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A Howling Good Time with Linda! July 8, 2012

Posted by Stella☆LunaC in Weirdness in Wisconsin.

What’s scarier than a tree-limb chucking Sasquatch? The hiker who gets a front row seat to the show!
My friend Linda Godfrey called me tonight excited and out of breathe; she had just had a close encounter of the fur kind! She was hiking in a wooded area she had visited in the past, and was surprised to hear knocking in the woods. At once, she grabbed a large stick, and began knocking on a tree, repeating the process twice. After the second time, she got a return knock, then what sounded like heavy steps coming up through the brush on the hill below her. As she turned to move away, she saw a huge tree limb come crashing down just yards in front of her, falling with a loud thud. She hurried out of the area and immediately called me and asked me to come back with her to the site where the tree limb fell.

When we got to the spot where she saw the tree limb fall, we discovered not only was the limb very large, about 20′ by 8 inches in diameter, but with a fresh break, and lots of foliage at the other end.



What could have caused a large oak tree limb to break off and come crashing 30′ to the forest floor below?


The scared hiker surveys the damage, and finds a large chunk of bark had been torn from the limb, and pitched several feet off to the side. The bare patch can be seen just next to her.


There was lots of wild ginger in the area, a rare find! But it appears something had been sitting in it, for it was all flattened.


We found some evidence of what may have been a large biped having run down the hill after climbing down from the tree; the ground around the tree showed signs of a hasty exit down the hill.


One of the witnesses saw something of a light tarnish beige color, ambling off into the thicket, and then we all heard it make the strangest guttural noises, like nothing ever heard in this area before! It was neither deer not 4 legged, but appeared to be a little taller than an average person, and seemed in no hurry, but sounded rather disgusted that we had intruded upon its space.
We promptly left the scene and went back to the safety of our vehicle to discuss what we had just seen and heard.
We’re going back tomorrow to see if we can pick up any animal tracks which could help identify the maker of those sounds.
Oh, and cookies graciously offered by our hostess made all our fears melt away, until we had to drive back home!



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