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WE DID IT! New Beginnings~ August 25, 2013

Posted by Stella☆LunaC in Mike's Big Adventure in Liver Transplant, UW Madison.
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Yesterday Mike got a liver, and a second chance at a new life!20130829-003700.jpg<br /

His surgery went well, faster than expected. My mind is still reeling with the reality that life just changed, and for the better! There is a whole new BIG road ahead, full of unknowns, kinda scary. A new beginning full of mystery, excitement, fear of the Unknown, but most of all JOY!

Day 1, post-op. We made it!
Mike had a comfortable night and remains heavily sedated. They removed the breathing tube, YAY!
They will continue to monitor his liver, and keep him quiet.
I shared all your wishes with him last night, speaking to him softly, so he could ‘hear’ that he is being watched over by a lot of caring people. I shared all your comments with his nurses, and they expressed their appreciation of his support group, we have a wonderful thing going for Mike
I will be taking this day in quiet reflection of WTH just happened, and get some much-needed rest. You know where to find me Love to all! XOXOXO