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Great Balls of Yarn Fun! July 17, 2012

Posted by Stella☆LunaC in A Stitch in Time | Projects.
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I started going to Studio S Fiber Arts on Monday mornings, a couple weeks ago. Gives me someone to do, before it gets so hot outside. Only problem is, it gets me in trouble.
Last week I bought some Dream for a Leftie Scarf, to dye for!


Then I spied me some sock yarn on clearance, $3.50 a skein, who could go wrong?


Taking my yarn home, I was so proud of myself. I’m finally graduating to quality yarn and excited to get started.
Yesterday, I rode back out to Studio S again, Danish in bag and dreams of being surrounded once again by a store full of fun yarns.
I went straight to the clearance bin and found more sock yarn, and snagged some bigger balls, great colors. They were ridiculously priced to sell, so I grabbed two!

As Deb and I were quietly sipping coffee, enjoying our danish and knitting, she suddenly remembered a box that came in she never checked in. So, without further adieu, we busted open the new treasures and I immediately fell for the new ruffle scarf yarns.

I grabbed the tan and aqua, with tiny pom poms, and some red mix with tiny silver threads. Yummmmy! Deb demonstrated how to knit the webby yarn, and it was an instant success!

My current projects are well underway, each with its own timeline. This is going to be a Grrlfriend Market Bag for Nats, fun!



And I’m finally nearing the finalé on the Cuff to Cuff Sweater Vest, for Erin! I should be done by the time the kids arrive!


Could be rain in our future, tonight….ahhhhhh, a cool breeze, it’s here!




1. Marcy - July 18, 2012

We love to have ya stopping out on Monday mornings!

Stella☆LunaC - July 18, 2012

Missed ya, GF! See what happens when ur gone, I go nuts with yarn, no control. Hope your trip was nice, get any rain? The danish were yummy! Cya next week!

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