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Fly strong and proud, Tiny Spaz~ September 22, 2012

Posted by Stella☆LunaC in Around The Bird Bath.
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…the cage is cleaned, the paper is changed. Today’s date stamped at the top of the front page, now rests at the bottom of the poop tray, the day Spaz crossed over the Rainbow Bridge.
He left us in the early hours of the morning. His seed tray was partially emptied, he had enjoyed a last favorite meal of Honey Treat, gone to the floor of his cage, lay his head down, and went to his long sleep.
I didn’t want to clean his cage, I didn’t want to erase the last remnants of his 11 years spent with us, in his Most Revered Cage. I wanted to hear his bell ding again, I wanted to hear his flapping wings as he sent feathers flying willy nilly during moulting season. I wanted to hear him say, “C’mon, wanna go upstairs” or “wanna get Cheeters”, his version of Flaming Hot Cheetos. Wanted to hear him call Mike “Jerrrrrk Brrrrrrrd” one more time, while sitting on his shoulder. To feel his beak nibbling on my earring, pecking my fingers as we played pinball on the computer, making the bells and buzzers go off with every key stroke. He poked at the keys, helping me play, his eyes would get goofy, he was in heaven!

I fished him out of the wine goblet often, as he helped himself.

He spent his last days in the office with us every day, a warm light over his cage for added heat. He was never alone for long, always went where we were at, during the day. He slept in our room at night, under his Rug Rats beach blanket. He was our buddy, ever present, good company. He will be missed…



I laid him in a soft Owl washcloth I had knit earlier, wrapping it gently around his tiny body. His Bells went with him,his constant companion, and an offering of his favorite seed treat was placed in the hole next to him. The spot was dry and protected from the elements, he will be safe there. I can see from my desk in the office, while watching the Hummers frequent the feeders.

I had Visitors as I prepared Spaz’ final resting place; I think they were there to help him cross over. They kept me smiling at least for a little bit, buzzing my head, and each other, peeping at me, hovering inches from my nose.

There’s seed hulls and feathers on the rug in the dining room; they can stay there a while longer. No need to erase his memory yet, as I log them here, for quiet moments later.

C’mon Speez Bird, Pretty Baby Bubby Birrrrrrrrd…. let’s go upstairs! 🐤💞💖



1. Lindy - October 18, 2012

You write so beautifully, about your little bird Spaz, brings tears to my eyes. x

Stella☆LunaC - October 18, 2012

Thank you Lindy, I still keep him on my desktop. I sure miss him, and Peeps almost got labeled as Spaz yesterday for his chattering! LOL! Spaz will always remain in my heart <3<3<3

2. Stella☆LunaC - September 27, 2012

UPDATES: the Hummers have left for the winter, same day, have not seen one since…. I will miss you all…until next Spring, fly safe, Little Warriors~!

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