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A Letter to my Daughter and new Son-in-Law June 28, 2012

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To my new Son-in-Law and my Daughter,

What roads you have travelled; the high school days, the wanton joy of young rebels, daring to be different, the flights of random reckless abandon, the Goth chick and the Punk.

Jake, what a journey yours has been, you moved away and then a duty to your homeland took you a world away, fighting for our freedom, putting your life on the line, selflessly. We cannot imagine the roads you’ve travelled, the villages you’ve passed through, people’s faces, the likes of which none of us can fathom, but you came back to us, when we least expected it.

Natalie, there is a big heart in that tiny body, just waiting to be loved, to be appreciated, to be treasured. You deserve this day, along with every joy that comes with this new adventure. You’ve come a long way from the crazy mixed-up violin case-slinging little girl who didn’t know where she fit in, who wouldn’t take crap from anybody. You knew all along what your heart was telling you, but I was not listening. I was trying to protect you, to keep you, my last hope for a better tomorrow, afraid that by letting go, I would lose the last thing I had that was so dear to me, my Mini-me!

Now, as you plan your future, I realize that I’m not losing you. You will always be close to my heart and as strong as you have always been, your own person. Stand tall, Little One, and hold your head high, and you will exceed even your own expectations!

We celebrate your new life together with joy, with love and many blessings!

Love you guys,


Cerulean Heaven June 24, 2012

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I’ve started a new shawl, this time for me! I’m using Berroco Vintage worsted and the pattern is 198 yds. of Heaven by Christy Verity. It only took 2 tries to get the pattern repeats to gel, but now I’m over another learning curve, it’s amazingly simple and fast to work up! The worsted weight will make for a soft and lofty wrap 🙂




Happy Birthday, EB and CJ! June 23, 2012

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It was last Friday, but I didn’t forget. I’m still working on trying to somehow get a handle on the fact you’re gone.
Bits and pieces of our friendship filter into my daily routine, at the oddest times. Today I went to Goodwill with my friend Linda Godfrey, and while I’m browsing up and down the aisles of Anchor Hocking glassware and Pfaltzgraff dinner plates, candle holders of every shape and height, angels holding a candle cup ready for a wax taper, I’m musing at the sad finality of people’s lives discarded and winding up on a thrift store shelf.
I was tempted to purchase a bag of 50’s Coats & Clarks cotton crochet thread, size 10. Some of the little balls had some minor stains on them, possibly water marks with age. I put them back, thinking better than to buy some old bedspread cotton, and now I wish I had kept them. I’ll go back next week and grab them, if they are still there. But, as I was looking at them trying to decide if I should take them, I mentioned to a lady standing next to me, “this is what will happen to our stashes, when we die! “, and we both laughed.
As we were passing by a cart with some miscellaneous relics yet to be shelved, I happened upon a lovely framed crochet butterfly that someone painstakingly preserved, a gift, maybe? I was so thrilled, I snatched it up for a measly 99¢! I may even attempt to locate the pattern, and I know just where to post a query.
When we got back, Linda gave me a hug and a parting gift, a huge hand printed poster of Herbs and Ailments Cross Reference Chart.
20120623-173500.jpg20120623-173534.jpg20120623-173551.jpg<;img src="https://manyhorsesmane.files.wordpress.com/2012/06/20120623-173602.jpg" alt="20120623-173602.jpg" class="alignnone size-full"
And the piece du resistance, a hand painted framed art, it will be a perfect compliment to the herb chart!


While sifting among the trash to treasures, someone’s life nearly forgotten, I am reminded of my own mortality, and that someday, my stuff may wind up in a similar place, as did a few of my mother’s things, stuff I couldn’t find room for, in my heart or the moving truck.


Looks like we might get some rain? Everything is drying up, the grass is burnt, and hand watering is essential to my potted garden upstairs.


Miss Pepper says, “that’s enough about you, pay attention to me now.”

My Firstborn Baby Girl turns 36 today- Happy Birthday, CJ! Ha! The Curly Girly Princess gets a head shot in 0:)


Wisteria, Chives, and the Orange Star Flower Child June 17, 2012

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What a nice weekend this has been! My older daughter CJ came up from Indy, along with 3 year old grand daughter, baby daddy, and Grandma Pat.
They decided to wait until 6 am Friday morning to head out, fresh and rested, and arrived 6.5 hours later. That turned out to be a better trip for them, and left us half a day to rest and visit. I made subs for lunch, then we sat outside and enjoyed the deck and bird songs. Rhonda had a riot playing with Igor, teasing him with Teddy Bear Keep-away, driving the poodle to distraction! She also loved her dump truck. Looks like Igor wants one too!

It was a good time to give CJ her Wisteria Wrap, aka The Purple Thing; she loves it!



Rhonda sure is a cutie! We took a ride to the Natureland Park to see one of the effigy mounds, a short hike from the parking lot.
She was a perfect study in Nature, nestled among some wildflowers that proliferate on the mound. I identified one nice specimen of Orange Star Flower, gorgeous!


On our return hike back, Baby Girl has fun chasing butterflies!


Pat enjoyed the park as much as I did, the first time I found it. I think we could have found the other mound, if we had our hiking shoes on~
On the way back to the car, we stopped and got out feet wet in the natural spring- brrrr! It was cold! Rhonda took first her shoes off, then her shirt, and before anyone could say BOO!, she lay down in the cool water, much to her daddy’s chagrin… oh, but I bet it felt good!

As we drove back toward home, I showed them a local cemetery in Heart Prairie.


As we wandered around looking at the old markers and headstones, I noticed a monument stone I hadn’t noticed before.

Upon reading the inscription, we noticed a section of dried grass that appeared to have been lines along the former church’s foundation.

We drove toward the back of the grounds and noticed some large old concrete planters in the shapes of urns, and curiosity got the better of us, so we continued on back, only to discover a magnificent old victorian mansion hiding on a beautiful bluff behind the trees. In my wonder, I completely forgot to take a picture, but plan to go back soon. I hope the residents don’t mind this curious visitor 🙂

We enjoyed a nice evening on the deck, sharing pictures and laughter. CJ sure seemed relaxed and happy to be back.


Ryan and I compared smart phones; he and Pat want an iPad now heheee!

Pat just seemed confused as to what all the fuss was. ;p

I took CJ for a bike ride in the late afternoon, and we stopped to pick up some food for dinner. She had a good time, and the new passenger was not a problem.
Pat was content to relax on the deck and play with the iPad.

Our last evening together, CJ, Rhonda and I enjoyed some rest and relaxation and tried to forget about having to say our goodbyes then next day. We danced like there was no tomorrow.




Today was our last day, so everyone was up and rested, ready to go. Daddy started loading everything back into the SUV, and CJ wanted a picture of me and her on the bike. Rhonda and Igor got in on the action.









My weekend has the best news yet: my youngest daughter has announced her engagement to Jake Greenwood 🙂
And her younger brother Sam, has popped the question to his longtime friend Bridget, to which she said “YES!”

And now the house is as quiet as a mouse nestled under a pottery shard. All is back to normal, but the memories will linger until next time we’re all together 🙂

Preserving art but tearing down history? June 6, 2012

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The Sydney Hih, a complex of 19th-century buildings that were for decades an incubator for creativity, with art studios and band rehearsal spaces, is facing a raze order. The iconic letters will come down from the building tomorrow and be given to Art Milwaukee, a promotional arts organization. according to Jeremy Fojut, Art Milwaukee’s president.

The demolition of the buildng can begin at any time but is not likely to happen for a week or two, according to Jeff Fleming at the Department of City Development.

An interim petition for historic designation was recently filed with the Historic Preservation Commission, and a hearing has been scheduled for June 7 at 9 a.m. Because the building has been deemed unfit for use and not reasonable to repair, the outcome of the hearing is not likely to influence the raze order, according to a finding from the city attorney, said Carlen Hatala, staff member at HPC. member at the Historic Preservation Commission.

The signs were originally to come down today, but the contractor did not have a lift that would work for the height of the sign. They will return tomorrow with alternate equipment. Fojut said Art Milwaukee will keep one set of the “Sydney Hih” letters (there are two signs from two faces of the structure), at the Art Milwaukee offices in the Grand Avenue mall. The other set may become part of a public art project.

See this collection of news stories, photographs and other remembrances of the Sydney Hih

When we become too focused on pushing forward to realize our future lies in the building blocks of our past, we hit a crossroads. Money talks, in The End.