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Frilly Scarf Fun July 25, 2012

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I’ve got hooked on a new project. I’ve ventured into making the Frilly Scarf, after a local yarn shop owner showed me a skein I couldn’t live without. I didn’t treatise how many yarns there were out there, or how long this has been a fashion trend; once again I’m “out of the loop”m but now I’m back in!
She showed me how to cast on and knit the netting, and off I went on my new adventure!
This fun and bright webbed ribbon yarn is a quick and easy Tv project, which can be knit in a couple episodes of Bones!

This PDF file shows steps for knitting with Marina.

This YouTube video demonstrates knitting with Marina.

This same technique can be used for the Schachenmayr yarn I have chosen.

20120725-081845.jpg and this is my first Frilly Scarf in an Hour

I’m working on another for my Riders Edge Instructor, Kellie, to match her bike in Sedona Orange

I bought two balls because I want one and the dark maroon will match Stella!


Lemony Red Pepper and Asparagus Pasta Salad recipe – Canadian Living July 18, 2012

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I am definitely making this! YUMMMS!

Lemony Red Pepper and Asparagus Pasta Salad recipe – Canadian Living.

Lemony Red Pepper and Asparagus Pasta Salad recipe - Canadian Living

Great Balls of Yarn Fun! July 17, 2012

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I started going to Studio S Fiber Arts on Monday mornings, a couple weeks ago. Gives me someone to do, before it gets so hot outside. Only problem is, it gets me in trouble.
Last week I bought some Dream for a Leftie Scarf, to dye for!


Then I spied me some sock yarn on clearance, $3.50 a skein, who could go wrong?


Taking my yarn home, I was so proud of myself. I’m finally graduating to quality yarn and excited to get started.
Yesterday, I rode back out to Studio S again, Danish in bag and dreams of being surrounded once again by a store full of fun yarns.
I went straight to the clearance bin and found more sock yarn, and snagged some bigger balls, great colors. They were ridiculously priced to sell, so I grabbed two!

As Deb and I were quietly sipping coffee, enjoying our danish and knitting, she suddenly remembered a box that came in she never checked in. So, without further adieu, we busted open the new treasures and I immediately fell for the new ruffle scarf yarns.

I grabbed the tan and aqua, with tiny pom poms, and some red mix with tiny silver threads. Yummmmy! Deb demonstrated how to knit the webby yarn, and it was an instant success!

My current projects are well underway, each with its own timeline. This is going to be a Grrlfriend Market Bag for Nats, fun!



And I’m finally nearing the finalé on the Cuff to Cuff Sweater Vest, for Erin! I should be done by the time the kids arrive!


Could be rain in our future, tonight….ahhhhhh, a cool breeze, it’s here!


Apple Dishcloth FREE PATTERN! July 13, 2012

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Apple Dishcloths can make nice potholders as well~

Saving this Apple Dishcloth free pattern at Michaels.com, thinking of making these for the kids’ apartment in TX~

I just picked up an airbed with built-in pump, and having it shipped to my SIL who is moving into their apartment today! Pictures to follow!

The best time for planning a book is while you’re doing the dishes.

Agatha Christie

That’s when I’m usually thinking about what to read, next.

New beginnings July 10, 2012

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Whew what a day! Between work, and the phone, it was a rat race. I should be used to the chaos, but have gotten spoiled by a more relaxed work environment, so today was one for the books.

I spent the major part of the afternoon, on the phone with Elkhorn Automotive trying to find out what-all was wrong with the Trailblazer: ball and joints, upper and lower. Sounds painful. New tires, which we knew, just not quiet this soon. Owell, at least nobody was hurt when the tire blew.

The kids were anxiously awaiting word on a money wire that seemed to go MIA for a short spell. After several calls to the banks, Marge in Bookeeping said to tell the kids to just have a little patience. She said typically a wire transfer takes 4 hours, and true to her word, it arrived in 3.5 hours!
Much relieved, I spent the remainder of the day mentally down-shifting into Neutral, one gear at a time. By dinner, things were pretty mellow again. Nats was feeling better too; she went out and bought herself a cooler tote, for our trip in August. Things were looking up, again.
Later, Jake called to announce he had the apartment! Happy Dance!

I spent the evening out on my deck, watering my Italian Garden; the Roma’s and peppers in ample sized pots. I picked one Roma, sliced and ate it with a Frank’s Cajun Brat-pure heaven, that little fruit!
The pepper plants have little bell pepperlettes starting, they are toughing it with the heat and drought. Careful on the water, let the pots dry out between. The tomatoes that came on first, aren’t so good, with brown smooshy bottoms. Cut that part off, and they are really tasty.

I took a ride out to the Natureland park, the other day. The flowers at the mound are a sight for sore eyes, despite the burnt grass around the grounds.
Purple Manarda (Bee Balm), BlackEyed Susan’s, Tansy, tiny daisies, and wild grasses proliferated on the mound.

A Howling Good Time with Linda! July 8, 2012

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What’s scarier than a tree-limb chucking Sasquatch? The hiker who gets a front row seat to the show!
My friend Linda Godfrey called me tonight excited and out of breathe; she had just had a close encounter of the fur kind! She was hiking in a wooded area she had visited in the past, and was surprised to hear knocking in the woods. At once, she grabbed a large stick, and began knocking on a tree, repeating the process twice. After the second time, she got a return knock, then what sounded like heavy steps coming up through the brush on the hill below her. As she turned to move away, she saw a huge tree limb come crashing down just yards in front of her, falling with a loud thud. She hurried out of the area and immediately called me and asked me to come back with her to the site where the tree limb fell.

When we got to the spot where she saw the tree limb fall, we discovered not only was the limb very large, about 20′ by 8 inches in diameter, but with a fresh break, and lots of foliage at the other end.



What could have caused a large oak tree limb to break off and come crashing 30′ to the forest floor below?


The scared hiker surveys the damage, and finds a large chunk of bark had been torn from the limb, and pitched several feet off to the side. The bare patch can be seen just next to her.


There was lots of wild ginger in the area, a rare find! But it appears something had been sitting in it, for it was all flattened.


We found some evidence of what may have been a large biped having run down the hill after climbing down from the tree; the ground around the tree showed signs of a hasty exit down the hill.


One of the witnesses saw something of a light tarnish beige color, ambling off into the thicket, and then we all heard it make the strangest guttural noises, like nothing ever heard in this area before! It was neither deer not 4 legged, but appeared to be a little taller than an average person, and seemed in no hurry, but sounded rather disgusted that we had intruded upon its space.
We promptly left the scene and went back to the safety of our vehicle to discuss what we had just seen and heard.
We’re going back tomorrow to see if we can pick up any animal tracks which could help identify the maker of those sounds.
Oh, and cookies graciously offered by our hostess made all our fears melt away, until we had to drive back home!

It’s hot as Texas Toast in Wisconsin July 6, 2012

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The heat is relentless. Yesterday it reached a new high.

Today looks no better, and our crops are at critical drought stage. Cooler temps are in the forecast for the weekend, but WE NEED RAIN!

I started to work on the Wendyknits Dummer Solstice Mystery KAL 3 times, unsuccessfully. My swatch was beautiful, but by the time i got to 20 rows into the actual shawl, it was evident the pattern was so screwed up, it was time to move on.



I’ve decided I am better at working a shawl that starts out with fewer COs, for now. This just did not work out.

I’ve made the Travelling Woman before, and have mastered the Knit and purl YOs to the point I’m ready to make another one, this time more effortlessly.
I’m making this one in Madelinetosh Light, Amber Trinkets colorway. I’m thinking this will be my best yet!


Meanwhile, back at the ranch, my DD Nats and her hubs have hit a speed bump in preparations to move to join her husband in Texas. The Army has decided that because of Jake’ s marital status, he needs to be out of the barracks within a week, instead of the original “when you find housing”. He had already filed the papers (?) requesting his housing allowance, and was told he could take his time finding a place. Now it appears the paperwork will take 4-6 weeks to be processed, that must be the “take your time” part….
In the meantime, he is to find a place to stay, within a week. The biggest problem is, he doesn’t have first and last month rent, having spent it all on Natalie’s trip last May.

Yesterday, Nats and her BFF BT went shopping at Kohls. I gave her carte blanche to get things they wanted, as a wedding present. She picked up a set of towels, a bath rug, a bed sheet set, and a rice steamer. And everything was on sale! SCORE!

Back to work on my knitting, and thinking…and thinking….what to do. And hitting the Invisible Breaks.

Stay cool!