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Stella gets a new tool July 29, 2011

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I got my oil temp dipstick gauge thingy today, Yay!
I took Stella June out for a quick run around the hood- got up to 50 on Hwy H, back 20 minutes later, gauge reads 180• upon arrival.
Then there was the Car who nearly punched my clock not looking as he pulls out of side street.
I’m moseying along when I see a car pull out in front of me-then I see his buddy proceed to pull out behind him without looking. I got ready to so the quick stop, just as he glances over his shoulder and sees me coming up on him, comes to a quick stop halfway out if the side street. A pickup truck coming in the opposite direction saw it all unfold and stopped to give me a quick escape route, just in case…
I gave Car driver The Look as I went by- only reason I didn’t lay on the horn, too busy staring daggers his way and nodding a quick thanx to pickup truck opposite me who stopped to give me escape route, in case of emergency…;)
91 miles on her now.
Toolz, Man 🙂

Today my Parents’ 45 year old prickly pear bloomed for the first time in over 10 years, if not more! When I put the house up for sale, we had no way to bring the whole cactus back to Wisconsin, so I had a neighbor mail me whatevershe could get in a box. She sent all but one lifeless paddle, quite a lit survived the trip through the US via the Postal Service. I stuck it in a long container where it lanquished for another 10 years.
Last year I found an old red wagon, much like the one my Mother bought when she first got the cactus from a friend, back in ’68. The original wagon had long since rusted through, and sat on the back patio for 2 years before being uprooted and mailed to us.
Dad told me once that it had bloomed yellow for him. Must’ve done something right, to het it to bloom again. Dad would be proud!


Stella gets all sissified July 26, 2011

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Today started out pretty ok- temps were more normal for the season, the humidity was tolerable, nothing near what it has been, the last few days.
We took a ride out to Kutter Harley-Davidson for a oil temp gauge, and wound up picking out a minimal sissy bar for around town.
4 hours later, I got this far on the installation:


As with everything, 3rd time’s the charm!
Tomorrow the other bracket should go on in under an hour. Hopes.
Oh, and I totally spaced it and forgot to get the oil temp gauge- DOH! Called Kutter- they’re sending the gauge in the mail tomorrow! Love those guys! 
I got my HOG packet in the mail, I’m official HOG!


Ocarp, they’re talking sever t-storms with possible hail; will have to move Stella well forward into the garage so we can get the Blazer inside!

Wilbur One Antler and his mate July 20, 2011

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It was hot today, 91 at 7:00 pm. Real Feel 91, well, duh!?! Not a shadow of a chance for a bike ride today.

Taking a break and a chance to gather my thoughts, I went out back for some quiet contemplation.
As I was gazing out the back door, I spied a buck and young doe, meandering out of the woods and into our back yard.
The lean young doe spied me immediately, their eyesight is extraordinary. The young buck was instantly alert.
I quickly grabbed my cellphone for some quick but grainy shots












Enough waiting for a break, Stella ‘n me, we’re heading out~ July 19, 2011

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I had enough of waiting for a break in the heat wave. After a busy day in the office,  and DH outside making shawl pins until the cows came home, he told me to get outta Dodge and I happily obliged.

I geared up and took Stella out for a nice ride through the subs, along some cool, windy,  w0oded back roads around our ‘hood. The temps were starting to come down enough, the sun was lowering in the West, behind the trees, so I didn’t have any problems with riding into the sunset. We wound around the subdivision, up and down gently curving hills, and took a different route past Mariner Hills, and on to the Big World out on Hwy H. I paused for a brief moment at the stop, to gather myself, then headed out for my first ride past 35 mph for the first time. It felt good, out on the open road. A short jaunt, we got up to 45 mph before coming back up on our turn, and back into the subdivision, and wound back around into the home stretch.  I was only gone maybe 20 minutes, but it felt good~!

Tomorrow, maybe we’ll reverse the route, change it up. Or maybe we’ll just be happy to repeat it once more, before planning our next adventure.

Life is good in Harleywood.

Froggie Days and Nights July 18, 2011

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Early morning post: hot, with no chance of getting a bike ride in, for the next couple days. It’s 81 at 7:30 am, Real Feel: 93, humidity at 88%. Gah!
I was up at 1:30 am, sleep wasn’t happening, so I stepped outside to see what it felt like. It was just beginning to rain, and a small tree frog was sitting on the deck rail, waiting for a meal.



Stay cool and catch ya’s laters!

Ready, Aim, Ride! July 15, 2011

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Just got back from another 5 miles around the ‘hood. Coming back, I passed a couple riders out cruising, nodding as we passed.
This day, I felt like I was in a training video; every possible event that one would imagine, I experienced firsthand, from a lady with two little dogs, standing in their driveway, a cute spotted fawn that needed to cross the road up ahead of me, to a ball rolling out into the street!
I practiced SEE at every turn, and saw every event in time to slow down and proceed with caution. No surprises.
When I got back, I practiced quick stop before dismount. After a brief cooldown period, and recounting my trip with DH, I decided to practice backing up and turning around while in neutral, to build leg and upper body strength. I managed to back uo over a small hump into the garage, something I was unable to the night before.
May go out one more time and get mileage from the morning walk, for snicks.


On The Wing July 13, 2011

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Wondering if it is ok to take Stella out, I found this Eastern Screech Owl feather in the front yard this morning…

Some Native American cultures believe that receiving an owl feather is not to be taken lightly and should be considered a warning to the recipient. Although I prefer to be gifted a hawk feather, I deeply respect Owl, and will proceed with caution.

Stella Gets Her Shield July 12, 2011

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This morning we went on a 4-mile walk. It was 68 F and already the humidity was high. It got pretty toasty on the return leg, but I had water with me so I took frequent slurps to keep hydrated. Not enough, I still felt the twinges of a heat headache coming on, and it didn’t fail me.

Later, we went out to get DD20 some 7-UP for her sick tummy, and I decided to call Dennis to see if the Blazer’s brakes were done. Yep, we could come get it anytime. We swung by and traded vehicles, leaving DD20’s car for her brake work, and came back home. Igor was happy as a ham to have his back-end of the Blazer back; Nat’s car’s rear seat was rather claustrophobic for the Poodle LOL!

Stopped on the way, and got DD20 her 7-UP and some Sun Chips for good measure.

When we got back, I thought if I was going to go out on Stella, now would be as good a time as any, considering the heat. I geared up, backed her out (I drive better in reverse, like the chick in Smoke Signals, LOL!) and let her warm up while I got my helmet, gloves, license and cell phone. Geared up, I headed down the driveway, and practiced the left foot down. Doesn’t work on our angled driveway, so I planted both feet before heading out onto the road. No problem getting out anymore, except this time, I forgot my gloves, back in the garage! While I was putting my helmet on, I left them on the table~

So, that in mind, I put it aside, and did the two cul-du-sacs, before heading back. I practiced the full stop, right foot on the brake, left foot down, and got comfortable with that for a minute before heading on to our driveway. Not completely sure yet, I decided to just pull in and call it a day. My head was pounding and I did not want to go any further without my gloves for protection. I was ok with that. Don’t know if I’ll go back out today, as people coming home like to walk their dogs in the evening, when it’s cooler, and I don’t want to be a menace to them. I think we’re going to take the windshield back to Kutter tomorrow, and trade it in for the correct one, then I’ll go back out when we get home, and do the Vickie Lane route again. Gotta get that one behind me 🙂

Update: got my quick release windshield and it was a cake walk to mount!

<img src="https://manyhorsesmane.files.wordpress.com/2011/07/20110712-063326.jpg" alt="20110712-063326.jpg" class="alignnone size-full"

Got home and found a HOG packet in the mail-I got my HOG pin and a PATCH! WHOOT! Now I are official HOG member, and soon-to-be LOH (Ladies Of Harley) O:)

It’s suppose to be cooler tomorrow, by degrees, so should be a better ride, providing I don’t overheat during the morning walk. I’d hate to have to make a choice over which to do first, or give up one, because you know I’m not giving up on my rides, when I can have both!! I am really wanting to take an early morning ride soon, looking forward to that, getting out on Hwy H and around by Palmyra, and back. Then I can get out of 3rd gear-only got into 4th when I was out on the Vickie Ln route. Can’t get much past 35 here with all the twists and turns, hills and valleys coming back. Not to mention the critters-gotta keep them in mind. We’ve already lost 2 fox’s in our ‘hood, and yesterday was a bad day on Lost Nation, a bad accident in the morning, leaving a LOT of plastic and glass everywhere. Spin-out, with fluid stains in 3 places. Wonder if it had anything to do with the sudden storms we had, or the jack-wagon who did the burnout a couple hundred yards back…….idiots. Someone paid for their carelessness, BIG.

Hope you’all are having a wonderful day~Until next ride, KEEP COOL!

Midnight Fridge Raid-Boo! July 9, 2011

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Hope you’re having a good weekend so far~
The new fridge is in and working great yay, no more having to buy bags of ice and living out of a cooler. New night noises to get used to when making midnight milk raid, no biggie, but weird, just the same.
Didn’t take Stella out today, traffic was heavy with Summer People u for fun in the sun, and since we have no working mode of transportation until we get brakes fixed in the Blazer, no sense taking unnecessary chances. Tomorrow is a new day, we might go up the hill, honk at cul-du-sac clown, and come back. Hope clown isn’t out late partying- might not appreciate my early-morning revelry, H-D style 😉


Fridge art

Stella gets her clutch on~ July 8, 2011

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If I ever drive you nuts with my day-to-day antics, please tell me to shut up, but for now I am so PSYCHED!!
I took Stella June out today, while it was early yet and traffic light. it is the weekend, and a lot of ppl come up from IL to go boating, etc. traffic can be dicey around here, especially at Charlie’s gas station/cappuccino stop. We try to avoid that until after everyone goes home.
I rode out, did the cul-du-sac turnaround, honked horn at Jeepster McButtfuk as I went by, and came back out all smiles. I did the turn as slow as I could, using the clutch, just to get the feel of how easy she maneuvers in tight places.
I decided to bypass the second cul-du-sac and headed out in the other direction. Decided to take my walk route, already mapped out.Turned into a subdivision and came to a stop at Vickie Lane. For some weird reason, Stella decided she had to lay down. I think I turned my wheel and lost my balance, couldn’t hold her up any longer, so laid her down gently and got off.
5 minutes later, the Mailman came around, asked if I was ok. “Yep, just got too heavy and had to lay her down.”, I said. He said, Kickstand down? Check! Grabbed the handlebars and uprighted her like she was a Hotwheel trike. I felt slightly embarrassed, but none the worse, and got back on and headed out.  Had to take a slight detour around the area, big honking truck was pulled out too far to make a hard left, so I just kept going and went up the next turn. Came back around my walking route, it was heaven on wheels. the extra mileage gave me time to unwind and relax, so when I pulled up, all grins again, I waited a few minutes before telling Mikey about the unscheduled dismount. He wasn’t happy, but I went over everything, and we both agreed, I shouldn’t have turned the wheel into the turn at a stop? you said you do that just to be safe, I get that, and would do that too, so I still don’t know why I lost my balance at a flat stop. I really need to work on my quick stops, so I can get the handle of the balance.  He says I need to keep right leg up and left leg down at stops, not both legs, which is what I do still. I’m still feeling a slight need to walk a couple feet into take-off at first, but getting used to it gradually. shrugs shoulders. I really need to know why that happened, so I don’t repeat it. Other than that, I’m ready to go out and do it again. Keep doing it until I get it right. Next time I go up Vickie Ln. I don’t intend to stop and smell the asphalt again.!!
Just wrote my instructor, Kellie Sinks, told her what happened; she’s psyched for us too!
Le siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiigh. Mike is unhappy, our truck is broke, literally-the brake line broke upon arrival in Milwaukee (a 50-mile trip one-way) and we had to come back home with that in mind, coasting through stop lights and turns, and now we are grounded for the entire weekend, ‘cept for the Stella June. We can has bike riding!!!