitate payment. On Dec. 24 coverage through our current insurance Provider, HIRSP, was extended to Jan. 31, 2014

Dec. 4: I called Anthem BCBS asking if they had recieved my application from the Healthcare Marketplace yet. They had no record of the application, explaining that there were so many, the Marketplace had not sent it forward to them yet.

Dec. 11: I got an email from HIRSP with an option to extend our coverage through Jan. 2014. There was a legislative extension given to HIRSP, to help members who needed more time to get coverage, and they could not change our effective date. I made my payment and got an extension through Jan. 2014.

Dec.13:  I got a letter from Anthem BCBS, stating that they received our application, and asking for payment on the first month premium, beginning Jan. 1, 2014. I called and was ready to give them my card information,  but they were not able to take our payment, because I was asking for a Feb. 1 effective date they could not change.

Jan 4: I called Anthem BCBS to check the status of my application. They then connected me to the Marketplace via conference call, twice (we got disconnected once) to explain to them what we need. The Rep for the Marketplace had to put us on hold,  consult with his Supervisor, then came back to tell us that I was to make my payment by Jan 15, for a Feb. 1 effective date. The Anthem BCBS girl assured me she would call me back on Jan. 15 to take my payment then. Jan. 15 came and went, no call.

Jan 16: I called Anthem BCBS, asking if they can take my payment, and once again was told I need to contact the Healthcare Marketplace to confirm the Feb.1 effective date change, as they could do nothing at their end.

Jan. 17: I have called the Healthcare Marketplace to see if they can help me get my effective date set to Feb. 1, 2014. The Rep was very courteous and helpful, taking things slowly and step-by-step through an escalation. He told me I would get a phone call from HCM (within 5-7 days) and I am to explain my circumstances to them again so they can approve the forward effective date. So now I wait.

Jan. 23: phone call to Healthcare Marketplace, for status of escalation. No record or notes pertaining to call on 1/17. Resubmitted to Escalation Dept. for callback 3-5 business days.

Cana Island, I so want to see you again…much healing needed.Image



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