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Canine Megaespohagus January 20, 2014

Posted by Stella☆LunaC in Dog House.
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I took Igor to the Vet today, as a followup to his Chicken Bone Incident last Sunday.

I was concerned about his frequent bouts of “coughing” or “ghacking” as I call it. He would *cough*cough*hack! but nothing would come up.

They checked his weight, 62.4 lbs, great, he hasn’t lost, and is in fact on target for his winter weight.  They had him back there for several minutes before Dr. Jeff came back out and sat down to show me his findings. I got to see what Igor’s Xray revealed:  he has a ballooned esophagus, with a shadow on the left middle lobe of his lung (aspiration pneumonia?), a slightly elevated temp of 102, and weighted in at 62.4 lbs – 2 lbs over normal.

two things in his favor:
1.) he hasn’t lost any weight yet. he is actually holding winter weight, a couple pounds over normal, but he is also full of shit, literally. His Xray showed a full colon. 2 lbs is normal for him in winter, inactivity weight gain.
2.) He isn’t regurgitating. There was food in his stomach from 2pm, 1/2 cup of steamed rice with a little chicken. So, that means the food made it down to his stomach OK. His esophageal lining was almost indiscernible, which Dr. Jeff thought odd…possibly stretched out thin from the current state of ballooning.

Tomorrow I have to take him in at 8am so Dr Jeff can send some barium laden food down his esophagus to see if there is any peristalsis or if it just hangs in process….

I am thinking that he has had this for some time, because whenever he drank water, he immediately coughed for a couple minutes. SO, back in Sept/Oct I put his water bowl up on a small cooler, level with his food dish, to alleviate swallowing any air….. it seemed to have helped.

We will find out more tomorrow…wish us luck!!




1. lindagodfrey - January 20, 2014

As they say, I hope it all comes out all right, literally. Poor Igor, give him a pet for me.

Stella☆LunaC - January 20, 2014

HAHA! I hope so, Xray confirmed, he is full of S#+! 🙂

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