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Cuff To Cuff Knit-Along September 25, 2011

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My yarn order arrived, one day after placing it! WHOOT!
I’m posting an invitation to anyone interested in a Knit Along. The project: Cuff To Cuff Sweater.

I’ve chosen these colors as my first choice:

Colorways: Jeweltone and Berry
These are my second choice:

Colorways: Waterscape and Light Grey Heather.
You can grab the free knit pattern here:Cuff To Cuff Sweater
If you are a Crocheter, please feel free to join and share in the fun! You can use your own pattern or pick up a similar free crochet pattern here: Long Tabbard



Swatching, it’s what’s for beginners! September 23, 2011

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I have joined the ranks of committed knitters who insist that switching is mandatory to a successful garment fit.

I have not completed nearly the number of garments that would clinch a successful knit gauge and feel comfortable in the knowledge that a finished project will fit.
I don’t care how long you’ve been doing what you do best, there’s always room for improvement, whether it’s riding a bike, crocheting a doily, or knitting a sweater or vest. I’ve been a seamstress for over 40 years, and yes I can eyeball a yard of fabric to within mere mm’s, or form a perfect hem just by looking at it, but I can’t turn a jacket lining inside-out, perform an alteration, and return said lining to its original state prior to the RIPPIT, without a road atlas and GPS.

I’m taking some sage advice from Knitty on swatching, complete with charts and calculations for every yarn weight out there.

I think this swatch will double as one of the pockets for the Cuff-To-Cuff Sweater mentioned yesterday.


Ohey, the Brewers clinched NL Central at Miller Park tonight – Division Leaders, first time since 1989! I’ll be wearing my Brewers t-shirt proudly, come Monday morning~WHOOT!

Yarn shopping: pay-dirt! September 23, 2011

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I had a full a full week after our Boy’s surgery, and felt I needed a treat. Joann Craft Stores was there to help, with a 30% sale on all yarn! I had just purchased some Red Heart Soft and fell in love with it, so I went back for more and found these colorways :

ID #: 9939

ID #: 9779


Icy Pond Print
ID #: 9774

Light Grey Heather
ID #: 9440

ID #: 9940

Waterscape Print
ID #: 9935

Not sure what I will make with the jewel colors, most likely a sweater or wrap. The contrasting solids are for the front neck band; one pattern I’m eyeballing is this one
Cuff-To-Cuff Sweater

I’d like to make myself one and one for our 2 girls in college.
I started a blog for Igor yesterday. You can follow his antics here:
Igor’s Dog House/”>

Happy Birthday, Big Guy! Xoxo


Our Boy is home! September 18, 2011

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Our Boy is home!
Dr. Jeff Kotosec went to great lengths to see that Igor got the best treatment, was comfortable, and took the time to walk him twice after his surgery yesterday and even went back this morning to check on him. When he offered to bring him home, that put it over the top!
Igor bonded with Dr. Jeff big-time, naturally. Who wouldn’t, with that kind of personal care and treatment?
At Dr Jeff’s suggestion,we were instructed to give low doses of water and food now, and try more this afternoon. Igor ate 2 spoonfuls of IAMS low residue canned from a spoon, obviously famished, then looked at me like, “c’mon, Mom, where’s the rest???”

We’re camped out in the LR watching PBS on
Lake Geneva resorts planning our next spa trip 😉 LOL


Tonight Igor seems better; he was very happy to see Sissy when she got home from a wedding she’d attended.
After that, we met back to our favorite spot on the couch.


Stella takes a break while we mend our Igor September 16, 2011

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Our Big Baby Boy Igor came down with a mysterious stomach ailment that has kept us on edge this past week. It all started on Monday, after we picked up his heartworm/flea/tick.
We had trepidations about giving Igor a last treatment, but felt a need to do so while planning. Camping trip this weekend.
We gave him his heartworm tab on Tuesday, and waited until Wednesday to apply the flea meds to his neck area.
Sometime during the night, he must’ve thrown up, for we found his undigested dinner in the middle of the floor upon waking.
Later that day, his condition deteriorated to the point he no longer held his tail up and became noticeably lethargic.
Thurseday, he tried once again to wat; and promptly threw up everything within 20 minutes. The night proved to be the worst, we would find out. Poor Igor could find no comfortable position that would allow him any rest throughout the night.
Friday came and 24 hours had passed without any water or food. A friend called to see how Igor wad doing, and i could see he was in obvious distress. It was time to call the Vet.
X-rays were taken to rule out any GI obstructions and blood was drawn for testing against a number of unknowns, and to eliminate toxic side effects of the flea meds. Those results will be disclosed hopefully tomorrow.
What the Xray showed was an obviously distended stomach and Upper GI, while the last remnants of his last meal could be seen working their way to the exit. All else appeared clear.
The Dr decided to treat Igor for an irritated stomach lining and GI tract and sent us home to begin his recovery.
Igor is still in some discomfort, but heading toward more freedom of movement, although still very sick. He’s far from out of the woods yet, and has a week of meds to get him in his way to complete recovery. The nights are hardest, sleep comes in short segments here and there. Igor can’t find a comfortable position and we get up often to walk it off.
I baked a Hershey’s Deep Dark Chocolate cake, we needed it after today~didn’t even wait foe frosting, to get into it 😉

I can’t wait to have my Smiling Boy back…



Igor had emergency surgery at noon; updates to follow. All is better, for now.

Stella turns 500… September 7, 2011

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…miles today! She’s what I’d consider, a young juvenile; still not completely broke in, and still, we have lot to learn. I took her out to pickup Nats from work and back over to the repair shop, to wait for her car to be tested with the new computer. 40 minutes later, back on the road, we enjoyed a little peace of mind before tackling the rest of my work-day.
DH had a rough night, a splitting headache woke us both up; his, from a mishap with Stella’s kickstand, and mine from allergies.

World news: today, a popular Russian ice hockey team’s plane went down in a river near Moscow and burst into flames, killing all team members on board, with only 4 survivors; a pilot was among the rescued.

Tomorrow, Nats goes back to school, has her car back, and I get to sleep in, YAY!

Stella goes Ooops : how to properly lift a fallen motorcycle. September 6, 2011

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I took Stella June out for a nice long ride the back way, and picked up Nats from work-her car has been back in the shop for computer work. The long Labor Day weekend was over, and most of the traffic had cleared out by late yesterday evening. The last day of the County Fair was last night, so there was still a fair amount of traffic to contend with, so we made that ride short and sweet. Today, it was much nicer, smooth sailing.
I parked Stella in front of the garage as I often do when contemplating another after-dinner ride, and went back in to work on a few orders.
Around 5:30, I heard what I thought was DD20 upstairs clanging pots and pans. I found out about 5 minutes later, my hearing is whacked-the noise came from the garage! I heard DH call for me, and I knew something was wrong. Dashing out the side door, I found DH on the ground, with Stella June on top of his leg, pinning him to the concrete floor! Fearing the worst, I grabbed my boots, and called for Nats to help me while I lifted Stella off DH’s leg, which was trapped under the gear housing.
Using a technique I learned from a video on YouTube, I backed up to Stella’s seat, grabbing one handlebar and placing my left hand under her rear fender, I braced to lift, but got no where.  The knees did not work! GAH, I had no leg strength, after walking 5 miles a day? C’MON!?!? Desperation set in, then I stopped and repeated, “walk it up” 3 times, before trying again. Once I figured out you can’t use your knees to lift, I placed my feet farther out, and simply leaned into her, while “walking” backward, until she was upright. Using leverage was the key. I was amazed by how easy it was, after all!

I had spoke with DH about wanting to do a practice lift at some point, just so I could know how it was done if I ever found myself out somewhere and in need of help. Just didn’t plan  to learn it this way, or this soon!

This is one of many videos that shows the proper method for up-righting a fallen motorcycle.

DH came away with an awful knot on his head when he came in contact with a metal lawn chair he fell against on his way down.

The engine guard suffered only small minor scrapes, and can be buffed out. What was infinitely more important was, DH’s leg and head are ok, albeit a little sore and a killer headache. We talked over why this happened and came to the conclusion, when DH dismounted after pulling Stella in the garage, he put too much weight on the left handlebar, and inadvertently unhinged the stock kickstand.

No, DH, Stella is NOT haunted. She is just telling you how NOT to dismount her.  😉

Think we’re calling it a night. DD20 has another early morning ride to work, then back to the repair shop in the early afternoon, hopefully for the last time for this episode…. Rest well. 🙂

Random thoughts of the day September 4, 2011

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Going for a spin with Stella June, come rain or shine- weatherman says rain past, 74 for a high!

Stella’s ready to rock and roll!



And with the lower temps, yeah, it’s that time of year again, Socks Two Ata Time!

20110904-083725.jpgpattern found at Fleegle’s Blog:
Wherever life takes you, wherever you may roam, your heart will surely guide you, there’s no place like home.
Sandra Ranelli Schwab