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Fun with Netted Yarns August 13, 2012

Posted by Stella☆LunaC in A Stitch in Time | Patterns, A Stitch in Time | Projects.
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I’ve finished another quickie project, a Frilly Scarf, for my Riders Edge instructor, Kellie. She thinks it looks good on Stella, too! Little does she know, I’ve got another bigger, better project in mind.

I started a new project that will take the frilly scarf to a whole new level, Shawl. I am 2 skeins of Schackenmayr SMC Frilly.

I got the link from a friend and there’s a link to the YouTube video tutorial, as well!
Kelp Forest Tutorial


As I settle down for an evening of quiet knitting, I’m also enjoying what are my last two nights with my Last-born, Nats. She is moving to TX in two days, to join her husband at Ft. Hood.


Nats, BFF BT and Keita, enjoying a night of movies, games and bonding.


Owl is hooting in the trees outside, all is good, tonight….




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