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Diggin’ sodium-free cookin’ March 13, 2013

Posted by Stella☆LunaC in Back of the Fridge Recipes.
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I am getting my creative juices flowing again, now with a goal in mind: make low sodium dishes palatable to a guy…

This is my rendition of Mock Egg Soufflé

1 cup brown rice, cooked per package directions and set aside
1 cup frozen stir fry mixed veggies, asparagus variety
1/2 cup frozen spinach, cooked
2 eggs

Make rice according to manufacture directions, set aside. In a small skillet, melt 2 good dollops of Smart Balance Buttery Spread. Add frozen veggies and sauté until caramelized and al dente. In a small bowl, add spinach and 2 teaspoons water, microwave on high 2-3 minutes. Pour veggies and spinach over rice and gently toss. In a small bowl, whisk eggs; pour over veggies and rice. Sprinkle with parmesan cheese, cover and microwave 2-3 minute or until eggs are just set.

Serve immediately and enjoy!



Grandma’s Favorite Dishcloth March 10, 2013

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In all the time sitting in the hospital with Mike, I am surprised I managed to finish one single thing, a dishcloth~I started using one recently, a worn out shower cloth, and figured, why not give it a try? I’m digging these!

Instant gratification… well, almost. Baby steps.


Walking the Red Road~ March 9, 2013

Posted by Stella☆LunaC in Aurora St. Luke's.
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Walking on stones
I’ve been negligent in my posts for a while; the last 3 weeks have been a blur. On Fed 15, Mike woke up and said he didn’t feel right; an hour later, after speaking with his sister by phone, he agreed to go to the hospital. By 8 am we were on the road; at 9am we met up with her in the ER.
The first thing they noted was his constant involuntary head movements. A barrage of test revealed his sodium levels were at a dangerous low, along with dehydration, low magnesium, and low platelets. He was put on IV’s and admitted, then moved to the 4th floor.


His kids in NJ were notified and made preparations to drive to Milwaukee on Monday. I stayed with his sister in Muskego and commuted back and forth every day, arriving at 8:30 and stayed each day until 8:30-9pm.
On Saturday, 3 of Mike’s closest friends came up from Chicago, one flew all the way from California, to see their buddy. Mike’s head movements was still quite pronounced, which freaked them out a bit. He was fully aware of the situation, but unable to control the movements. It was very distressing to watch his friends’ faces as they processed what was going on. He was to remain there for an other 5 days.

Mike was then moved to the transplant 8th floor, and was settled in for more tests and to be monitored. Thankfully, when the kids arrived, their dad’s condition had stabilized enough so that the involuntary movements had ceased. He still had some confusion, but was not remarkable or noticed by the kids or their mother.


Happy Reunion




We took Mike to the Healing Gardens in the Patient tower and found the most beautiful retreat waiting for us 🙂20130310-093225.jpg


Tues night the kids stayed with us in Muskego, and camped out in the livingroom. Leslie and I collapsed early, the next day was to be the day the transplant committee would decide if Mike was a viable candidate for a liver transplant. We had been under the microscope for nearly a week while they performed every test necessary to meet the criteria for liver transplant.
That morning, Leslie left for work with a plea that we call her the minute we got word back from the transplant team. The truck was warming up, we were packing their bags as they were going to drive back to NJ that afternoon. We went back inside to wait for the truck to warm up, then went back out to pile in and head back to the hospital. When we got to the car, we discovered we had inadvertently locked ourselves out, with the truck running!
I quick called a locksmith and we went back inside to wait for a return call from their technician, were told it would be about 15 minutes.
55 minutes and 6 phone calls later, still not getting any response, I called another locksmith, and was assured one was only 12 minutes away. True to their word, 10 minutes later a tech arrived and had our car unlocked for us in a few short moments. YAY!!!!
By noon, we still had not received any word back from the committee. At 1pm, the kids’ mother decided that they needed to get on the road to make the Ohio border by dark. With tears and smiles, the kids left with a promise to call them the minute we had any word from the transplant team. The decision came down about 10 minutes after they left; Mike was approved for a liver transplant! He called his son’s cell phone and announced over speakerphone that he was going to get a liver- after once long second of silence, his son and daughter were in full celebration mode and we all heaved a huge sigh of relief. Their trip home would at least be somewhat more tolerable now, with the good news.
Mike spent another 4 days on the 2nd floor Rehab center, gaining strength in PT and OT, to prepare him for going home to await his transplant date. He got many congratulations from his therapists!



He even got a congrats from Daisy, a Service Goldendoodle, who stopped by to pay a visit!20130309-161537.jpg

We returned home on Monday, and Grandpa brought Igor right over.He was glad to be back, but was very fond of Gramps and wanted to stay by his side still.




We got the denial from the insurance company yesterday; standard procedure. Now the transplant Surgeon will make a Peer-to-Peer phone call to get the insurance company to bypass normal protocol so that they can proceed to get Mike in the National data base for a possible donor, as soon as possible. They should have that response by middle of this next week…updates to come.