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Stella June and The Ass-Bandit July 7, 2011

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Had first run in with local yokel, you probably got one in your neighborhood, too: Jeepster Ernhart.
It was breaktime at the MHJS Corral, and I needed to get out and get some air. We’ve had one busy week, and with no vacation in sight, I needed to just feel free, if only for 10 minutes.
Earlier today, we went out to Hales Corners, a nice 1-hour ride, and stopped by Tandy Leather for some tack for our bike accessories.  Out in the parking lot, our Blazer had other ideas. A brake line had broke and was leaking all over the asphalt. UGHS.  We got in the truck and called Dennis on the way home, what to do? He’s going to take care of us next week; he’s catching up from a funeral earlier this week and is covered up. No biggie, we’ll manage, with the help of our DD20 and her car 🙂
So, helmet, gloves and boots on, I headed out for a quick ride and practice my stops/starts and turning.
I was heading out of our driveway when I spied a delivery van up ahead, obviously not sure where he was (suppose to be), so I followed him up around the cul-du-sac in 2nd gear. 
As he’s approaching the turnaround, he pulled way over and slowed down, and I thunk, “oh, look,  the nice man is going to let me go by…”eh! wrong thunk.
As I make my approach, he pulled on around and parked 1 door down. Ok, so he’s being nice enough to give me room to turn around all by meself. now. YAY me!
I got ready for my turnaround, when Jeepster Dude at the 3rd quarter of the turn, decides to back out IN FRONT of me. I went for the horn, never saw his brake lights come on and proceeded to pass his right rear and scooted by him, coming to a quick stop into his driveway, boots planted on terra firma, ready to rumble. He stops, gets out, asks if I need any help. I said, ” uh, no, I just need to turn around in your driveway now, because you din’t leave me a choice but to go around you to avoid bumping into you, thank yew.”
OK, granted he probably didn’t expect anyone to be coming out of the other side of the cul-de-sac, but DEAF? HORN, ENGINE, (me yelling), what part of STOP did you not understand, dipstick??? ( I din’t speak it, I thunk it real hard, he got the meaning behind the Look.)
He gets back in his jeep and proceeds to follow Delivery Van who was watching the whole episode, and they drive on down the street and off into the horizon.
I went about my merry way, no biggie, feeling pretty darn good!
When I got back I told DH about my escapade, he’s all ready to go yell at him, slow down and get out of ass-mode.
I’m shinin!

Me'n Stella June

Oyeah, we went to pick up the windshield at Kutter, Tuesday night. A tall-legged gal is on STELLA BLUE in the parking lot, with her husband on his “STELLA PURPLE” and they are fixing to go out on a test ride. Mel came over to me as they were pulling away, and asks, “Are you gonna cry?” I nodded yes, but sucked it up. At least she’ll be ridden by someone who can handle her.  😉



1. Stella☆MHorses - July 20, 2011

UPDATES: Stella Bleu is still in the showroom, and still owner-less, last time we checked 2 weeks ago when we picked up our windshield .. she still patiently awaits the right person 🙂

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