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Moon over Milwaukee February 25, 2013

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Went home last night, had to touch base, give my SIL and her hubs a break. PLUS, I had all these orders waiting patiently for my attention!
I left the hospital at 3:30, and pushed the nagging reminder that it was in fact SUNDAY, day of rest. Pfffft, yeah right.

As soon as my feet hit the front steps, I knew I had to come home, if for nothing else but to feel a sense of normal.
Miss Pepper didn’t take long to emerge from her hiding place which I figured to be the Guest Bedroom. She was so happy to see me, it took me a few minutes to just put down my bags, shed my coat and pick her up for Kitteh nuzzles. It felt good, despite the distant “sick people” smell and dismal reminder of what took place over a week ago.

I found the laundry hamper and clean sheets still in a wrinkled heap, in the Knitting room, and made up the bed in the Master Bedroom. I didn’t linger long, the smells reminding me too much of how bad Hubs got toward the end..
I headed downstairs to tackle the orders that were stacking up; 7.5 hours later, I got over halfway through the pile. I dragged myself upstairs and got in my comfy PJJ’s, and flopped on the pallet in the living room. Sweet relief.

The next morning, Miss Pepper was sad to see me getting ready to leave. We sat on the stairs by the front door, just nuzzling other….A few more days, Baby Grrrl…..hang in there..


As I sit on Transplant Floor 8, a full moon shines over the city~



A Quilt for Life February 24, 2013

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Kk, Mike is up and walking, they are trying to build up his strength. They canceled a meeting with surgeons today, a liver arrived last night. We were in the room when Flight for Life arrived … Someone had to die so someone could live today. Pretty profound!

I have a special request for any knitters and crocheters out there:

Finished squares can be mailed to me at our home address. Leave a comment and I will send you details. 🙂