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Second verse, same as the first ~ July 3, 2011

Posted by Stella☆LunaC in HarleyWood.
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Yesterday, our friends from IL came up to meet Stella June! It was pretty warm and humidity was up so I wanted to wait until it got a little cooler before taking her out.
Paul helped get the engine guards installed; I had trouble with one of the torx bolts the night before and was worried I might have damaged the head trying to loosen the temp bracket.
Paul got one bolt out, then he and I took a ride to Napa to see about a better torx ratchet- found out I was using the wrong size the night before. DOH! Got a T-45 and viola!
After he and I installed the engine guard (I was the Official Holder), he backed Stella out and got her in position for my 2nd ride out.
All the way down the driveway, feeling much easier, I stopped at the end and looked both ways, eased on the throttle, and off we went, into Doug’s ditch!!!
I quickly calculated my exit back onto the street, and we were back in business.
Taking the same short route as the day before, I executed the cul-du-sac with ease, and headed back down the hill for the final approach, eased into 1st and maneuvered into position for a quick turn into our angled driveway. Success without stalling!!
Getting ready to take her out for a ride before it decides to rain~
later gator!



Walking her in, so I don’t mow the Igor!20110703-034327.jpg

Look what popped up yesterday! 20110703-034959.jpg

Isn’t she purrrr-dy? 🙂 xoxo



1. Lindy - July 4, 2011

Yay! you’re looking fabulous!! It is a pretty motorbike;
I only gotta Schwinn :-\

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