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Signs from the Wild Side December 29, 2012

Posted by Stella☆LunaC in Flora and Fauna.
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The other day, I was watching as a herd of about 5-6 deer crossed our front yard, on their way to their night shelter. Igor had heard them right before alerting me to the “intruders”.
I hurried and grabbed my cellphone, not wanting to miss a good pic for the day!

As they started to over toward the side of the house, I ran to the Guest bedroom to catch a shot there.
I noticed a deer standing very still by the Mulberry over behind the shed, and got ready to take a pic when, to my horror, I discovered it was bleeding from a nasty wound under its lower jaw. It was obviously in shock, and noticing the snow on its back, neck and head, I figured it got clipped and rolled down a hill. Deeply saddened, I snapped a shot while the others milled about it, pausing to sniff their wounded comrade, before moving on up the hill.

The wounded deer stood for several minutes, then hobbled up the hill slowly, stiffly; its back legs did not want to cooperate.
I watched as the deer worked its way painfully back further, mentally telling it to keep owing, keep moving to safe ground. Deep down, I feared it would just find a place to rest, and Nature would take its course.
3 days went by, and I kept a vigil while Igor played in the woods, always on a scent trail. I didn’t want to go up and find a deer frozen in the snow, and Igor didn’t tarry long before retuning each time we were out.
Two days ago, while Igor and I were out walking up the hill, I discovered the location of the fateful mishap. By the looks of things, it appeared a snow plow had recently passed by with its blade down, scrapping the shoulder, just prior to our next snowfall. Maybe the deer was coming out of the woods, in the usual place, and the snow plow spooked it just enough to clip it… Shaking my head, I took Igor home, there was no way a deer could survive a hit like that.

Yesterday, as I was sitting at my desk finishing up some paperwork, I saw a movement in the corner of the front window and my heart nearly lept out of my chest when the deer that I thought was gone, came up to the bird feeder and took a nibble. She looked like she was a bit bruised, a slight grazing under her chin, but her back legs seemed to work just fine. When she looked up and saw me in the window, she stepped closed for a better look, no fear in her eyes. I was so surprised, I did not want to move to find my cellphone, but instead enjoyed the moment. We looked at each other, and I smiled like the sun had just come out! She watched me for another minute, as if saying, “thanks for thinking of me” and without any fear, turned and took another lick at the feeder before slowly heading back into the woods for the night.

I am constantly reminded that we are not ever alone. If just one good shot of positive energy can bring hope to the sick and injured, then how much better for a Circle of Friends who care for one of their own, when Life sideswipes one of us.

I believe in the power of positive energy and healing. Let this light send enough light to someone tonight, to help ease their pain and sadness.



Jeny’s Stretchy Knit Cast On for Stump Covers December 21, 2012

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Snow is flying, wind is blowing. Sounding pretty ferocious out there…
Time for a sock, or how about Barbara Coley’s amputee sock!

I’m using Indulgence Distrato Merino Wool, a soft, warm and easy care washable sock yarn in 013 white/grey colourway, size 6 US needles. With a generous 426 yards, there’s enough for two pairs of socks/covers.

What to use for a stretchy thigh band? Jeny’s Stretchy Slipknot Cast-On, by Jeny Staiman:


Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.

First snow of winter December 8, 2012

Posted by Stella☆LunaC in Wander Wisconsin.
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We woke up to a fine dusting of snow this morning. Igor was transfixed by the sparse white stuff.


It was all too soon a wet memory.

I finished my current project, the Patricia Chameleon Cowl. I used Berroco Voyage, colourway Ember, and Berroco Flicker, colourway Black. I opted to make a two-tone extended cowl, for more versatility.

I was pleasantly surprised at the comfort and fit, and couldn’t decide on whether or not to soak and block. I opted to soak it for 15 minutes in a bucket of warm water, to allow the fibers to “bloom”. Then I rolled to out on a double-folded towel, for an overnight air dry. It will most likely hold its edge roll but that’s ok.

Wednesday found me back at the repair shop having my front brakes checked, and oil changed. It offered me a chance to knit quietly for a good hour and a half, while munching on candy corn and slurping hot coffee.


Not a creature is stirring tonight. Good night, Elkhorn, WI…


Stamping out gift tags galore~ December 7, 2012

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Last night Studio S hosted a Gift Tag Stamping class. I never thought about it much, so I thought why not?
We made these cute hand-made knit gift tags.

One of our girls finally finished a sweater she had been knitting on for about 2 years. We broke out a bottle of bubbly in celebration! Pictures of the model and her sweater next week! Score one for Sally!!!


I took a ride out to see the lights around town. One house was set to music and people were parking along the roadside to watch the show.

We have our own “Rockefeller Tree” downtown Elkhorn- isn’t it beautiful? 🙂
Back to me knit’n, gotta finish this Patricia scarf so I can move to the next WIP in line 🙂

Wishing you all a magical evening! Cheers!


Lazy LYS Sundays~ December 2, 2012

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I got Stella out and rode to Studio S today. The weather was acceptable, in the low 50’s and the sun had finally come out of hiding.
Not much was happening, we just hung out, knitted, drank coffee, and helped a couple customers. Well, I didn’t, but Jody and Deb did. I’m still not sure why I went except to have someplace to go, to interact with others, to ease the tension that was palpable in the air. I’d only slept 2 hours the night before, laid out on a couple firm but comfy camper air pads I have set up in front of the TV in the living room. There were some good shows on TV, and I just didn’t feel sleepy.
I had told Mr. I was going to be gone for about 3 hours, just in case. He had the truck, so I wasn’t too worried about rushing back, not that he was going anywhere.
I worked on a test knit, a HPKY kit, then helped close up shop. I came to the conclusion I did more work on the Ribbon shawl while I was there, so I left it for next knit night. That will ensure that I won’t have anything else to distract me from getting it done.
I came back home at 3:30 and picked my Patricia cowl back up and worked another 20 rows. I’m not sure about this Berroco Voyage, it feels a bit scratchy….maybe after I soak and block it, it will soften up. I’ll continue knitting until I’ve added another set of 5 repeats of 20 rows, in Berroco Flicker, colorway Black w/ silver threads.

…it does feel soft to the touch.


Free ‘n Easy Peasy Patricia Cowl December 1, 2012

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I’m in full marathon knit mode now, aiming to get at least 4 projects completed before I head to Texas to help DD and SIL move back home Jan. 3. So far, I’ve made 2 pairs of slippers; one child and one adult size.
The adult size was a compilation of two patterns, the crochet top of the Crocodile Stitch Boots, and the knit foot and sole of the St Louis Boots – Slippers in seed st in Eskimo by DROPS design.

20121201-091541.jpgI used Knit Picks Cadena, a lofty bulky weight wool, super smooshy and soft on the feet.
The childs’ booties are done completely in crochet, according to the pattern. I’m not fond of crochet footwear, too holey and stiff, but will probably wear longer, at least one season, when she’ll outgrow them. I used Red Heart Soft Multi worsted acrylic, for the child’s boots.
I’m going to make another pair of the St Louis Boots, once I have snagged some nice bulky worsted, color TBD.
I’m on to the next quick project, the Patricia Cowl.

I’m using Berroco Voyage, Embers colorway, an interesting braided blend of yummy super fine Alpaca and polyester. The cable pattern is repeated over 20 rows, nothing too complicated, and is an easy pattern to memorize.

Mr. Peeps is currently redecorating his cage; apparently the carpeting is very tasty!