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Music to my ears! November 29, 2013

Posted by Stella☆LunaC in Mike's Big Adventure in Liver Transplant.
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Happy Happy Thanksgiving!
We took dinner to Nazareth Health and Rehab Center; they allowed us to use one of their lovely conference rooms, and provided the flatware and dinner plates, coffee and water. The room was perfect!

Mike’s sis and brother-in-law came out and spent the day with Mike; she made the most excellent cranberry apple sauce for the dinner. We had turkey breast, dressing, Brussels sprouts with bacon and cheddar jack cheese, garlic mashed potatoes, gravy and rolls. She even brought a can of cranberry jelly for Mike to put on his sandwich; he just wanted the canned kind…*snorts!


We were so busy enjoying the meal and the time together, in a lovely homelike setting, I totally forgot to take pics!

Today I got a phone call from Mike’s Transplant Coordinator, Sue. She called to tell me she had just spoke with Mike; she could not believe the change in him!!! She said, while she didn’t really know Mike long before his transplant, did not really know the person he was before his illness took over, she had to say his post-op mental status sure surprised her since his discharge in Sept. She said he is a study in how a person can go from being so SICK and encephalitic, to where he is today, she couldn’t get over the improvement! She said she plans to use his case as a guide for others who may experience extremes of the transplant process (and help wives who are ready to pull their hair out, like I was).
it just made Mike’s and my day!

HAPPY@#^$%@$)! Thanksgiving, Turkeys! Yep, Mike’s back!




1. KnitNurd - December 1, 2013

I’m so glad you and Mike had such a wonderful Thanksgiving, albeit under the circumstances! He is looking so much better, and I love the pic of the two of you!! 🙂

2. Eadwine - November 29, 2013

Whahahaa!! Looooove that pic of you two hehe *thumbs up*

Stella☆LunaC - November 29, 2013


Eadwine - November 30, 2013

REALLY happy for you 🙂

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