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CJ comes to visit May 27, 2013

Posted by Stella☆LunaC in CJ and Family.
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My Firstborn daughter came up from IN to stay for the weekend; it sure was nice having her here!
After our 9th visit to St. Luke’s with Hubs, I needed some long overdue hugs and CJ time.
We spent Saturday inside and out on the deck, just enjoying each others company. For dinner I fixed oven fried chicken, mashed potatoes for hubs, and brown rice and broccoli for us. Then I popped a pan of brownies in the oven for dessert. I had to run next door to left Jo and Ed’s dog Wigeon, out to potty. I found more Shooting Star flowers and snapped a quick pic.

On Sunday CJ and I hopped in the truck with Igor in tow, and took a ride to Kutter H-D in Janesville, to see if we could find her a trailer hitch cover. We scored a nice chrome cover and a cute HD 110th Anniversary T for Rhonda 🙂
We got back just after noon, got Mike some lunch and his meds, then got the bike out and took CJ for a ride to Burlington for a Blue Cheese burger at the Sci-Fi Cafe where she got to meet Mary Sutherland and experience her unique store. The ride was excellent, and I got the biggest HUG when we finally pulled in the driveway!

For dinner I fixed oven juicy thick-cut pork chops, more mashed potatoes for hubs, and brown rice and broccoli for us. I made mini pumpkin custard pies topped off with whipped cream, for dessert.


I got a couple pictures of my beautiful granddaughter Rhonda-isn’t she an angel! 0:)



CJ heads back to IN this afternoon; the house will definitely have a void in it.
As the end of another month comes to a close, we come to our final countdown to June 15th for Mike to go on the liver transplant list. Then the real wait begins…



1. Lindy - July 26, 2013

Your granddaughter is adorable!! An angel indeed. 0:-)

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