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Music to my ears! November 29, 2013

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Happy Happy Thanksgiving!
We took dinner to Nazareth Health and Rehab Center; they allowed us to use one of their lovely conference rooms, and provided the flatware and dinner plates, coffee and water. The room was perfect!

Mike’s sis and brother-in-law came out and spent the day with Mike; she made the most excellent cranberry apple sauce for the dinner. We had turkey breast, dressing, Brussels sprouts with bacon and cheddar jack cheese, garlic mashed potatoes, gravy and rolls. She even brought a can of cranberry jelly for Mike to put on his sandwich; he just wanted the canned kind…*snorts!


We were so busy enjoying the meal and the time together, in a lovely homelike setting, I totally forgot to take pics!

Today I got a phone call from Mike’s Transplant Coordinator, Sue. She called to tell me she had just spoke with Mike; she could not believe the change in him!!! She said, while she didn’t really know Mike long before his transplant, did not really know the person he was before his illness took over, she had to say his post-op mental status sure surprised her since his discharge in Sept. She said he is a study in how a person can go from being so SICK and encephalitic, to where he is today, she couldn’t get over the improvement! She said she plans to use his case as a guide for others who may experience extremes of the transplant process (and help wives who are ready to pull their hair out, like I was).
it just made Mike’s and my day!

HAPPY@#^$%@$)! Thanksgiving, Turkeys! Yep, Mike’s back!


don’t rock the Bitstrip… November 19, 2013

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Just when I thought it was safe to go back in the water….

You would think an oil change wouldn’t be any big deal, right? HA, you haven’t been in my neck’o the woods lately. Things around here just don’t work the way you’d think.

So I had this oil change coupon, with tire rotation included. $16.99 YAY! They got the TBlazer up on the lift, then I get the page….”Sandra, we have a problem…” Seems the lower ball joint is Lucy Goosey and needs to be fixed immediately-UGHS!

Then we can’t find the wheel lock tool. It isn’t anywhere in the truck; most likely at the last place I took the truck, a year ago. GAH!!!!! No problemo, they can unlock it, but now we’re up against a time frame and it’ll all have to wait until morning. SOoooo I called the neighbor and she came and got me and Igor, and brought us home. Jo saves the day!

Tomorrow, I’ll break the news to Mikee, I can’t make it until after the truck is fixed.

In other news, I spent much of the morning on the phone with various Skilled Nursing/Rehab facilities, trying to find out if any of them was close to accepting Mike into their PT/OT program. One promises to come through, but we are waiting for a yet to be named “Regional Entity” to call the director back. No worries, it will all work out eventually, right?


Day 74 : Colors of Days and the Marsh Ghosts of Cambridge…. November 4, 2013

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I went to visit Mike yesterday, it was a beautiful ride and the best visit yet!!

I saw a strange sight, and had to get a pic this trip, because seeing IS believing. I drive past this one particular marsh just north of a lake between Fort Atkinson and Cambridge, and as you round a turn and look off to the south side of the highway, you may catch a glimpse of a strange local prank we will call the Marsh Ghosts of Cambridge.
Look closely, you will see what looks like an upside-down remote control airplane that perhaps crashed into the marsh. Or a kite that got away from it’s Owner, or….
The locals say there is an old man who for years has put on his waders, trudged out into the marsh, and erects up to 7 or 8 of these “ghosts”, and then moves them around every night when no one is watching. This trip, I only saw 2 of the strange apparitions.

Mike was very happy to see me and didn’t fuss hardly at all while I was there. I brought treats: a mixed box of orange cranberry, banana walnut and blueberry muffins, Crunch ‘n Munch and pretzels. Igor was of course, the hit of the day again, mooching Crunch ‘n Munch off Dad.

Dr. Hobson came in and talked with us, engaging Mike in the conversation as well. He told us the Wound VAC is doing remarkably well, and may be taken off by the end of this week! Then we can concentrate on getting out of bed and walking again. But for now, they don’t want to out any strain on the newly healing wound. Mike took Doc’s meaning that he is going home this week. I wish that were true, but he’s still got a long way to go… but I still believe.
The time change was the night before, so I stayed over until 4pm, pretending it was 3 pm, and yet staying longer.
I got to meet the girl Mike said reminded him of Natalie, and with her permission, snapped a quick pic to share with Nats. Cutie!
Mike is getting along a tiny bit better on his iPad I bought him last Friday. He still has issues with keeping online; the wifi connection goes off if he is inactive for so long, then someone has to re-connect him. No biggie, but he doesn’t like the smallness…He will get used to it, I hope. I found out today, his PS3 is not compatible with WIN8, so no point getting him a laptop. Besides, when will he enjoy it, after he is home and on his feet again? Nice now, while he’s bed-ridden, but that won’t last forever….
Mike called me this morning, cheery again, until he started talking about how I was never around to see things happen. When I reminded him I was there yesterday, and it was on Sunday, he got very confused and argued that it was Monday I came, and didn’t show up at all for the weekend. Nothing I said would change his mind, he got frustrated and then hung up on me when he didn’t want to talk anymore. Rational Mike flew out the window again……
I don’t know when this will end, the Seroquel helps a lot with the mood swings, but it seems to wear off after about 4-5 days, with peak of clarity on day 3-4. He is also sleeping more, and his days and nights are screwed up. I spoke with him at midnight last night, and he swore it was noon. I told him, “Mike, look outside your window, it’s pitch black nighttime…” Nope, that didn’t matter; in his head it was high noon…..OY…..
Now I wonder if or when he will manage without anti-psychotic meds…his Psych Dr sent us a letter out last week, she is quitting the practice. Lovely, they are all dropping off Mike’s radar like flies…
Tomorrow has to get better. I will not be able to go in, awaiting a delivery via UPS in the afternoon. He will be disappointed, but then he doesn’t remember when I am there, so I guess it really doesn’t matter…
I started another Ijustwantablackhat for Mike; seems his other hat got lost in the laundry. GRRRrrrrrrrrr….