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A Road called Panic~ September 1, 2012

Posted by Stella☆LunaC in Everything Big in Texas.
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DD and her hubby took a ride around town today, to get a feel for where they live.

A lot of cacti in Texas.

DD is totally in love with her new home. A good thing considering her purse was stolen a week after she moved down there. After a week of utter turmoil and feeling violated, it was a nice retreat from the ugliness she had to deal with; the phone calls to the bank, a new bank card. Not to mention all the normal new things like getting on insurance, car, lease. Oh yeah, and her heater core went out on her car right after her arrival in town. At least it made it to TX before epic fail, I am very thankful she and her MIL made it safe and sound.
As soon as she gets her wheels back, she can go apply for a job as cake decorator at the local Super Walmart. They are waiting for her to get squared away, and life’s looking promising for my fledgling 🙂

I’m packing a Care Package for the newlyweds, some things for their new pad: a ripple afghan her Grandmother Ranelli crocheted years ago. Now it will find a home on their new black futon 🙂

I’m packing a large Flat Rate box, and got her wooden key ring mail holder wall plaque she made in H.S., wrapped the blanket around it. Her spare keys I forgot to give her that day we parted in KY, will finally be sent. While I have other things to send later, this box will be big enough for many things this round. I’m making them a set of Halloween Owl Towels/hotpads, with the new Plymouth Fantasy Naturals yarns I picked up this week.
Focusing on the black, yellow and orange variegated yarn, I couldn’t help noticing the purple flecks in the orange, and picked up a skein of the dark purple as well. All will work into the Halloween theme.


I’m also oggling a new ball of yarn for a scarf pattern I just had to have, “Lefties”:


Tomorrow night is the grand finale of the 175th Walworth County Fair, and I want to ride over and get pictures of the night life and excitement, and the fireworks before its gone for another year.

Last night DH and I drove to town; I managed some blurry cellphone shots. The atmosphere was electric and yes! I want to go back!





Good Night, TX and WI! We will meet along the dusty trail again soon. 🙂



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