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Spring warm ups, and other inspirational knit-art March 27, 2012

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I’ve started a new project, and I’m calling it CJ’s Wisteria Vine Wrap. It’s a spinoff of a patter found on Brooke’s Blog, here:

I’ve completed the first 8 rows for the pattern, and am using Red Heart Soft, in the Plummy colorway. Isn’t this yummy? :^9


There are video tutorials on the 8 rows, as well, if you need help establishing the pattern. LOVE IT!

Knitting group meets Wed. night-this time I won’t be a sour puss, and will be anxious to show off my progress on the Wisteria Wrap, with the group. Oyeah, our group is called the Slipped Stitches, but it’s more like Twisted LOL!

Nats is getting along rather well since ending a 4-year relationship that was driving her absolutely batty. The stress has been indirectly responsible for her losing so much weight, that I was sick with worry as I looked over old photographs the other day. She sure doesn’t need to lose any more sleep or weight over a relationship going south. Now she has reconnected with an old friend, currently stationed in Ft. Hood, TX. My parents were both there at one time, back in the 40’s. I’m hoping this will be the right one for her, she sure is a lot happier, a good thing! ♥♥♥

watching the sun set, and looking forward to better days~

Spring isn’t sure whether it’s coming or going; last week we were sweltering in the high 80’s, 40 degrees warmer, literally overnight! Today, it’s warming up from a frigid 34 last night, holding at 61, with winds up to 30 mph. No bike rides today!

Stella and I have passed our 1000-mile mark as of last week, and now we’re waiting for our check-up a week from Thurs. New oil, synthetic, this time, check all objects for tightening, tires, whatever-all they check on a new bike. Getting the right turn signal tightened, and have to check the fork lock, as it hasn’t worked since it came off the showroom floor. Nothing big, just minor details that need looking into.


…last vestiges of Winter March 21, 2012

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As the sun sets on another unseasonably warm day, I’m watching a tv special on the Columbia glacier. 100 billion tons of ice disappear from Greenland, every year.
A sobering thought, as we consider the fragility of this planet we walk upon; most of us will never know how much of an impact we have on our planet. We may find out sooner than expected…
All one can do is sit back and watch as our world changes around us, helpless to stop the Crazy Train of Evolution.
Columbia Glacier tours

Alaskan Summer Kayaking tours

I’ve finished another pair of socks; who will wear these? 🙂


I have enough yarn left for a pair of socks for little tootsies, and 3 more skeins of the same color in a storage bin in my Yarn Cave; I really like this yarn LOL!

I also have a scarf started for DH, but likely wont need it until next Fall now. It will be nice and soft, Bericco Vintage 40% wool, warage mouth to chase the chill away on those cool days of Autumn.

Igor is 2/3rd’s on his way to his Summer cut. I’ve been whacking away at him, little bits at a time. Easy enough when he’s just laying there, anyway 🙂


Shake it off, Poodle Boy~ 🙂

Miss Pepper has been allowed short visits inside, and is getting rather comfortable. Soon, she will be back outside, soaking up rays as she basks in the sun at her favorite spot in front of the Garden Shed.

And I’ve logged over 165 miles on Stella since Jan 10!


Free Super Bulky Sock Pattern and other knitting projects I’ve completed March 5, 2012

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Hello! yeah, it’s been a lonnnnnnnnnnng winter, but I have been busy, so let’s try to get everyone back up to speed!
While clearing out some old emails, I found one saved email and thought I’d share while adding to my basket of WIP’s.

KnitFreedom’s Super Bulky Sock pattern calls for 1 skein of Milabrigo Rasta (90 yards) and knits up fast and soft. I’m going to go to Pins & Needles in Delavan, and get some, next time I’m in that area.

Get your free pattern here, and if you’re not already a subscriber, it’s worth taking a minute to join; there is a wealth of great video tutorials to be had~
Free Super Bulky Sock Pattern – Toe-Up/Top Down | KNITFreedom

I finished up a quick pair of Biker Wrist Warmers this morning, and pretty darn happy with them. I used Berroco Vintage in Pumpkin, so soft~

 The pattern was written for dpns, but I am a die-hard 2 ata time Circular Girl, I have to do things in pairs so they are both the same size-takes all the guesswork out of counting rows. And if I screw up, I did it twice, so I’m a little more careful then 😉

The Biker Wrist Warmers were made to compliment my Biker Neck Warmer Cowl I finished right after the Holidays. I used Red Heart Tweed Stripes,a nice soft acrylic/wool blend with nice, subtle striping. The colors of the two yarns was a good match!

 I’m in between projects again, so will update on what’s next. DH wants me to make him a scarf, so I got some Berroco Vintage in Cast Iron (black) and trying to find a simple pattern that isn’t too boring. Maybe I’ll make his with an added Arrowhead design at either end, or up the middle for the length of the scarf. Will be fun watching a design take shape.

I got a lovely email from a dear friend half a world away, in Australia. She was wearing the Travelling Woman shawlette I sent her. It was so good to see her wearing it, I felt it brings us closer, despite the miles…

Hope the weather is good in your neck’o the woods and keep smiling, Spring is almost here! :))