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Day 4, a rough one… August 28, 2013

Posted by Stella☆LunaC in Mike's Big Adventure in Liver Transplant.
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I arrived at the hospital at about 11 am, Mike was just being air-lifted back to bed on the air-flow mattress, after being up in his cardio chair for a while. He was cutting up with the girls, it was a good sight to see his humour back in full swing again. 🙂

He was obviously having a good time here LOL!

After that, he seemed to slide downhill on a fast decline, very worn out from the exertion. We had a few tense moments when he felt like a rubber band ready to snap. I had to step away and take a break for a few, so the PT girls could get a handle on things. He ended up declining any help after that, opting to rest instead. He doesn’t handle lack of sleep well, and said he felt like a Mack truck had just hit him….that’s putting it mildly~
I felt bad for him, and was glad to see that after returning from my break, he seemed to have calmed down significantly. By now he was ready for a nap, and I was too. We both took a cat nap until 1pm when our Post-op Transplant RN came to visit with us, to discuss the diabetes routine care and what we might expect upon discharge. I got to poke myself and test my own sugar: 138, just fine 🙂

Mike’s sis drove over after work and arrived around 6pm. It was yet another of what will likely be many teary reunions, and was so good to see her! We stayed until Mike showed signs of fading fast, so when he released us, we obliged. He told me “I love you…” as I was leaving. It was music to my ears!!

Naptime, Schwab Style.




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