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198 Yds of Heaven July 6, 2013

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I’m working on a shawlette pattern, 198 Yds of Heaven. It is a free pattern by Christy Verity published in Verity Knits
Mine is actually going to be a full size shawl using Berroco Vintage™ yarn , 2 skeins at 434.0 yards (396.8m) Colorway: Cerulean. The yarn is nice, soft, does not split and has a beautiful mixture of medium blue intermingled with red fibers to give it an almost bluish-purple cast.
This is the second time I’ve started this shawl, the pattern confused me in the center, with the **’s and [..] repeats. Sort of a brain-teaser, but eventually, I did get it, with only a couple minor mistakes. Easy enough to add to, I would make corrections when I caught them and nobody will be the wiser.

I was considering doing the lace border in Berroco Vintager, Flicker, in the Black and silver colorway. I’m already 2 rows into the lace and thinking maybe is not a good idea, too extravagant. I think I will reserve my adventurous side for something with deliberate and intentional shading and stripping…20130706-092606.jpg
The walking shoes are telling me it’s time to move on, this shawl needs to be completed. Or maybe they are saying, “We need Sole Socks”, the Chicken Soup kind…



1. Donna - July 7, 2013

198 yards of heaven is great as it is relatively easy yet very impressive looking when done, I’ve made it a couple of times as well.

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