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Bill and Dad’s Excellent Adventure May 8, 2013

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Bill and Dad’s Excellent Adventure, scene 1:

Dad and his buddy Bill came over today to work on the Craftsman Rider. After tinkering with parts, looking for flashlights, tools, oil, grease guns, more trips to Dad’s truck for a tiny screwdriver, a wrench, Bill says, “it would be easier if you brought your tool box over here! Dad, ” yeah, I guess it would be…”

Back and forth they went, until the mower was up and running. Bill hops on and cuts a path around the front yard and announces its working great, just needs a spring to lift the blade deck. They will go look up the part at Sears. Then they look at their watches, noon. Time to cut out.

Dad: “Well Sandra we’re going to get going.”
Me: “…oh, where you off to?”
Dad: “oh, we’re heading back to Lake Geneva…”
Me: “OHHhh, if I’da known, I would’ve made you guys a meatloaf sandwich!”
Dad: ” oh, no, we don’t need to eat. ”
Bill: “…no we don’t need to eat.”
Dad: “yeah, we don’t need to eat, I weigh 252!”
Bill: ” well, I weigh 250!”
Dad: “we’ll, mine is mostly change!”
Bill: ” mine is change and keys!”
They both proceed to empty their pockets~ gotta love it!!!




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