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Stella goes out for breakfast August 29, 2011

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I took Nats for an early morning bike ride and we stopped off at Lockhart to talk with Dennis about scheduling a car appointment. After we talked, we went next door to C and J’s for breakfast. C and J’s stands for Carp and Joe, two guys who own the popular cafe on the corner of 12/67 and County ES.
Nats and I enjoyed biscuits and sausage gravy, and idle chat about anything and nothing in particular.
I talked Joe into selling me one of their mugs.


Stella goes to see the Whitewater Lakes August 27, 2011

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We had a wonderful day! I took Stella June out around 1 pm for a quick run to the gas station and back. I went out the short route to avoid the newly laid slag pavement on our only entrance to the Lauderdale Lakes area. Coming back, I decided to take the back way in and just take it slow-Weekenders traffic was doing a good job grinding the slag into the pavement, there were “tire paths” that I could keep Stella on, and not have too much trouble navigating.
We got back without incident, and hadn’t been back an hour when we heard the roar of unfamiliar engines approaching. I looked up to see The Boyz from Illinois pull into our driveway!
After a short cool-down, they asked me to take them out for a ride around the area, so DH suggested we ride over to Clover Valley Rd. to the well. It’s a popular attraction for the locals to go fill up water jugs with fresh mineral spring water.
We parked and got a drink at the well, and went over their observations of my riding skills, pointing out some things I had been wondering about.
Our ride took us along open farmland for about 6 miles, then wound back into the Kettle Moraine State Forest area, winding roads that dipped into cool spots, around rolling hills and back out into cornfields before coming to a small out of the way turnoff with a shelter and mineral spring.
The ride back gave me a chance to explore different foot positions and my comfort zone while cruising. I opened her up on Hwy H and let whatever remained of any apprehension melt away.
After the guys left, I mapped the route and discovered we did over 30 miles round-trip-Whoot! What a ride!

Stella June gets bugs in her teeth at 200-mile mark August 20, 2011

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Got on over 121 miles on the June-bug this week; all in all, it was a great week for taking her out for a ride. That, and DD20’s car had to go back in the shop for another look-see at the brakes and electrical. She needed a ride to and from, a good excuse to take her out in the afternoon and Nats got some rides in. We only missed one day due to rain.
Stella and I practiced our takeoff with a passenger, and after 4 days, and a little guts, we got it! All it took was me telling Nats I was just apprehensive because it’s a “Mom thing” not to put her in any danger, whereas she told me to just relax and act like she wasn’t there. So I did, and it made all the difference in the world. No more slooooow wobbly takeoff, today we glided out of the parking lot like we were old pros. I think Nats gets as much of a kick out of the show when I pick her up, as I do!

Stella got splattered good today coming back ip ES, around the lake. The guy at Napa gave me a sample of Wizards Mist and Shine professional detailed spray to try out, said the locals like it a lot. I used it on the mirrors to clean off the bug mess, works like a charm! McQuires mirror polish is great on the windshield.

I’ll miss taking Stella into town to pick Nats up, and will have to just make plans for fun rides. We’ll start planning rides through town soon. Working with normal local traffic is my next goal, when the Summer People are gone.

Hope your weekend is a good one- stop by, let’s go for a ride!

Updates: took Stella June out tonight, got 18 miles in. We rule the road!!!

Oyeah, that’s Nat’s car. It’s not fixed, it’s still doing that thing it does, so there may be more rides, Yay!


Seed Thief strikes again August 18, 2011

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I was working at my desk yesterday when I looked ip and spied a Visitor ay the window.
Step by step, she inches forward, sees me watching her and calculates her chances for a safe approach. Her hunger owns and she moves in for a meal.
Yesterday, she and her twins were at the feeder, so I caught some shots from upstairs overlooking the area.















Topping off the week… August 11, 2011

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Today was another good day- I picked DD20 up from work, on the bike.
Almost as soon as I left our street, the low fuel indicator came on- I figured could either stop for gas, and be late arriving at the store, or I could rake my chances and make it home where we have a reserve tank waiting. I opted to press on and not be late, which would’ve worried both DD and DH.
When I got to the store, there was the usual chaos as the Weekenders had arrived, and were coming and going. One lady parked her Beetle along the curb in front of the liquor store, tried to squeeze out, changed her mind when she saw me pull up next to her, and then we both watched as Pickup Truck Dude tried to pull a maneuver straight out if his parking space, to my left, trying to squeeze out ahead of me and Beetle Lady.
Both Beetle Lady and PU Truck Dude jockeyed for an out, until I beeped at them both, reminding them that I had the right-of-way. They both stopped and let me through.
The ride home was great, albeit a bit loaded, as Nats had her purse, and a bottle of juice on board, probably totaling another 15 lbs. No problem, we got out of there and headed home.
We got back and let Stella June cool down before checking her tank; seeing nothing, we added about 2 gallons and this time topped it off. The light no longer came on, so I called and talked with Zack at Kutter, to see what we should expect from town gas mileage. I reset the odometer, and noted 173 miles to-date.
Bring on the weekend, and one more ride before it rains!

Nats can has bike rides! August 10, 2011

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I took Nats for her first bike ride on Stella June today; not once but twice. We racked 25 miles today!
We go up at 8:30, and laid plans for our morning excursion. At 10:00, I got my shower out of the way and we geared up.
First on the agenda, we went through my usual tour; in and out of the subdivision, and back home. We did 9 miles.
What a rush! We were still hi-5’ing as we walked upstairs to share in the glory with Mike.
Later in the afternoon, I took Nats over to her BF’s house, by way of the back roads along Territorial Rd.
After I dropped her off; I played it by ear and decided to take 12/67 back home.
The ride went so smoothly, I decidedb to bypasse the exit into our subdivision, and instead made a bee-line onward to Hwy A.
Fast-forward 25 miles later, I pulled into our driveway. What a ride!!
Tomorrow, I’ll go get Nats from work and we’ll head on down the road.

Misty Poodle Days August 7, 2011

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Took a ride out to Kutter H-D to pick up a Sportster Blvd. sign, a complimentary gift with purchase, and got to meet some really nice people heading to Sturgis rally next week. One guy wanted to buy Igor a t-shirt but Dad declined; Igor won’t even wear hos Harley hankie.
On the way back, we ran into some sporadic cloudbursts, and saw a couple bikes pulled over waiting it out under a tree. I was glad I didn’t take Stwlla June, we’da got soaked.
The rain held off in our area until about an hour after we got home.

Igor had a riot running in and out of the rain,

<img src="https://manyhorsesmane.files.wordpress.com/2011/08/20110807-034235.jpg" alt="20110807-034235.jpg" class="alignnone size-full"
then the mist caught his eye.

The rain moved on, the sky cleared up, and the sun shone bright again. Most likely there was a rainbow somewhere outside of town, but what a view from here


An Exersize in Imagination August 5, 2011

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It was pretty gloomy this evening; storms loomed in the distance. Dull rumblings not H-D in origin, could be heard up by Madison.
I didn’t take Stella June out today- instead, I waxed and polished her down and buffed her chrome. Quality time, well- spent.
As we sat outside, cloud formations rolled by and I caught a familiar pattern- Twin V’s. Yeah, I got it bad.


Tomorrow, I plan to try a morning rise and ride. Kutters H-D dealership will be hopping as travelers heading to the Sturgis Rally next week, stop by to check in and say hello! Maybe I’ll see some of them along the way~

Meantime, I’ll keep my eye in the radar and not hold my breath. We’ll ride whenever we can. 😉

Stella rides toward the weekend August 4, 2011

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Today, the weather was a blissful 59 at 6:30 am. Went for a 3-mile walk at 8:30, under a partly cloudy sky. The route took us past shady lanes and curious chipmunks full of vinegar and cheeks full of seeds. By the time we were on last half-mile, the sun was toasty.
I wore my new WileyX transitions sunglasses, to get a feel for how I’d like them, out in the sun, and before wearing them on a bike ride. They were great!
After my work was done, I saddled up and we headed out for a short ride around the ‘Hood. We spied the Neighborhood Boys parked in the street just at the curve, and gave them my cheesiest grin as I passed by them and zoomed on my way.
Passed a shirtless old guy on a 10-speed, attempting a hill, qent around him before anyone could top the hill coming the other way. He looked a little skeptical as I went around him, bit we were all fine.
Had to round another tight curve while Woman Walking Cute Little Dog waited for us to pass. It was tight, but nobody coming from other direction, we scooted on by and onward.
Pretty uneventful after that, until we got out in Hwy H; oh, except for Two Good Ole Boys yapping from window of pickup truck in middle of the street- went around them and ticked off 3rd obstacle.
Out on Hwy H, traffic was a little busy, people coming in and going out, but not to be intimidated, I headed out on the Hwy and got her up to speed before Yellow Mustang coming over the hill could catch up. We kept pace until my turnoff at Lost Nation and barely made my turn waiting for Kayak Carrier Mini-Van to proceed ahead of me into right turn, doing 5 mph. Gah, I’m barely keeping Stella forwardly mobile before it was our turn to go!
Back ar the ranch, saw the Neighborhood Boys returning from their jaunt, everyone was happy and glad to be back. Beep! Beep!

Called my younger son to wish him a Happy 23rd Birthday, before he headed to the casinos. Happy Birthday, Samul John and Littlefoot! xoxox
Bring on the weekend ~ Stella and me, we got places to be and miles of country to see; we’re ready to burn up the roads!


Stella and Zippy August 3, 2011

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We put another 9 miles on Stella June tonight, just puttering around the ‘hood. Almost had to take out a chipmunk, little stupid too busy foraging in the middle of the street to move until the last minute. Right at a sharp turn.
Zippy McMunk lives to forage another day 🙂