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Fahrvergnügen July 23, 2013

Posted by Stella☆LunaC in Random Musings.
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It’s been a day.
First, I rippit’d Mike’s Ribbed Scarf. Seems I’ve temporarily misplaced a skein of Berocco Vintage, and nearing the end of Skein #1, I have decided to just start over and make him a hat.
I’d like to make him a toad, but that is for another blog 😉
Anyway, it’s what he really wants, so there we are.
I’m making the Ribbed Watchman’s Hat by Channah Koppel
Published in Hats for Israeli Soldiers blog


Think I will watch some Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee on Crackle, that’ll get me in a good mood.
And then pick up an episode or two of Longmire….OMG Siri knew about Longmire?
Longmeier Longmeier Longmeier episode of Longmeier…. Well Far fig Newton I guess Siri has short-term memory loss. ROFL!!!

That’s been my favorite word since back in my deli days. We had a little German girl named Hilda who worked in our store, she was all of 5’1 a real firecracker! She was the most hilarious person and we got along so well- I always used to crack up when she would get on a rant about something and OMYGAWD, her German roots came out! I called her the little Fahrvergnügen, after the VW commercials of the day. She reminded me of a little VW Bug, always puttering about, “MEE-MEEP!’




1. Lindy - July 26, 2013

Very interesting you should write about this just now Sandra. Love the VW. I will private message you soon XX

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