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Burlington Vortex Conference Fall Fun~ October 26, 2012

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Linda Godfrey is having a book signing at the Sci-Fi Cafe Burlington Vortex Confernce. The owner, Mary Sutherland, makes the most excellent Blue Cheese burger in the state!

The woodpeckers are destroying the house while Mike lays in bed screaming at the top of his lungs like a mental patient, and pounding on the wall behind him. I need a pellet gun. For the woodpeckers. I’m losing my mind, wait-toolate….I lost it…

News and updates when I return. Beam me up, Scottie~


Category 2 Leek Soup~ October 25, 2012

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Today I was a Category 2 hurricane!

Then I moved on to the kitchen to make a killer Russian Leek Soup, ala Mondo Crockpot.

Russian Potato Mushroom Leek Soup

The rolls were a rare find, and went perfect with the soup!
Bon Apetite!

You know it’s Halloween time when…bat outta hell~ October 24, 2012

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I totally missed posting this last week, too busy knitting up Nats Bats shawl, to stop and update…

Mike had to be at the hospital for pre-CT scan lab work, and wouldn’t you know we would “meet” another ho had an appointment. Se came out of nowhere, in a hurry to get in front of us, and despite my attempts to maneuver away from her, she saw us too late…

Her car meets our rear passenger door- note the foldaway mirror is folded away…see pics below,


We got away with no more than scuffing, the Blazer is built like a tank!



Her mirror rubbed off on our door, came out with a little buffing…


As luck would have it, it happened in front if the hospital! I followed her to a handicap parking area, had to chase her down in the parking lot, she was in a hurry to get her scooter out and get to her appointment. I had to move my truck out of the handicapped spot where I caught up with her, didn’t want to get towed for illegal park. I caught up with her inside, at Admissions, and she admitted guilt at not paying attention. We exchanged information, and I went to see about Mike. He was done and heading back to meet me, and the rest of the way home was recounting out experience. Thank goodness when I fell back, she did not hit his door, or things could have been worse. Igor was it hurt, as I was already decelerating from 15 to 0 when she hit us.

New high speed modem arrived; replacing a defective one we got yesterday. I discovered the last ne was sent back before, had a Postit in the underside, someone else had issues and returned it. It was burning up within an hour of install… Worked GREAT until then.
This one is guaranteed NEW!

Mr. Peeps is getting used to me more now; he sits on my finger for a short period, then peeps at me when I’m quiet. He bitched me out yesterday when I left the room and he couldn’t see me! Cutie pie!


Toys in the Basement, and other Halloween Stories October 16, 2012

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Back when we lived in ‘Tosa, we had a basement in our two-sided double; it was one of my favorite places to live. We moved in on Halloween Eve, 1999. That alone should scare most people.
One night I was upstairs in the bedroom, and thought I heard something downstairs, low and distant. I went downstairs to investigate. When I got to the bottom of the stairs, I heard the sound coming from a corner of the basement behind a bunch of my mom’s furniture, all bubble wrapped and tucked away.
As I approached the walled-off corner, the sound became more distinct, a repetative revving up and gearing down, like a small train with forward-reverse problems. On a shelf, there it was, a remote control ATV toy…and no batteries or control in the vicinity. It was on the floor in a corner, bouncing back and forth off the wall, unable to maneuver out of the corner for all the boxes around it. It FA’REAKED me out so bad, I ran upstairs and made Mike go get it and make it stop.
Found out later, the tenant before us had a brother living with him for a time, committed suicide in the place. he had mental issues, I think.
Maybe he liked the toys in the basement…

Today, Peeps got his voice. O.M. G. I was rustling around in a box of hair clips, and I guess the plastic sounds were just too much for the Birdie to handle, and he went ballistic. He started cheeecheeecheee’ing and hasn’t stopped in over 3 hours.
Later, while I was taking a phone order, the little silly began his tirade, and the customer asked if I got a new bird? She must’ve seen a post on Facebook, else she wouldn’t have known he was new. Yes, he just got his voice, I explained, and went on to tell her about our last ‘Keet, Spaz, with the longest vocabulary I’d ever heard. We both had to laugh because this one is definitely not far from the Apple Tree.

Let the fun begin!


We’re not in Kansasville anymore~ October 13, 2012

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I was heading out to meet up with DD’s MIL, and we agreed upon Kansasville, WI as a halfway point. I had a bag of material to give her and some Good Hair Days hair toys I wanted to make sure she got it before heading back to KY. It will likely be a while before we get together again, and I wanted to see her one more time, before the long winter sets in.
We had a nice breakfast, and talked a while, just chatting about the kids, home and stuff. The biscuits and gravy were excellent!
On the way back, I spotted a V.F.W wayside park and some military equipment, and decided to stop and take some pics. Despite the gloom and light mist, it seemed like the perfect day to stop and pay my respects. I paused in reflection of my father in uniform, and how he met my mother, after WWII.

































Lés Formidablés


The proud old tree that stands tall and strong, its wind-buffeted branches reaching outward, a stark silhouette against a cloudy sky, reminds me of the strength of a nation that stands tall against adversity.


Stew (and frost) on the Pumpkin October 11, 2012

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Fall is definitely here and there’s nothing better than the aroma of a crock pot of stew to greet you in the morning! Almost better than coffee…almost.
Today our new relatives are coming over for Supper, and I’m making one of Chrystal’s popular dishes, Pumpkin Pie Stew.

The recipe is easy:

2 lbs of stew meat, floured and seasoned.
1 McCormack’s bag’o stew packet (save the bag for the veggie peelings)
Add whatever you normally put in stew. I used carrots, potatoes, onion, green beans and 1 small can stewed tomatoes. Brown meat in skillet, add crushed garlic and turn off heat. Add seasoning packet, 1 1/2 cups water and stir to deglaze the skillet. Toss in crockpot and cook on low overnight in a large crockpot.
Next day:
I had to add a can of beef broth, or you can add water to make more stew broth.
Preheat oven to 325• and prepare brownie mix. While those are baking, prepare 4 pie pumpkins by taking a large plastic cup, and score around the rim of cup to remove tops. Gut the pumpkins, clearing out all the seeds with your hands. Place the pumpkins on a sturdy cookie sheet for stability.

For those Divas who don’t want to mess up their nails, you can use my special Candy Ass Pumpkin De-Gutting Tool for cleaning out the innards.

Set the seeds aside for later roasting.

When the brownies are done, the pumpkins should be cleaned out, amd filled sith juicy stew. replace the tops and pop into the oven. Bake at 325• for approximately 1.5- 2.5 hours or until pumpkins are done.


I only had room for 3 pumpkins, so the 4th was relegated back to the crock pot.

Note to Self: next time, don’t forget the BAY LEAFS!

Our new ‘keet Peeps joined us yesterday; today he named himself with one simple sound, “peep!”

Peeps says Good Morning, Punkinhead Peeps!


Remains of the day~a Day full of Fall October 6, 2012

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Today turned out to be better than expected! I was so excited to be able to go to the Tall Grass Farm Fall Fiber Jubilee today. I joined up with Debbie, the owner of Studio S Fiber Arts and we rode together up the road and ’round the bend to the farm.
Master shearer David Kier was on hand to demonstrate his talents!

The other sheep in the pens watched and waited their turn.

There were vendors from around the area on hand to demonstrate spinning, basketry, and cooking! The smells were incredible!!!

The chill in the air kept us moving; 43 for a high today, it definitely is feeling like Fall! Igor needs his Fall jacket~


When we got back to the studio, I hung around and enjoyed a cup of coffee and pumpkin spice donut holes, while watching people come into the shop in droves. Eleanor and I chatted while Debbie rang up sale after sale. Finally, I got a break and scored some bamboo circulars for my tool stash. I was getting ready to leave when Marcy pulled me aside. She said, “I have something for you!”, and promptly whipped out of her knitting bag, a skein of Wollmeise yarn in the most beautiful color of Nightshade Blue I’ve ever seen!
I can’t wait to knit this up-a pair of gloves, maybe?


I gathered up my things and headed home to Hubby, a head full of Fall knitting ideas, and heart full of feel-good.
Sharing my morning with hubs, I showed videos and pictures of the events. He told me he had just watched an episode on TV, someone shearing sheep!
As we sat and talked, he brought up Spaz, saying that he really missed the little bugger. Then he surprised me by suggesting we get another one, and asked what I thougth. Yes! I said, emphatically! We should get it before it gets too cold, and recalled how we got Spaz in October the year he came into our home. We even designated Halloween as Spaz’ birthday, easy to remember~
I ran upstairs, got Spaz’ cage back out of the closet, and set it out in its old familiar spot in the dining room table, door open, ready for its newest family member.
Heart full of hope, I had Hub load Igor in the rear, then he got in the passenger side, letting me drive, and off we rode to the pet store.
As luck would have it, they had a special on the ‘keets, and quite a number to choose from. Hubs eyed the green ones for a few, then told me to pick one out and wandered off toward the checkout lane.
I studied each one, pointing out a little guy that looked extra spunky, and turned to ask Hubby what were his thoughts. To my dismay, I saw him leaned against the cash register lane, looking rather unsteady on his feet. It was clearly evident he was not having a good day, and was very close to falling. So, with heavy heart, I walked him back out to the car, and we went home, without a ‘keet.
I said some pretty harsh things to him, while driving back home, then just gave up and let it go. No use trying to reason. He’s going to do what he’s going to do and that’s all there is to it.
Back home, upstairs while Hubs is napping, I am blogging and just received yet another surprise in the mail, from my friend Lindy, in Australia.
Angora rabbit yarn!!!


I’m working on Nat’s Bats Shawl, scored some gorgeous Lavendar Sparklies yarn for the border. It’s going to be to-dye for!

Some-bunny is looking out for me, and I’m very grateful for my friends and family. At the end of the day, it’s all just stuff; it’s the joy of friends looking out for each other, that is all that matters.

Hope you are having a day full of gratitude and joy, as well. I was happy to share mine with you! 0:)

College Town USA October 1, 2012

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Last Friday Linda and I rode the bus to Madison, WI, for a long overdue day trip. We picked up the bus in Janesville, and enjoyed letting someone else do the driving for a change.



The sights and smells are amazing, the hustle bustle of students traversing to and from classes, on bikes, scooters, skateboards, and on foot.


We pulled into town about 9:00am and set out on our quest for yarn, books, anything that spoke to us. Linda was a great tour guide, having grown up in the college town, and took me through Union hall to see Rathskellers and their many painted murals.




We strolled up Bascom Hill, paid homage to Abraham Lincoln, and wandered the hallways of Bascom Hall.

The library was a work of art! Tiled ceilings, ornate fixtures, and a view from the second level that stops you in your tracks.






We worked our way up the busy sidewalks, taking in the sights and smells. One area was set aside for the many street vendors who were busy setting up their carts for lunch. Everything from African to Asian to German was available, and it wasn’t long before mouth-watering smells began wafting up the streets.

I scored an awesome knitting book, thanks to Linda’s keen eye; I missed it before she picked it out and instantly knew I had to have it! How apropo, she the Beast Writer, finding this! 😉

We enjoyed a yummy lunch at Takara Japanese Restaurant, the sushi and tempura, to die for!
Finally, after many shops and photo shoots, we headed back to our bus stop. We stopped to take in the lake and view the shoreline from behind the scenes.


Looking back, we both mused at why we don’t do this more often…but it was definitely worth the wait! See ya next year!