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Enough waiting for a break, Stella ‘n me, we’re heading out~ July 19, 2011

Posted by Stella☆LunaC in HarleyWood.

I had enough of waiting for a break in the heat wave. After a busy day in the office,  and DH outside making shawl pins until the cows came home, he told me to get outta Dodge and I happily obliged.

I geared up and took Stella out for a nice ride through the subs, along some cool, windy,  w0oded back roads around our ‘hood. The temps were starting to come down enough, the sun was lowering in the West, behind the trees, so I didn’t have any problems with riding into the sunset. We wound around the subdivision, up and down gently curving hills, and took a different route past Mariner Hills, and on to the Big World out on Hwy H. I paused for a brief moment at the stop, to gather myself, then headed out for my first ride past 35 mph for the first time. It felt good, out on the open road. A short jaunt, we got up to 45 mph before coming back up on our turn, and back into the subdivision, and wound back around into the home stretch.  I was only gone maybe 20 minutes, but it felt good~!

Tomorrow, maybe we’ll reverse the route, change it up. Or maybe we’ll just be happy to repeat it once more, before planning our next adventure.

Life is good in Harleywood.



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