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Stella gets a new tool July 29, 2011

Posted by Stella☆LunaC in California Dreamin', Flora and Fauna, HarleyWood.

I got my oil temp dipstick gauge thingy today, Yay!
I took Stella June out for a quick run around the hood- got up to 50 on Hwy H, back 20 minutes later, gauge reads 180• upon arrival.
Then there was the Car who nearly punched my clock not looking as he pulls out of side street.
I’m moseying along when I see a car pull out in front of me-then I see his buddy proceed to pull out behind him without looking. I got ready to so the quick stop, just as he glances over his shoulder and sees me coming up on him, comes to a quick stop halfway out if the side street. A pickup truck coming in the opposite direction saw it all unfold and stopped to give me a quick escape route, just in case…
I gave Car driver The Look as I went by- only reason I didn’t lay on the horn, too busy staring daggers his way and nodding a quick thanx to pickup truck opposite me who stopped to give me escape route, in case of emergency…;)
91 miles on her now.
Toolz, Man 🙂

Today my Parents’ 45 year old prickly pear bloomed for the first time in over 10 years, if not more! When I put the house up for sale, we had no way to bring the whole cactus back to Wisconsin, so I had a neighbor mail me whatevershe could get in a box. She sent all but one lifeless paddle, quite a lit survived the trip through the US via the Postal Service. I stuck it in a long container where it lanquished for another 10 years.
Last year I found an old red wagon, much like the one my Mother bought when she first got the cactus from a friend, back in ’68. The original wagon had long since rusted through, and sat on the back patio for 2 years before being uprooted and mailed to us.
Dad told me once that it had bloomed yellow for him. Must’ve done something right, to het it to bloom again. Dad would be proud!




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