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Waves, continued~ September 21, 2012

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Received sad news yesterday, one of our Service Dept. guys, Jerad Redders, died suddenly in a horrific accident just blocks from his home….this morning, I woke thinking I was still stuck in a bad dream…..
Kutter Harley-Davidson is having their Fall Festival as scheduled, we will still attend. It will be incredibly tough to go back and see the guys, the 3 Amigos have lost one of their own…
There will be a motorcycle ride to the wake Sunday, and I will be there. They expect a big turnout, the lineup starts an hour before the services.

Johnny Lane, Dan Duffy and Jerad Redders



I’m working on a theme, seems apropo tonight, the Lighthouse Waves shawl. Sneak peeks only tonight, too much on my mind…


Yesterday, the lump on Igor’s shoulder became irritated from his licking, and started to rupture and bleed. A quick trip to the Vet, and the peach pit size lump was effectively removed, a benign clogged oil gland. It’s much better now, antibiotics are being dispensed to ward off infection.

The rest of the day was a blur, so I am just going to say good night




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