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Day 54 post -TX October 15, 2013

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Oct. 15, 2013
Hubs is 7 weeks post-tx. He is still bedridden, his legs are useless from being sick so long, and now going through 2nd rejection period. The steroids along with fighting 3 weeks of CDiff and other GI infections, leaking bile duct, peritonitis, etc, are making him (and me) nuts! He is so depressed, emotional, sad, emotional, tragic, it is heartbreaking…
Sunday I visited with him for 8 hours, the longest we have been able to enjoy each other in weeks. He was in such a good mood, even took 4 phone calls from close friends he grew up with! (in retrospect, maybe he got feel-good overload) He was joking with the nurses, being a real sweetheart.
Most of the time, he wasn’t really connecting the dots, the hallucinations are freaky, bugs in his food, “not poppy seeds, they move all over the place…”, people in the room he talked to , they didn’t reply so he continued to talk to them, his humor throughout all that is amazing…
I got to see a Hoyer lift in action. It is used to get him in and out of bed, and into the shower.


By 5pm Sundowners (we call it Moon-Pie), he had reached critical mass, had made up his mind he was coming home with me, so we could snuggle in our own bed, us and Igor. He got so unreasonable, the nurse had to come rescue me after she heard his outbursts at my trying to explain why he can’t leave just yet…

Everyone keeps telling us he was so sick pre-tx, it will take him a long time to recover, he won’t remember any of this (he remembers everything negative, not the positive, and is remorseful the next day) and they say they’ve seen it all before, and once the steroids are reduced, he will be back to himself one day like a light switch going on……I just want him to get better… this is so horrible…..



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