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Open Letter to Bikers January 1, 2014

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Debra wrote:
I have had many thoughts roll thru my head today and I will admit several tears when I learned of a mom and dad loosing their son. I truly had to step away, because I know the pain, I know the darkness, I know…But then the smile and little arms of a another child came and so I realized that it is and has been one hell of a ride and I will ride this year out and I will ride just as hard maybe even harder next year, enough rambling. Happy New Years to All. Stay Safe, Be Humble, LIVE and be YOU… Much Love and Respect.
Dear Debra,
Ride not to forget, but to remember. Ride for Life won, lives lost, for broken lives and for wings received. Ride safe to ride another day. Ride safe, eyes wide open for loved ones still with us, because they need us here on earth.
I rode, against all my husband’s Drs’ advice, because he would need me when he came home, told me my “donorcycle” was only a vehicle for me to save someone else’s life if things went sideways.
With that in mind, I kept riding 120 miles round-trip to UW Madison hospital every day, always aware of the risks. We both survived; Mike got his liver transplant, I got my husband back 120 days later, on Dec. 22, 2013.

I will keep riding for LIFE.


1. Eadwine - January 1, 2014

*big hugs* Glad to hear everything is still ok 🙂 As for me, let’s not get into it too much, but I am single again. Life hurts, but I will climb back to the top!

Stella☆LunaC - January 6, 2014

Ono Y, I’m afraid to ask..yahoo me!

Eadwine - January 6, 2014

I yahoopled you 🙂

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