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You know it’s Halloween time when…bat outta hell~ October 24, 2012

Posted by Stella☆LunaC in Weirdness in Wisconsin.
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I totally missed posting this last week, too busy knitting up Nats Bats shawl, to stop and update…

Mike had to be at the hospital for pre-CT scan lab work, and wouldn’t you know we would “meet” another ho had an appointment. Se came out of nowhere, in a hurry to get in front of us, and despite my attempts to maneuver away from her, she saw us too late…

Her car meets our rear passenger door- note the foldaway mirror is folded away…see pics below,


We got away with no more than scuffing, the Blazer is built like a tank!



Her mirror rubbed off on our door, came out with a little buffing…


As luck would have it, it happened in front if the hospital! I followed her to a handicap parking area, had to chase her down in the parking lot, she was in a hurry to get her scooter out and get to her appointment. I had to move my truck out of the handicapped spot where I caught up with her, didn’t want to get towed for illegal park. I caught up with her inside, at Admissions, and she admitted guilt at not paying attention. We exchanged information, and I went to see about Mike. He was done and heading back to meet me, and the rest of the way home was recounting out experience. Thank goodness when I fell back, she did not hit his door, or things could have been worse. Igor was it hurt, as I was already decelerating from 15 to 0 when she hit us.

New high speed modem arrived; replacing a defective one we got yesterday. I discovered the last ne was sent back before, had a Postit in the underside, someone else had issues and returned it. It was burning up within an hour of install… Worked GREAT until then.
This one is guaranteed NEW!

Mr. Peeps is getting used to me more now; he sits on my finger for a short period, then peeps at me when I’m quiet. He bitched me out yesterday when I left the room and he couldn’t see me! Cutie pie!




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